Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Judge a Book by Its Cover

Well… Winter Storm Jonah, or whatever its name is, missed my part of Ohio. I'm not complaining in the least. For everyone else dealing with the massive snow dump, I hope you're all safe, warm, and enjoying the blizzard as much as possible. J

One thing though… why are we naming winter storms now? I mean I was alive for the Blizzard of '78 and referring to it the Blizzard of '78 works just fine for me. Is there a reason we have to give names to snowstorms? I get naming hurricanes and tropical storms, typhoons, etc., but eh, giving monikers to snowstorms seems like something a bored Weather Channel employee decided to cook up to brighten their day. Just saying. LOL

Let's see… big X-Files revival premieres tonight. I'm super-excited! One of my all-time favorite shows is coming back and I don't even care if it sucks huge ones. LOL I'm watching a marathon on Chiller right now, so my day is going really great. J

The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow had kick ass episodes. I kind of love Legends, the snarky banter makes me happy. I could watch an hour of nothing but the characters trying to out snark each other. That said, the jury's out on how well this group with mesh together, but I'm all in to see what happens.

Agent Carter's two episode premiere didn't disappoint. I've got some hopes for what happens with the New York contingent. I also loved meeting Jarvis's Mrs. Very cool and awesome character. J

Last, but not least, Teen Wolf's episode entertained, as usual. It might just be me, but the last few episodes have something of a choppy feeling, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just a little confusing.

That's it for television this week…

Tonight's post is from Judge a Book by Its Cover, a novella that came about from a theme prompt of cheating scandal. I love my writing groups!

Here's the mini-blurb:

Zeth Herrickson has to catch the culprits in a cheating scandal at the academy. Coorah Blair normally sits at the top of his list when things aren't right—except she's the one who brings the matter to his attention. They work together to track down the participants and go after the ringleader, who is much closer to both than they'd believe.

And a preview snippet…

Coorah left Zeth's alcove armed with a plan of action and a date for coffee. How the hell did that happen? Okay, she knew how they came up with the idea bringing down the person making money off the novices. They'd spent the last hour going over the best possible methods.
The coffee part tripped her up though.
Why did she say yes? Because he'd asked her, of course. But, no, that made zero sense. She didn't do coffee and she definitely didn't do anything with magistrates. But you're working with him on the cheating thing. Right. Didn't explain why her brain took a vacation and all of a sudden went to crazytown.
But he looked so damned hot, glancing up from the notes he'd taken, and she'd blurted out a yes before thinking. The magistrate and the queen of mayhem. Wouldn't their being together set tongue wagging? Why would he want to tarnish his stellar reputation by hanging out with her, especially since she had a habit of ignoring the rules? He couldn't possibly really want to get involved with her.
Unless… Coorah smacked her forehead. Of course, Zeth had a reason for asking her out. They couldn't very well meet in his alcove all the time. Grabbing coffee made a great cover so they could discuss their covert activities. She'd been so… stunned… over his invitation and her response, she'd made a mad dash for the door. Could she be more of an idiot?
Figuring out his reason should have made her feel way better. But… her stomach churned. She shouldn't be upset, right? How stupid could she be to think he actually found her attractive and wanted to spend time with her? Especially when she didn't want to date the guy.
Shaking her head, she made her way out of the building and started for her small suite of rooms. "Come on, Coorah. You don't really want to get tangled up with Hard Ass Herrickson, do you?" No, totally a bad idea.
Except… she kind of had the insane notion she wouldn't mind getting involved with Zeth. And bad ideas were her forte.

I'm having a blast writing this one. I love characters that start out on the opposite end of the spectrum and find common ground that leads to something more.

That's it for this week.



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