Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Kindred Spirits

Whew. What a week of television. The Walking Dead had another terrific episode. Thoroughly enjoyed the hijinks with Rick and Daryl. Something tells me it's the calm before the storm.

Well, the X-Files disappointed many fans, but I actually loved having it back for its limited run. That said, what a craptastic cliffhanger. Geez. But, my other shows amped up the goods. The Magicians is truly becoming a quick favorite. And Lost Girl will be so missed, which I say all the time. Then there's Bitten, another favorite I wish would continue onward. *sigh*

The Flash revealed something I totally didn't expect. Now I can't wait to see what happens. I'm totally loving the shared universe with characters popping up on other shows. More on that later. Agent Carter has one more episode, which is awesome! I thought last week was the finale. Sadly, I'm not holding much hope we'll get another season, but fingers are crossed anyway.

Arrow keeps blowing my mind. And it's in a great way. That said, I'm looking forward to Malcolm getting his comeuppance. If that doesn't happen, I'll be sorely disappointed. And, well, other things need to happen, too. Just saying.

Legends of Tomorrow, again, changed things up. I thought it was very cool to see future Star City, even in crazy disarray. Shades of things to come perhaps? Eh, who knows? Arrow may only get one more season after this one.

I watched the Blindspot marathon Saturday. Really like the show. Too bad it's on NBC, my most hated network ever. I pretty much refuse to watch anything on the channel. So, looks like I'll be watching Blindspot when it's on another channel or via Netflix or Amazon Prime.

And that's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from Kindred Spirits, a novella that got its start by the sages dropping a plot bomb in a dream. LOL

Here's the mini-blurb:

Merrit Rhodes accepts a teaching position at the Athena Academy of Magic and Semblance to earn her rites. Vaughn Gregorvich and Kirby Selwig are best friends and fellow instructors who fall hard for the newest addition to the campus. Sparks literally fly when the trio decides to test the power of three after a night of drinking a powerfully potent new cocktail called Elixir.

And the preview snippet…

Merrit Rhodes sat in silent contemplation. She hated interviews. With a passion.
The double doors to the dean's chambers opened and Merrit stood, waiting for the summons to enter. A tiny, wizened man motioned her forward with a wave of his hand. His small stature would probably fool many applicants into a false sense of security, but Merrit didn't happen to be one of them.
She paused at the edge of the desk and met his gaze. "Dean Hargrove, it's nice to meet you." She bowed her head in respectful deference.
Hargrove clapped his hands and chortled. "Merrit Rhodes. You may have graduated from the street school of hard spells and conjuring, but you're the first person to address me properly." He pushed his chair back and slid down, his head barely visible above the huge monstrosity of a desk when he made his way around.
Merrit took his outstretched palm when he offered it in greeting and shook firmly, unwilling to make a possible misstep by easing up on her grip. "It's nice to meet you, sir."
Hargrove smiled again and directed her to sit in one of the chairs facing the desk. He flicked his fingers and a small platform nudged out from under the other wingback and he stepped up to take a seat.
He folded his hands in his lap. "I'm inclined to accept you based solely on your greeting, but let's muddle through some of the traditional questions." Her file materialized on the table between the chairs, the folder opened and a feathered scribe hovered over the page.
Merrit bit back a grin. She liked Hargrove's flair. And the man didn't dwell on her less than stellar education and instead peppered her with questions about her parents' occupations. Her mother practiced as an oracle with an uncanny accuracy rate. Her dad made conjuring an art form. Literally. His work routinely landed in museums, galleries, and garnered private commissions. Sadly, her father's income amounted to practically nothing, his salary being tied up in trust accounts unattainable until his death.
Hence her lack of a quality formal education, which didn't appear to faze Dean Hargrove.
The little man flashed a knowing smile. "You're very intuitive, a trait shared with your mother." He scooted forward, his face aglow. "And your skill with manipulative magick is impressive, if uncontrolled." Tapping the file on the table, he met her gaze. "You've passed all the qualification exams, meaning as far as the board of mages is concerned you lack only one criterion to earn your full rites." He paused and tilted his head to one side.
Merrit nodded. "Monitored experience."
Hargrove sobered. "Yes. Your scores indicate an inherent ability, but your lack of control is a concern." He brought his hand up to rub his chin. "But I have a solution, if you're willing to consider something a little unorthodox." His gaze slid sideways toward her.
Merrit's lips twitched. "Well, sir, unorthodox is kind of my normal. What do you have in mind?" Hope soared and, for once, she didn't fight to contain the feeling.
The dean rubbed his hands together. "I'd like you to consider teaching a novice class for at least two semesters. You have the knowledge and ability to merit guiding students while they learn the simple building blocks we base all magick foundations on." He paused and watched her carefully.
Heart sinking a little, Merrit forged ahead. "As you're well aware of my financial situation, I'll be happy for the work." She stopped there, unwilling to ask for more.
Hargrove gave a barely perceptible nod. "While you're in residence teaching, I'm going to have you work with two of our premier adepts to learn control using your mind and body." He snapped his fingers and the double doors snicked open.
Merrit's eyes widened when two gorgeous men entered the room and she struggled to keep her mouth from dropping open. Tall, handsome, one dark, one light, both built by the gods to visually please the senses. And the dean wanted her to glean knowledge from them? Hell, yes.
She angled her head and met the dean's gaze. "Thank you."
His sly little smirk had her brain spinning in directions it shouldn't go, but Merrit wisely said nothing else.
Hargrove shuffled off the chair. "Welcome to Atherton's, Merrit. I think introductions are in order."

Merrit hit the jackpot with her tutors and she'll take full advantage of their presence.

That's it for this week.



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