Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Zip Cuffs

AHHHHH! Season finale for The Walking Dead tonight and I'm excited and actually a little frightened. Last week's ending kind of hurt, right?

Let's see… what else from this fairly big week of TV? The Flash messing with the timeline proved kind of interesting. I have to wonder if maybe Wells didn't get split, or possibly has an evil twin wandering around. Not sure how I feel about the idea, but I could probably get behind it. Arrow blew my mind again. So in love with this show. I won't get into too much detail, but every actor is pretty much spot on and giving their all. I LOVE it.

Bitten also brought the goods. Watching Greyston Holt go really creepy as Sean Rogerson's Alestair proved to be great. Nice bit of acting there. I have one small quibble. For all the times the witches have claimed to know everything, they sure get shit wrong an awful lot. Frankly, I expect more from Ruth, but I also like the huge changes in storyline deviating from the books, so… yeah, there's that. I'm just not sure I like how they come across as so uninformed, yet give off the vibe they know it all. But hey, I love Paige and Nick, so hopefully the witches can stick around. :D

And, that's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from Zip Cuffs, a sexy novella where my main characters are pitted against each other by an outside force.

Here's the tagline:

Thrayce Stratton finally has the man she wants, Dino Singer, but when all evidence points to him as the culprit behind several gruesome fae murders, she'll absolutely do her job as an enforcer—including using zip cuffs to get what she needs from Dino.

And a preview snippet…

Thrayce stepped out of the shower and gingerly dried off. Her skin still tingled from the early morning romp. Dino's stubble left two tender spots on her inner thighs. Pulling open the door to her bedroom, she barely got her underwear on before her phone rang. Reaching across the bed, she grabbed the device and sighed. Work. Figured.
She swiped her finger over 'answer'. "Stratton." Cradling her cell between her chin and her shoulder, she fished around for a bra.
"Notice how there isn't a dead body this morning?"
She paused, frowning. The voice on the other end did not belong to her boss. Not the first time she'd received helpful information from an unknown source, but her gut roiled with nervous tension.
She'd play along for now. "Yes, I noticed." Giving up on the bra, she snagged a t-shirt from her drawer and planted her butt on the mattress. "Why? You have any information on that?"
"We believe it's because the killer was otherwise occupied last night…" The speaker paused for one long moment. "With you."
No. Fucking. Way.
But her disbelief hit right up against a sense of betrayal. She couldn't discount the idea just because Dino Singer could make her scream with pleasure.
She gritted her teeth together. "You've got my attention. I'm listening."
"Come to the Mystic Tea Room. I'll give you everything you need to make your case."
Swallowing down the bile rising up in her throat, Thrayce agreed. "Give me fifteen. I'll be there." She ended the call and tossed her phone on the dresser.
There had to be some kind of mistake. Her greatest dream landed in her lap last night and the will to ignore the call, the timing, everything grabbed hold of her.
But she wouldn't be the top enforcer if she always let emotion get in her way. Rising, she yanked her shirt over her head and scrambled into a pair of black cargo pants. She picked up her phone and shoved it into the side pocket. Crossing through her room and out into the parlor, she jammed her feet into a pair of shoes and grabbed her jacket. She didn't bother with her keys, choosing to walk instead. She wanted a cool head when she met with… whomever. And they'd better have damned solid information or Thrayce would make sure they suffered for wasting her time.
And ruining the one thing she wanted most in the world before it even got truly started.

Should be fun to see where this one goes. The sages have some great ideas pinging back and forth.

That's it for this week.



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