Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Mirror of the Mist

Holy cheez-its! Ohio is back to chilly, where-did-spring-go weather again. We haven't even hit fifty degrees for the day. LOL

But, the brisk temperature makes for great television viewing. This week didn't turn out too badly either.

Gotham's episode moved the story along and I'm excited to see what this week holds.

The Flash had a great showing. I loved all the interactions with the characters. Quite a complicated mix but somehow the relationships all work. Agents of SHIELD ended a character I've grown fond of, but I thoroughly enjoyed the inside movie references and how they tied into the small screen story.

Arrow pulled off a great episode, at least the part I saw. I had an unavoidable meeting on Wednesday and haven't had a moment to really catch up on the beginning yet.

Legends of Tomorrow. Wow. I hope the whole time travel thing lets the sacrificed character return. If not, I'm going to be very disappointed. Truly great stuff, though. And Orphan Black continues to blow my mind each and every week. I LOVE this show.

All caught up on Banshee and Wynonna Earp, with the exception of this week's episodes. That will be rectified later today. Caught the trailer for season three of The Last Ship and I'm now eagerly awaiting June so I can dive back into this one.

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Mirror of the Mist, a novella prompted on a modern day, urban riff of Snow White.

Here's the mini-blurb:

An urban riff on Snow White, Cecelia Dumond, a black arts priestess, tasks Dys Hunter to assassinate her counterpart, a mystic oracle named Lyric Song. Dys goes undercover in a fight club to gain access to the powerful beauty. Little does he know, she's the one to lead him home, back to his rightful place as heir to his father's empire.

And a preview snippet…

"Tea?" Dys pulled a skeptical face.
Her lips curved. "I'm in a very uncivilized business, Mr. Hunter. High tea is my way of keeping balance in my life." She nodded towards Nardo and Beltane who took their cue and quietly left the office.
Dys lifted a brow. "You've got quite a set-up here, Ms. Song. And your fighters are extremely well-trained. You don't even have to utter a word."
She smirked. "And you're thinking I lead them all around by their dicks, right?" She snorted. "I have a full roster, Mr. Hunter, minus one combatant. I train seven men daily, schedule their fights, get promotional spots set up, and personally check the venues to make sure they're up to my standards. I don't have the time to touch any of them… and neither do they during the fight season." She paused, tilting her head to the side. "It's insulting to think I spend my days, flat on my back with my legs spread, catering to their sexual needs. How could I possibly manage to get anything else done?"
Dys gave her a slow once over, head to toe. "Sure would be one hell of an incentive." A corner of his mouth twisted upward. "And no one said you had to be flat on your back. Up against a wall would be my first choice." He drained the mug of tea she'd given him.
Lyric fought a shudder. The man had a wicked way with words and her vivid imagination had no trouble envisioning a steamy encounter with Dys Hunter. Blinking the imagery away, she sipped her brew and resisted grabbing his cup and reading the leaves.
Instead she gave him a long, level look. "Let's be clear, Mr. Hunter. Your first choice is duly noted and filed away under not happening anytime soon. If you want to be part of this outfit, rule number one is understanding I'm not here to satisfy your sex drive." She pinned him with her gaze. "I'm your boss, which means if you can't deal, you should walk out the way you came in." Folding her hands in front of her, she waited for a response.
Dys quirked an eyebrow. "Do I get the goon squad as my escort again?" His words lacked heat, but his displeasure came through loud and clear.
Lyric shook her head. "Considering you'll end up working with the goon squad as part of the team, this might not be the best fit for you." She scooted back and rose from her chair. "You have an impressive record, Mr. Hunter, but your physical prowess is only one aspect of being part of this group. You have to respect process, the fighters, and me." Moving around the desk, she perched on the edge. "I have doubts on all three counts."
Her position forced Dys to look up in order to meet her gaze.
He crossed his arms over his chest, which emphasized his bulging biceps. "Look, Ms. Song, you might have doubts about me, but you're going to hire me anyway." He kicked his legs out, his booted feet landing against her black stiletto-clad heels.
Lyric arched an eyebrow. "Please, tell me why I should." Dammit, her voice sounded much raspier than she wanted it to.

Something tells me Lyric's voice will get reactive whenever Dys is in her vicinity. LOL

That's it for this week.



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