Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Man Up

Finally, a fairly lovely week. The weather took a turn for the better with mild temperatures and some sun.

Gotta say The Magicians finale shocked and surprised me. Loved it! The premiere of The Hunters has me intrigued so I'll continue watching to see how things pan out. No episode of Bitten this week, unless I missed the US viewing night. I've seen the next to last episode and some big twisty-turns I didn't expect.

Agents of SHIELD had a great episode. I have to give Brett Dalton credit for being so good at playing truly creepy. He's got the chops to pull it off.

Legends of Tomorrow also had another great episode. And finally, looks like we'll have a new / another villain. Glad to see the potential there.

Loving Wynonna Earp. I'm all caught up and really excited about the potential for this series. Still need to watch the first three episodes of Banshee, which I'm hoping to do later tonight. Also started a new ITV drama, Marcella, and so far, really like it. One of my favorite actors is starring so I'll be glued no matter what. LOL

And finally, I'm getting back into X Company, an excellent Canadian drama about WWII. Loving the second season so far.

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Man Up, a novella built around the prompt of "a drunken game of one-upmanship goes all the way"

Here's the mini-blurb:

Hattie Hale and Nero Palmer, instructors at the Academy of Light, are supposed to set the example, but can't quite get past their competitive natures. A drunken game of one-ups-manship goes all the way to the sleeping chamber because neither will admit to being outdone.

And a preview snippet…

I must have a death wish. Why else would he accept the gauntlet Hattie had thrown down?
Entering the Scholar, the oldest, still in business bar in the community closest to the campus, Nero quickly scanned the surroundings and zeroed in on a corner booth. With a jerk of his head indicating his intent, he made a beeline for the empty spot. Hattie followed, hot on his heels. He had no doubt she'd already conjured up an order the moment they'd walked inside.
Sure enough, a bottle of Stiltskin's Gold Label and two rocks glasses held court in the center of the table. He slid in on one side of the booth and waited for Hattie to settle in across from him.
Eyeing the alcohol, he quirked an eyebrow. "Gold Label? Really?" He wanted to wash the bitter aftertaste of the tie away, not drink himself into a coma.
Hattie smirked. "Why not? We need something strong to counteract the stench of loser, right?" Tapping two fingers on the bottle, she dispersed the first round.
Nero lifted a shoulder. "Loser is a bit harsh, don't you think?" He sipped the smooth blend, waiting for after burn to kick in.
Because it always did. The family recipe obtained legendary status, the amber liquid lulling unsuspecting drinkers into a false sense of security before the alcohol bared its teeth, its fangs releasing a hot trail of venom that kicked hard and fast deep in the gut.
Hattie tossed back her drink and gave a three count before blowing out a harsh exhale. "Whew! Yeah, that'll burn through anything." She flicked her finger against the bottle again and shot a grin Nero's way. "You gonna keep up or what?" She brought the glass to her lips again.
Nero snorted. "Don't you worry about me. I'll get my fair share." He drained the contents and refilled.
Slow and steady won the race and if Hattie opted for fast and loose, he'd definitely drink her under the table. She talked a big game but he had yet to see anyone handle top shelf Stiltskin by rapidly consuming it. A small smile played about his lips.
Hattie narrowed her gaze. "What's going through that awesome brain of yours?" She blinked and corrected. "I mean twisted brain. Yeah, that's it." She drained her glass again.
Nero grinned but didn't comment on her slip. "Nothing complicated, Hattie. I'm having an internal debate about how long you can last slamming back the Stiltskin the way you are." He finished off his drink and refilled.
Hattie swirled her finger in a circle then jabbed it in his direction. "You just wait and see, Nero. I'm gonna blow your mind."
He gave her a level look but didn't reply. Mainly because he had a sneaking suspicion betting against her would be a mistake of epic proportions.
And, not being stupid, he wouldn't take a chance on losing.

Nero's a smart guy. Not betting against Hattie is a very wise move. Doesn't mean he won't get sucked into trying to outdo her though. LOL

That's it for this week.



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