Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Snippet: The Blushing Brawler

Okay, I forgot to mention Strike Back last week. I seriously want the female antagonist to die a slow, painful death. It can happen anytime now. LOL

The Dread Doctors on Teen Wolf are creeping me out. Something tells me Peter is going to be involved, which is actually quite okay with me. He makes a good villain.

Defiance had a great episode. I really love the smaller personal beats paired with the big, somewhat sweeping arcs this season. Great stuff. Killjoys is heating up, too. Can't wait to see next week's episode. And Dark Matter did the impossible by adding a layer of emotional nuance to Three. I'm surprised and thrilled. LOL

The Last Ship took a turn I totally didn't expect and I love it. I enjoy how the new characters are being worked in without taking a lot away from the established ones. And, seriously, Tex rules. Just saying.

Tonight's post is from Blushing Brawler, a sexy short where my heroine learns a valuable lesson. LOL

Here's the mini-blurb:

Yardley Holmes grew up in the fighting circuit, coaching and training alongside her dad. She likes nothing more than having a new brawler to use as a target. When Cale Scarsdale, a green recruit from Ruralsville, walks into the cage, Yardley goes after him with biting sarcasm and razor sharp innuendo to test his mettle. Cale takes it all in stride until she goes one step too far and Yardley remembers lesson number one from her dad: watch out for the quiet ones.

And a preview snippet…

Yardley Holmes strode into the Ninth Street Gym and Emporium and tossed her workout bag behind the counter. "Who's the new green recruit that pulled me in on my day off?" Jumping up on the stool, she quirked an eyebrow in her dad's direction.
Benjamin shot his daughter a stern glare. "You didn't have plans, so quit bitching." He nodded toward the cage in the middle of the training area. "Cale Scarsdale walked in here this morning, fresh off the bus from Ruralsville." Ben crossed his arms over his chest. "Haven't seen raw talent like his in over a decade."
Yardley glanced toward the sparring ring, getting a good, long look at the newest rookie sensation. Not quite six feet tall, he had the build of a solid fighter. Broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist, which sat atop powerful thighs. Her pulse kicked up a notch and she frowned. A physical reaction to her dad's fighters rarely happened. Usually their magic drew her in. She loved watching the new recruits gain control of their power. The fact she'd had a big zing to the guy's looks didn't set well at all. Of course, the size of Cale's arms rather shocked her. She wondered how his biceps got so huge.
Probably from tossing haystacks or whatever farm fresh innocents did to pass their time in the country.
Yardley rolled her eyes. "Dad, you know the backwater newbs never last long, especially when they learn they have to pass the peak physical test before they gain entrance to the emporium." Most of the dudes who rolled in off the big bus only wanted to blow shit up and learn how to make things fly, levitate, or transport to a new location.
Ben didn't disagree. "I know, Yard. But this one's different." He started toward the cage, but looked back over his shoulder. "You mark my words, little one."
She hated being called small. Just because she had pixie blood flowing through her veins didn't make her tiny. In fact, her five-foot-five frame put her right in the middle of average for human standards. Her pixie relatives considered her a giant.
Her dad entered the cage and Cale stopped warming up. He bowed to Benjamin and shook his hand. Her dad spoke quietly for a moment, then Cale raised his chin and met Yardley's gaze. He inclined his head in a brief nod of greeting then focused back on Ben.
A shiver of something slid down Yardley's spine. She didn't like feeling off kilter one little bit and Cale Scarsdale knocked her sideways.
She'd have to do something about her balance issues or risk acting like a total fool.
Yardley is going to overcompensate and Cale will take advantage in a big way.

That's it for this week.



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