Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Snippet: It's Not What They Think

A quick break from discussing television to talk about the crazy weather in Ohio. Okay, make that the weird weather everywhere. If you're experiencing it, let me know. LOL

Finally watched The Abominable Bride and thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the back and forth and I'll leave it there so I don't spoil anything. But I'm looking forward to seeing a new season, whenever that might be.

Excited to have my shows return but also so busy I'm struggling to keep the dates straight. LOL Nothing like having a ton work to plow through. J I did catch the winter premiere of Teen Wolf and I'm glad to have that bit of crazy to look forward to each week, especially with a familiar face returning.

Tonight's post is from It's Not What They Think, a novella where my main characters have to get creative to help my heroine control her magical powers.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Meaghan Wrath goes on the warpath, losing her hard won control over her powers and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting clan members. She's setting a crappy example, but her husband, Vinnie Grayson, walks a fine line by not reprimanding her. Her need let off steam and be rebellious never lasts long—usually the week leading up to the full moon—and a demand to stop will only land her on the hot seat—almost literally.

And a preview snippet…

Meghan blinked, shaking her head. "I just told you I set an elderman's robes on fire and you're what? Planning a weekend getaway?" Did he not realize how close to the line—no, how far over the line—she'd gone.
Vinnie frowned. "No. I don't plan for us to go anywhere or leave the compound." He caught up. "Oh, right. Don't worry about Vice. I'll smooth things over." He stepped away, moving to the desk and grabbing the phone. "Seriously, Meghan, clear your schedule for the next seventy-two hours, okay." Punching in a series of numbers, he only waited a moment before speaking. "Elderman Vice? Yeah, yeah, I know… No… About that… Yes, sir. I'm aware she's been escalating… No, it won't happen again. In fact, she's agreed to stay in residence until the full moon passes. Yes… I'm going to be here with her… No, she won't leave and yes, I give you my personal guarantee. Right. Yes. Thank you." He hung up the phone and met her gaze. "Man, he's pissed." His lips quirked.
Meghan arched a brow. "And you're amused? Are you stupid? Or just crazy?" After the last month with her, he could actually be both.
Vinnie snorted. "I'm neither. In fact, I'm pretty damned intelligent." He lifted a shoulder. "Or at least our best friend is."
Meghan tilted her head to one side. "Mathias? Really?" A snort escaped. "Oh, please, I can't wait to hear his latest pearl of wisdom." Moving forward, she stepped into Vinnie's personal space. "Lay it one me."
Vinnie flashed a grin. "Sex." His hands grasped her hips. "For the next three days." Waggling his eyebrows, he leaned in, running his lips along her jawline.
Meghan barked out a laugh. "See… there's a reason we like him." She wrapped her arms around Vinnie. "But seriously? Aren't you the least bit concerned I'll bring more pain than pleasure?" With her power being at the apex, she didn't always have the control she needed.
Vinnie nipped at her earlobe. "Nope. Because the way I figure things, if I keep you in orgasmic bliss, you'll be too sated to do much damage." His hands tugged the hem of her shirt upward and he dropped to his knees, licking a wet trail from her waistband to the underside of her bra.
The idea had merit. If she combined magick with sex, her energy levels would dissipate. In theory, a workable solution and one she could totally get behind.
Running her fingers through Vinnie's short, cropped hair, she nudged his head back. "In that case… you'd better get busy and take the edge off before we really get down to business."
A wolfish smile twisted his lips and he flicked his gaze from her belly to the floor. Her yoga pants pooled at her feet and he rose, dragging her shirt up and over her head. She got rid of her bra with a quick, muttered incantation.
Vinnie stepped back, his gaze sweeping over her, lingering on her hot spots—caressing her breasts and warming the juncture between her thighs. He snapped his fingers and stood naked before her, his erect cock proudly jutting out. Crooking his finger, he motioned her forward and her feet carried her willingly, stopping when the head of his dick brushed against her heated skin.
Reaching out, Vinnie cupped her ass with one hand, hauling her closer. "I think we'll need at least two rounds to take the edge off, yeah?" He urged her up onto her toes and worked fisted his erection, working it along her folds before sliding home in a single, smooth thrust.
A satisfied hum rumbled in her chest and she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Sounds about right to me." Head dropping back, she rocked her hips against his groin.
Great mage, she loved her husband.

The sages are being somewhat tight-lipped with this one. They've got the general idea of where they're going to take me, but they're being stingy with the big details.

That's it for this week.



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