Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Snippet: A Capsized Buccaneer

Still battling the cold / allergy / viral evilness thing. But… I think I'm finally in the last stages. <fingers crossed>

Teen Wolf has me confuzzled. I seriously don't know where or how everything is going to end up. I will say I kind of can't wait for the end of the Dread Doctors. I'm pretty much done with giving any kind of crap about them. Not my favorite storyline to date. Just saying.

Defiance keeps getting better. The twisty-turny stuff makes me happy. I love how even with internal betrayals, judgment and forgiveness tends to be fast and certain. I really do hope this show continues.

Killjoys season finale proved to be excellent. I'm so in love with this show, enough that I'm considering doing recaps for my fandom blog. Need to make a note to get the DVDs ASAP.

Dark Matter also gave me something I wanted, more information about Two. I'm liking how the crew is starting to gel and work together. The scene in the vault with all the guys was a treat to watch.

And once again, The Last Ship brought a ton of drama to the table. I'll be honest, I really want Chandler to take a step off the high horse and remember what things were like before he picked up the POTUS. Rachel made a gut call and kept everyone else out of it, taking full responsibility. And in this case, the greater good should outweigh any righteous indignation.

Also… I have a bad vibe about who cut the video to make it look like the ship bombed New Orleans. I hope we'll find out if I'm right this week.

Tonight's post is from A Capsized Buccaneer, a novella with a mix of family drama and super powers. What can go wrong?

Here's the mini-blurb:

Kallen Bond, a star athlete certain to lead her team to a championship win, takes a much needed two day excursion aboard a Bertelli luxury yacht before the big game. The Bertelli's sabotage their ship to eliminate Kallen from the competition, but she's saved by Zeb, the family black sheep, and they end up stranded on a remote island with no way home.

And a preview snippet…

Kallen Bond loathed parties, but her coach and manager, Dan Dryden, insisted she attend the meet and greet with fans on the Bertelli yacht.
Dan gave her a flash of a smile. "It's only four hours of your life, Kal. A few drinks, some dinner, a little dancing. It's not too much to ask." He got up and started for the door. "And wear a dress, okay? You can bring clothes to change into." His hand landed on the knob.
Kallen bit back a nasty remark about the dress. "Why would I change?" Not that she'd complain… she hated dresses.
Dan glanced back over his shoulder. "Didn't I mention you get to take the yacht out for two days of rest and relaxation?" His lips twitched.
Kallen snorted. "No. No, you didn't. You ass." She shook her head. "But thanks. I don't have to tell you how much I need a break."
Dan winked. "I know, Kal. And you deserve it. Be there at seven." He exited the office and strolled down the corridor.
Kallen gathered up her gear and headed out of the training center. She had just enough time to head home, shower, and find the lone dress she had buried in the back of her closet. Why anyone expected an arena ball star to get all glammed up proved beyond her realm of understanding. The sport could be brutal and she wore her bumps and bruises like a badge of honor. Currently, she sported a lovely purple contusion on her right calf and a nasty abrasion on her left shoulder. She gave her all when playing and pushed her team to the championship bracket. They were poised to take the title in the game next week.
Walking the short distance to her apartment, Kallen entered and dumped her bag and gear beside the door. She left a trail of clothes from the living room to the bathroom, turning the water on to warm up, then rifling through her closet to snag the dress. Laying it on her bed, she reentered the bath and took a quick shower.
After drying off, she fixed her hair by twisting it into a high knot on the top of her head. As much as she avoided makeup, she applied enough to be passably presentable for a party, then slipped the midnight blue dress on. She glanced in the mirror, turning to make sure the clingy fabric hadn't bunched up in the back… and noticed her bare feet.
Kallen groaned. "Shit. Shoes." She had a pair of strappy sandals somewhere.
Digging through her closet again, she pulled out a pair of cargo pants and a couple of shirts for the extra time on the boat. She slid her main shoe rack to the side and bingo! The dressy taupe flat-heeled shoes rested on the bottom shelf. Grabbing those, she crossed to her dresser and gathered up underwear and shorts then stuffed everything in her carryon. Padding into the bathroom with the overnight bag, she threw some toiletries into a case and added it to the rest of her stuff. Carrying the sandals into the living room, she decided to put them on in the car after she arrived at the marina. Flip flops would do for the drive over, but she added a pair of her cross-trainers to her case then zipped it up. With the dressy shoes dangling from her fingers, she exited her apartment and made the quick jaunt out to her car. Throwing her carryon in the back seat she slid behind the wheel.
Heaving a sigh, she started the engine. "Four hours is going to feel like a million." She put the car in gear and eased out of the parking lot. "But for two days of blissful alone time… I can manage."
Oh, Kallen couldn't be more wrong, but stay tuned to see why. LOL

That's it for this week.



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