Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Feeding the Fury

Okay… getting right to the television part of my post.

The Flash and Arrow premiered!!! Both had excellent season openers. I kind of love where everything is headed and can't wait for this week's episodes. *EEP*

And I'm totally NOT freaking out over whose graveside Oliver and Barry were standing beside. Nope. I'm not. I know who I'd kind of like it to be, but I'll hold off and not speculate too much. LOL

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow had terrific episodes, too. I missed the opener for Sleepy Hollow and still need to watch, but the second ep has me intrigued already.

I also need to watch the double dose of Haven so I'm caught up on that one, too. I've started watching the final episodes of Lost Girl and Strike Back. Two shows I wish didn't have to end. *sniffles*

The conclusion to Doctor Who's two-parter didn't exactly cement the show as awesome for me, so we'll see how things continue. It's still good television so I'll still watch.

But… the best thing of the week? The Walking Dead premieres!!! So looking forward to tonight's episode!!

And that's it for TV. I thought I might do a rambly post about Arrow and The Flash, but you know, they would get a little too spoilery if I attempted to do so.

Tonight's post is from Feeding the Fury, a novella where my main characters stage a coup.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Larue and Wade displease the Fury and she orders them to battle each other in the pyre. But the two top mages decide they won't kill each other for her pleasure, instead they'll invoke the Rite of Phoenix and if they survive, the Fury will have to abdicate her throne.

And a preview snippet…

Helena Ogden strode through her domain in search of a very elusive man. One who wielded his power with finesse and fortitude and remained unmatched by the other male preceptors in the realm. Helena wanted a taste of his depths. She could feast for days on his alluring magick. The strongest mage in her province, the most incredible specimen of manhood, and soon to be her consort prime, if he followed her most recent directive.
She rounded a corner, her voluminous robes spreading out then swirling around her naked body. "He'd better have a damned good reason for ignoring my summons."
Wade Brogan had yet to report to her bed and she'd issued the order after dinner the previous evening. The fact she'd fallen asleep waiting for his arrival didn't rest well and strolling through her domain at the crack of dawn pissed her off. Her generosity toward the sexy preceptor had reached its limit. She wanted him—hard, hot, and ready—now.
A lower adept practiced levitation in a small chamber and Helena snapped her fingers to break his concentration. "Brogan? Where is he?" She squared her shoulders and thrust her breasts forward, the diaphanous fabric of her robes giving the young man a lovely view of her assets.
She hadn't risen to become the Fury without knowing how to manipulate her minions to do her bidding. Appealing to the baser instincts usually proved to be the easiest way to get what she wanted. The adept licked his lips, his eyes riveted to her taut nipples, straining against the sheer material. The scent of arousal filled her nostrils and she deeply inhaled, drawing energy from the young man. Her succubus ancestry came in handy and helped keep her in power.
Helena abruptly cut her connection with the mage and he blinked, shaking his head.
She repeated her question. "Brogan? Do you know where he is?"
The lower adept moved toward the door and stepped out into the corridor, pointing further down the hallway. "Two doors down. Private training room." He gave a small bow.
Helena gave him a smile. "Return to your practice." She didn't thank him—why would she?
She ruled absolutely and completely. Refusing her request would result in a round on the pyre, and with his limited ability, he wouldn't have lasted long.
Moving past several groups in various stages of training and exercise, Helena cast an appreciative eye over the physiques of the men and women, many of them nude. Her blood hummed and she decided a pyre event should be scheduled soon.
Pausing outside the designated door, she took a moment. "If Wade isn't in here, he'll be the top draw in a blood sport match." Twisting the knob, Helena entered the private alcove.
And sucked in a harsh breath.
The sight greeting her would make any woman weak in the knees. Naked and fully erect, Wade worked through a series of complicated moves and incantations, using an ancient form of meditative combat preparation. The muscles and sinews under his skin rippled and bulged with each controlled movement he made. His hard cock jutted outward, rigid and engorged, bobbing with the ebb and flow of his exercise.
Helena's mouth watered, her juices flowed, and she got very hot and bothered when she observed the sensual feast for her senses. Her nipples reacted, the tips tightening into harder nubs. The desire to have Wade's big, hard dick plunging into her three orifices sent a shudder from her head to her toes. A full-bodied response didn't happen to her very often and she resisted the urge to kneel before him, take his long shaft between her lips, and suck the hard cock to the back of her throat.
But Helena kneeled before no one—man or woman. As the Fury, her people bowed to her.
Except Wade. But he would soon.
If his life mattered to him.
Wade's life matters very much to him, but Helena will be sorely disappointed. She's not the match for him and never can be, regardless of her status as Fury.

That's it for this week.



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