Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Rack and Ruin

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. I've been watching a James Bond marathon on Cloo all weekend so yeah, I'm having an excellent Mom's Day. :D

Great week of television. Gotham had a pretty great finale. For a show with something of a wobbly premise, I actually enjoyed most of it. The Flash and Arrow, again, kicked major ass. I don't know, I've really enjoyed how both seasons have played out. Had some reservations about The Flash, but I'm quite pleased with the show.

Orphan Black continues to deliver quality episodes. I kind of love the addition of the Castor collective. Really creeped out by Virginia and Gracie's mom, though. I don't wish either of those ladies a happy day… ever. LOL

Looking forward to whenever Strike Back graces my screen again and patiently waiting for The Last Ship to return. Also about halfway through season three (part one) of Teen Wolf. If I thought the first two seasons were a little crazycakes, I'm totally blown away by the bat shit insanity of three so far. LOL

Tonight's post is from Rack and Ruin, a novella with my main characters give free rein to their vices only to discover they might need something else.

Here's the tagline:

Vespa Thorn, a maintenance tech for the United Prime, is an addictive gambler—whenever, wherever, she'll go all in. Hale Walterson, a UP special forces solider has a problem with sex—he can't get enough of it. Vespa wants Hale, but he's the one thing she won't bet on, until he challenges her to keep up with him.

And a preview snippet…

Vespa Thorn held court at a corner table, with smoke from her cigar hanging over her head. She drew two cards, clamped her teeth down on the stogie, and shifted it between her lips. Laying her cards face down, she used both hands to shove her pile of chips into the center of the table.
Glancing up she met each player's gaze before declaring. "I'm all in, boys." She settled back in her seat and crossed her arms over her chest.
Hale Walterson shook his head. Vespa never did anything on a small scale. But she could figure out what needed fixing on a piece of equipment, sometimes just by listening to the device run. Then she found the correct spell to make it hum.
Her blonde head tilted sideways when one of her opponents questioned her bet. She didn't say a word, simply quirked an eyebrow. The guy shut up and Hale went back to observing Vespa.
The woman fascinated him and she flirted up a storm, but Hale doubted she could keep up with him even if she showed a true interest. Not when the cards always seemed to call. Tonight, for instance, she didn't even change out of her coveralls, just yanked the top down and tied the arms around her waist. If the head of technical maintenance caught her, she could very well lose her job. Yet she couldn't resist a new game, usually held in some backroom in a high end hotel such as The Harley.
He glanced at the time. Shit. Speaking of hotels, he had a suite reserved and two extremely hot and ready women waiting for him. The entire reason he never called Vespa on her bad habit came down to the fact she didn't say jack about his.
As a special forces solider in the Mage Ministry of Defense, he had something of a code of ethics he should adhere to. But the driving need for sexual release held him in thrall and he used every pass he got to explore his wilder nature. Shoving away from the wall, he worked his way through the tables toward the exit.
Sending one last look over his shoulder, he bit back a smile when Vespa threw up her hands and stood, shaking her hips in a victory dance. Judging from the number of chips on the table, she scored a huge win.
Tugging the door open, he did a quick scan of the corridor and ducked out, quickly closing the thick panel to keep the noise and smoke at bay. Straightening his jacket, he walked out into the main concourse and took the escalator up to the seventh level, where his suite waited, stocked with two of his favorite things—whiskey and women.
The next forty-eight hours were his to indulge in both.

Vespa loves a good wager and Hale might just lose if he keeps betting against her interest. Should be fun to see where this one goes.

That's it for this week.



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