Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Reflection of a Kiss

Whew. How about that Arrow finale? I'm pretty happy with season three overall and look forward to four. Now we'll find out what happens with The Flash and then patiently wait for Legends of Tomorrow. If you haven't seen the trailer, go find it and watch. :D

Orphan Black? So much love for the show. I was actually pretty thrilled to see some Paul and Sarah interaction. My fingers are crossed he stays firmly on her side. And the Helena one-liners were totally golden. On a freakish note, I'm really interested in what's going on with the women the Castor clones have slept with. I kind of want Gracie to be okay.

Bitten and Lost Girl are rolling right along. Looking forward to having Defiance and Dominion back on my television, and I hope Killjoys and Dark Matter prove to be good viewing fare. Nothing beats new episodes of my favorite shows in the summer months.

And last but not least, my mainlining of Teen Wolf continues. I'm up to the second part of season three and quite engrossed. Each season seems to be better than the one before, which always makes me happy.

So… enough TV talk. Tonight's post is from Reflection of a Kiss, a sexy short where my main characters realize they need to grab moments when they can.

Here's the tagline:

Pryce Baker and Fisk Darrison, two hunters in the middle of a supernatural war, have many different types of kisses. It's not easy maintaining a relationship in the middle of enemy territory, but they take the time to reflect on what they have and make it work.

And a preview snippet…

Pryce entered the lair and finally broke her silence. "Seven hell beasts… not bad." She tucked her crossbow in its slot and shrugged out of her jacket.
Fisk lifted a shoulder. "All in a day's work." He stowed his weapons in the space next to hers.
She tossed her coat on the pegged shelf. "Oh yeah? That last one would've jumped my ass if you hadn't set up the shot and called out the warning." She laid a hand on his arm. "That was some great hunting." She stepped back, letting him remove his vest and thermal shirt.
Fisk lifted a brow. "Is that praise I hear? Coming from you?" With the way they'd been sniping and snarling lately, she kind of surprised him.
Pryce smirked. "Ha. Ha. You know I give credit when it's due." She paused and met his gaze. "And, Fisk, it's more than past due." She glanced away, a guilty flush staining her cheeks.
The same gnarly shame kicked him in the gut. They wasted so much time being pissed off at each other when they should be living and loving. Sometimes hard to do unless they made the time for each other.
Fisk decided to try mending fences on his side, too. "Oh, really?" He did a quick scan of the outer deck area, found it empty, and crossed his arms over his chest. "Prove it."
Pryce snorted a laugh, but leaned in and bussed his lips with hers. "Kick ass job, Fisk. You deserve a medal." She winked and stepped back.
The icy finally broken, Fisk flashed a grin. "I'll settle for first turn in the showers. You can handle things here, right?" Considering the rest of their ranks hadn't returned yet, she wouldn't have much to do.
Pryce laughed and he loved the sound. She didn't get to see playful side of him often, not lately.
She gave him a shove. "Sure. Get moving before McBain finds something he needs you to do, or sign, or fix." Her hand smacked his ass. "You've got a five minute head start before I join you, so enjoy the quiet time while you can." Her voice pitched low. "And, Fisk, don't make plans for later."
He let a slow grin spread across his face. "Wouldn't think of it." Grabbing fresh clothes, he strolled down the corridor, fighting an urge to make a mad dash for the showers. Screw it. He took off at a jog. He could at least get the water nice and steamy for when Pryce joined him.

So far, these two are great fun. For a sexy short, it's coming together in a big way.

That's it for this week.



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