Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Beast in the Belfry

Happy Father's Day to all the terrific dads out there.

This week in TV? Gotta talk about the Orphan Black finale. Holy crap. I swear, every time I think I've got everything figured out the curve ball smacks me in the face again. I LOVE this show.

Killjoys ended up being better than I thought. Definitely happy to add it to my Friday night lineup. Defiance is dark this season and I like it, a lot. Dark Matter followed its premiere with another great episode so I'm in. So happy to have good TV on Friday nights again.

Strike Back's episode provided the high octane adventure I crave. I will say I sincerely hope Mei gets her richly deserved reward in the very near future. Please and thank you.

Finished a few more episodes of Teen Wolf. Should be caught up in time for the premiere in the next week or so. Also started Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. What a kick ass show! Very much along the lines of The Murdoch Mysteries, which is one of my favorites. Looking forward to binge watching more soon.

The Last Ship premieres tonight! Can't wait to see what the crew gets into this season. Bring on the action.

Tonight's post is from Beast in the Belfry, a novella with a Beauty and the Beast vibe, featuring a hex that needs to be broken.

Here's the tagline:

A curse leaves artist Vittoria Blahm disfigured and marred for life. But Cal Gilligan sees the true woman under the scars and he falls hard for her when she saves him from plunging to his death. Vittoria can't quite believe anyone wants her and fears risking her heart to the possibility.

And a preview snippet…

Jejune cursed her brother for his over the top obsessions. She understood Hessler's unquenchable desire to call someone his, but his methodical madness would drive even the sanest woman away. Jejune spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning up her brother's messes. Vittoria would be the hardest of all, because even though Jejune grasped her brother's need to lash out, his cruelty never failed to surprise her. Jejune's softer heart required she at least try to set her brother's vindictive hex aright.
But it wouldn't prevent Vittoria from suffering in the near future.
Jejune rolled to a stop on the north side of the quad. She didn't have a lot of time; the first rays of dawn broke over the horizon. Expending more energy than she wanted, she removed Vittoria from the car using magic. After creating the vortex that swept Hessler from the sitting area, she didn't have much left. She levitated Hess's student to the edge of the grassy courtyard and arranged her face down on the ground. Leaning over Vittoria's prone form, Jejune whispered a charmed counter to her brother's hex.
Vittoria would not have an easy time getting her life back. If she ever did.
I'm enjoying trying my hand at gender swapping Beauty and the Beast. So much fun to write.

That's it for this week.



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