Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Fancy Meeting You Here

Happy October!

So, after going off on a tangent last week about my 'blah' feeling for the new season of Doctor Who, I can't say my impression has changed, but I did enjoy this week's episode better. So there's that. *grin*

Gotham is kicking some big time butt so far. I like the rather darker edge it opened with and actually can't wait to see this week's episode. I missed the Sleepy Hollow premiere, so I need to catch up on that one ASAP.

And the best news! The Flash and Arrow are back this week!! And I truly hope nothing tries to get in the way of me and my TV those two night. LOL

So… probably a long ramble about television next week. But on to tonight's post.

Fancy Meeting You Here is a novella where my hero and heroine are like oil and water, they should mix.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Jonni Mars and Val Janison are enforcers for two opposing mage families and have a friendly rivalry. When Val, a member of the ruling house, shows up at Jonni's favorite underground dive, she's both infuriated and intrigued, and more than a little surprised to meet him under almost normal circumstances.

And a preview snippet…

Val Janison stood outside the stately study his grandfather held all important meetings in. When Wallace Janison summoned someone, the unwritten rule would inevitably lead them to the huge estate, through the main house, and down the hallway to the double teak doors, inlaid with cork and bamboo. Val ran a hand over the polished surface, remembering a time when he played in the traditionally furnished room filled with gleaming wood, burnished leather, and richly woven tapestries. He'd wanted to sit behind the huge mahogany desk and dispatch members of the Janis clan to do his bidding.
Just like his grandfather.
Now… he'd much rather be anywhere but standing outside, waiting on whatever command request the old man would make. The doors opened and Anton Benoit, his grandfather's manservant, gestured for Val to enter. When Val stepped into the room, Anton exited and quietly closed the doors.
Val strode to the desk and waited, keeping his stance relaxed. The chair Val used to sit in as a child faced away from him, the black leather still supple and smooth. He didn't address Wallace. The old man spoke when he wanted and not before.
After several long moments, the elder Janison swiveled around and placed his hands on the desk, folding one palm over the other. "Valero." He always used Val's full name when opening a conversation.
Because Val hated the reminder of his father, who had used the full pronunciation before his death ten years ago.
Val nodded. "Grandfather. You summoned me?" He'd skip any form of small talk and hope the old man got right to the point.
Wallace narrowed his eyes, just a touch. "I asked to see you, yes. I have a delicate matter I need handled and you're the only person I trust to see it through." His shoulders squared and he sat up straighter.
Val quirked an eyebrow. "Your use of a vague pronoun already makes me want to say no. Spit out the task, old man, or be ready to test the bonds on trust you like to bind me with." Val lamented the bitterness residing in his heart, but Wallace would consider either feeling weak.
A bony finger pointed in Val's direction. "The Vellas clan is trying to tip the scales toward the black and the ruling families have decided Philan has to go." Wallace glanced away. "I want you to take care of this concern." His grandfather met Val's gaze again. "It's the last thing I'll ever ask of you."
A huge concession, but Val didn't give two shits about a promise that wouldn't be kept.
He folded his arms across his chest. "By take care of the concern, you mean eliminate Philan, the head of the Vellas clan. You'll never be able to ask anything else of me, Grandfather, because the blowback from this will be the end of your line." He waited a beat. "Because if they don't retaliate and kill me, I'll be cutting myself loose and laying low for about the next three decades." Which might not be a bad thing.
Wallace gave a terse nod. "There's a way to do this so it's not traceable back to you. But I figured you'd sever ties regardless. You've made your feelings perfectly clear. The family connection means nothing to you."
Val fought the urge to roll his eyes. "You're wrong, Grandfather. The politics mean nothing, you'll always be family." Why couldn't Wallace wrap his head around a simple concept?
His grandfather stood up and motioned Val forward. "Here's how you can take Philan out without making a big ruckus." He pointed to the seat opposite the desk.
Val settled in and listened, the constant struggle to live up to the Janis clan standards and his big desire to be a normal guy kicking into high gear.
As usual.
Val's family drama takes a backseat when he runs into Jonni, but it'll kick into high gear again not long after. Fun times.

That's it for this week.



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