Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Dawn of the Son

September 13, 2015

So… The Last Ship? Probably one of the best season finales I've seen in a long time. I love this show! Now I have a whole year to wait for new episodes. *sigh*

Not much else on the television front. I'm patiently waiting for my superhero shows to return and watching a lot of new stuff on Netflix. The new season of Longmire is now streaming and I'm two episodes in. I love where things are going so far… stay tuned to see if that changes. LOL

New Doctor Who episodes start the weekend. Can't say I'm super excited to have a new season, but I'll watch and hopefully be surprised. After investing so much time, I'll have to keep current with what's happening.

I also started a beta read on a great story for an author friend. Looking forward to finishing it up this week.

Tonight's post is from Dawn of the Son, a novella where my main characters are imbued with the spirits of Apollo and Aurora.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Apollo and Aurora aren't supposed to get together, but the Universe has other ideas. When everything starts to go sideways, two mortals personify the ancient deities and balance is restored.

And a preview snippet…

Alston Saddington paced outside the medical triage area. "She can't die." Not when his last words to her were so harsh.
Yet Aleina Foyle hovered between life and death. She'd collapsed after a particularly nasty argument and he took full blame. She'd been tired lately, hadn't been getting the rest she needed.
Getting a group of unwilling and reluctant group of people to sit down and talk options took a great toll, not only on sleep but also on a relationship.
Frank Bollen rounded the corner to the medical alcove. "Are you going to go sit with Aleina until they move her or pace a hole in the floor?" He quirked an eyebrow.
Alston paused mid-step. "I can't go in there. It's my fault she's not responding." He didn't care what the doctors and healer said.
Frank snorted. "Alston, you're an idiot. If she dies and you didn't bother to see her, or sit with her, or hell, even just apologize for being a pain in the ass, you'll regret it." He shot Alston a stern glare. "For the rest of your life."
Frank had a point. If Aleina came around, she wouldn't have to know he'd even been there. But if he didn't at least see her, even if he didn't say anything, he'd be exactly what she accused him of being—an unhelpful student of the past. The very thing that started their argument in the first place. And wouldn't she be pissed if he ignored the urge to make amends, probably enough to…
Alston lips quirked. "Yeah, because she'll come to haunt me." He met Frank's gaze. "Yeah, yeah. I'll go sit with her until she's moved."
Frank clapped Alston on the shoulder. "Good man. I'll stop by with dinner in about an hour, yeah?" He started back toward the main base hub.
Alston called out. "Bring some coffee. It's gonna be a long night."
Frank acknowledged the request and Alston dragged in a deep breath. Aleina could wake up in the next few seconds or drift into a deep coma. Whatever happened, he'd stay by her side. He owed her nothing less.
Ducking into the room, he grabbed a chair and placed it close to the bed.
Sitting down, he took her hand and laced their fingers together. "Hey, Laney, I'm here." He squeezed gently. "And I'm not going anywhere."

I'm kind of enjoying the mystical qualities and playing around with them. Alston and Aleina may not have as much fun. LOL

That's it for this week.



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