Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Nowhere Good

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Happy chocolate overload day to those who don't.

So… finale for The Walking Dead last week? AWESOME! My middle kid and I stayed up spinning random theories for a good, long time after the episode ended.

The Flash and Arrow have my brain working overtime, too. I've missed television that makes me stay engaged after the show ends. Keep finding myself getting snared with 'Oh! How cool would it be if [insert random plot bomb here] happens. I can sort of say the same about Agents of SHIELD, but not to the same extent. I did kind of love how the last episode ended though.

Bitten only has one episode left and I can't wait to watch!! Really loving the second season and looking forward to watching on Syfy in a few weeks. So surprised and kind of thrilled to see a character pop back up. The guy is sooo good and I enjoy his work.

And last but not least regarding TV, The Last Ship has it's summer air date. June is looking up. :D

Tonight's post is from Nowhere Good, a novella where my characters are stuck in roles they don't want to be in.

Here's the tagline:

After wiping out a rival fae faction, Adria Stock plants a hot kiss on Shaun Henrickton, a fellow enforcer, and their world tilts sideways. They've got custom and ritual, protocol, and baggage between them and if they cave to their baser feelings, the outcome can't go anywhere good.

And a preview snippet…

Shaun made a quiet approach, but Adria sensed his presence the moment he entered the alcove.
He stopped just shy of her chair. "We should talk about the kiss." His hands came to rest on her shoulders.
Adria shrugged away from his touch. "Why? It was a kiss. Nothing more." Mother earth, she lied horribly.
Shaun snorted. "Really? Because I sure as hell felt the pull." His hand slid back to her shoulder, squeezing gently. "You can't tell me you didn't either."
She eased away and stood, turning to face him. "Okay, maybe not. But we don't have to do anything about it." They couldn't do anything about the crazy intense passion, actually.
Silence from Shaun, and a stubborn set to his jaw.
She sighed. "Come on, Shaun. What's the outcome?" She turned away, pacing the small area. "Follow the progression in your head and tell me where it goes?" She gave him barely a second before she supplied the answer. "Nowhere good." Certainly not for either of them.
Shaun narrowed his eyes. "Why not?" He crossed his arms over his chest and lifted a brow.
Geez, she definitely shouldn't have to explain. "Um, custom. Ritual, protocol. Not to mention a shit ton of baggage." His family had looked down on her for generations.
Shaun scoffed. "It doesn't have to be like that." The conviction in his voice almost convinced her to cave.
But reality kicked in. "Yeah, Shaun. It does. And you know it." As much as she loathed tradition and all the bullshit that went with it, she didn't have the energy to beat it back.
Shaun pinned her with his gaze. "Why? Explain the reason." He stayed rigid, his arms still firmly wrapped around his middle.
She always called the stance his 'I hate this shit' pose. And she shouldn't have to school him in ancient history.
But she would. "For starters, you're ruling class and I'm not. You'll be going through the ritual to choose your bride in the very near future." And she would be long gone.
No way in hell did her plans include playing 'happy' for the new couple.
Shaun rolled his eyes. "You know how I feel about the whole class thing." He made a nasty face, like something died in his mouth.
She lifted a shoulder. "Yeah, well, if you can show me how you're going to escape your fate any time, I'd be interested." Because he never would.
His lips twisted in a sly smile. "It's simple, really. I declare you as my intended." He relaxed and reached out for her.
She backed away. "You've got to be joking. There's no way you'd get away with making that kind of claim." His family would lock him up in the tower and never let him out.
Shaun moved closer, grasping her biceps. "Adris, things have to change. How much longer can the same seven families intermarry and not suffer the effects of inbreeding?" He hauled her against him. "We need new blood, new ideas, new customs and rituals." A hand came up to cup her cheek.
She leaned into his palm, only for a moment. "And you think I'll be accepted?" Again, she shifted away, putting some space between them.
Shaun snarled. "I don't care. I'm more concerned your family won't welcome me." He threw up an arm. "Why would they? How can they not judge me when my pedigree alone is a huge strike?"
She tilted her head to one side, considering his statement. "You make a good point." Her grandmother would spin in her grave and her parents would probably banish her to exile.
Shaun's voice softened. "Exactly. And you know what? Change won't happen unless we push the boundaries." He invaded her personal space again, backing her into a corner. "You're always busting down doors, for anyone and anything else. Why aren't you willing to for me?" He raised his arms, bracketing her between them. "So we can have a chance?"
When he put the idea in those terms, she didn't have any kind of good answer.

I love writing about old traditions in desperate need of change. Throw in two characters that have to fight to make it happen and boom! Great story. :D

That's it for this week.



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