Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Old Wounds


So… Orphan Black? Who doesn't love this show? Seriously, it's so mind-bendy and twisty. Watching Tatiana play one clone as another never fails to blow my mind. This week having Sarah act as Rachel and Alison play Sarah… well… just so damned amazing. And Delphine? The woman kicks ass. That's all I'll say. LOL

I'm dying to get to know the Castor clones and then see if the boys can play as crazy as the girls. Saturday won't get here fast enough.

Arrow and The Flash continue to make me happy. Agents of SHIELD, too. Melinda May backstory? Yes, please. Maybe we'll get some Grant Ward flashback action in the future. Wouldn't mind seeing more of what made him so batshit crazy.

If you're not catching Bitten and Lost Girl on Syfy, you need to. Excellent shows!

Made it through the first season of Teen Wolf and gotta say, I cheered out loud when one of the characters bit the dust. Actually, two, but I have a feeling dead doesn't mean forever on this show. LOL. All in all, totally enjoying season two.

Will be starting Daredevil on Netflix in the near future. I hope.

That's it for TV related news. Tonight's post is from Old Wounds, a sexy short where my main characters find their way to each other.

Here's the tagline:

When Abbot Isley's father lies near death, Nixie Grimm is willing to open old wounds to help him cope. Taking a trip down memory lane is not her favorite thing, but Abbot's steadfast support triggers a healing process she didn't know she needed and lets her move forward—with Abbot.

And a preview snippet…

A phone rang, waking Nixie from a dreamless slumber. Wrapped, warm and sexy, around Abbot, she stirred and grabbed the offending device—Abbot's.
She nudged him awake. "It's yours." Dropping the phone in his hand, she buried her face in the pillows.
Abbot yawned and answered. "Yeah." He sat up, dislodging Nixie, and swung his feet over the edge of the mattress. "Where?"
The terse tone had Nixie rolling over and the rigid set of his shoulders made concern coil deep in her gut.
Abbot spoke again. "When?" He paused, listening. "How? What's the damage?"
Nixie slid from the bed, noting he didn't ask who or why. The answer obvious, even if the details weren't known. She grabbed her bag from the other bed and started packing.
Abbot ended the call, angling his head around. "My dad. It's not good." He grabbed his jeans from the floor and tucked the phone in a pocket before shoving his feet through the legs.
Nixie dressed quickly, pulling on a tank top and yanking a fresh pair of leggings on. She zipped her bag and grabbed Abbot's, stowing his clothes and toiletries, leaving a clean T-shirt and socks out. She glanced in his direction but he hadn't moved. She'd leave him alone and let him process. Jamming her feet inside her boots, she shrugged her jacket on, snagged the keycard, and picked up both bags before exiting their room.
Outside, she let the chilly air fill her lungs. Questions burned, but they'd wait. She popped the trunk and tossed the bags in, then she did a quick check of her phone, making sure she hadn't missed any messages. Nothing. Why call or text her when Abbot would fill her in?
Maybe because he'd just received shocking news and couldn't get his head around it.
She paused outside the door, her heart aching. She loved the old man, too. The lack of details screamed more loudly than a string of expletives would. Ducking her head inside the room, she found Abbot putting on his coat.
She met his gaze. "Ready?"
He nodded. "Yeah." He scanned the room, looking for his stuff. "You got everything?"
She lifted a shoulder. "Thought it would save time. I'll run down and turn the keycard in. Car keys are on the front seat." She backed out, heading for the registration office.
Abbot exited and called out. "Nix? I'll pick you up out front."
She lifted a hand, acknowledging him. The brisk air helped clear her head but did nothing to dispel all the horrible things running through her mind. She'd give Abbot the first ten miles then she'd start asking questions.

Nixie's not the patient sort, Abbot's lucky she's giving him the first ten miles. LOL

That's it for this week.



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