Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Ill-Timed Case

Argh!!! The Flash, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD left off at cliffhangery moments. But what awesome episodes!!! I have lots and lots of thoughts, but won't share here for the sake of saving some space. LOL

Haven has one more week and will end on a double episode. I truly hope it ends well, mainly because I've been with the show since the very beginning.

The Librarians and Agent X are still entertaining me. I really enjoyed last week's Agent X and can't wait to see what happens this week. Gotta say the actor playing the foil in last week's episode is making the rounds. He's been on a lot of shows I've been watching.

Looking forward to Agent Carter coming soon. I love the format and the entire cast of characters. Can't wait.

That's it for the TV roundup this week.

Tonight's post is from Ill-Timed Case, a novella where my main characters play a fun game of cat and mouse for a while.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Rex Van Adder, private investigator, has more cases than he can handle. Enter Gracie Lee, along with a dead body, and Rex scrambles to keep his head above water, especially since he knows Gracie is involved but can't figure out how.

And a preview snippet…

Gracie Lee breathed a heavy sigh of relief. "That was too damned close for comfort." She crept through the boarded up store and made her way to the lower level.
She retrieved her data device and typed a quick message to her surrogate father, Sam Baldwin. [Our man betrayed. Yours are on scene. Need a pickup by the fourth street underground]. She tucked the messenger back inside her pocket and headed for the hidden entrance to the underground rail system. She'd be traveling through an abandoned part and shouldn't be spotted by anyone.
Like the man with Avery Marlow. She thanked the heavens for her innate sixth sense. She didn't have to turn to know she'd caught the man's interest because his gaze bored into her back when she walked away from the mid-grade hotel McGuiness summoned her to earlier.
Sadly, she'd arrived too late. Dougray already lay dead in the alley, stabbed through the heart. A brief search didn't turn up the jewel he'd brought for sale and she'd risked going to his room to find it.
She'd come up empty there, too. Dammit. Dougray had to have left a clue or something to indicate where he'd hidden the jewel. Sam would have to pull some strings to get her access to the case file.
The device in her pocket chirped, startling her. She paused in the darkened corridor and checked the message.
[Car is waiting. Come to my location and we'll decide next move].
Heaving another sigh, she picked her way to the fourth street panel door and entered the stations main hub. The dank interior smelled musty with disuse, but she'd grown used to the aroma after using the location so often. Climbing the steps to street level, she quickly entered the waiting vehicle, snuggling into the plush interior to ward off the evening chill. The rain picked up and her mind drifted to the handsome stranger again. Gut instinct indicated she'd be seeing him soon.
And she didn't quite like the thrill of anticipation she got when thinking about him.
Settling in for the ride, she shrugged off the idea. "Sorry, lover boy, I don't have time for romance right now."

I love writing a mix of urban fantasy and noir and this one is a fun blend of both.

That's it for this week.



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