Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Mocking with a Side of Sarcasm

Memorial Day weekend, which doubles as graduation weekend in my little burg, is my signal that summer will be arriving soon. Looking forward to outside activities and longer nights.

Watched some great season finales this week. Gotham pulled out all the stops and I'm really looking forward to seeing what next season has in store for the characters.

The Flash kind of left me reeling. I'm really not sure how I feel about Barry's final move or how it's going to impact the upcoming season. With Supergirl moving to the CW in the fall, it'll be interesting to see what kind of crossover action is in store for the DC shows.

Arrow did not disappoint. This is probably my favorite season finale to date. I'm definitely interested in seeing the next season and hope to touch on Oliver's time in Russia for the flashbacks. Absolutely looking forward to what I hope won't be the final season for Arrow, but who knows.

Orphan Black's episode came across as very chaotic and I kind of loved it. It reminded me of someone shaking a bottle of something fizzy then letting go to watch the contents spill out all over the place. I love how gray and blurry all the lines are and how dark the layers get with this show.

Wynonna Earp continues to make me happy. Need to watch this week's episode but I've been distracted by marathons of NCIS: LA and The X-Files this weekend.

Banshee's series finale actually turned out to be exactly what I hoped for. I mean exactly what I hoped for. I had a gut feeling about who killed Rebecca and the writers did not disappoint me in the least with how that aspect turned out. I'm also completely down with how Proctor's story ended, letting viewers kind of imagine his fate. I loved Kurt's resolution with Calvin and, honestly, for being such a late arrival as a character, I fell in love with his story. Brock's new attitude about being sheriff is awesome and, of course, Sugar's retirement is well-earned and thanks to Job. And speaking of the sassy transvestite, his sunset strut ended up being perfect and spot on. And I'm thrilled with where things are left with Hood and Carrie. Seriously, I loved, loved, loved the ending. A satisfying four seasons of a kick ass show.

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Mocking with a Side of Sarcasm, a novella started with the two word prompt of "Yes, sir."

Here's the mini-blurb:

Bentley Briggs is snarky on a good day, but when she becomes mocking and throws out a side of sarcasm, Vasek Barrett wants to know why. He discovers a secret Bentley doesn't want him to know and she'll elevate her vitriol to an art form, but it won't keep Vasek from lending a hand.

And a preview snippet…

Bentley didn't wait for an affirmative answer when the waitress brought four glasses to the table. She picked one up, downed it, and quickly chased it with the second one. Rolling her shoulders, she welcomed the slide of liquid hitting her stomach. She'd be right as rain as soon as it hit her bloodstream.
Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she nodded in Vasek's direction. "Thanks." Cuing up the balls, she broke and landed stripes.
Vasek stepped in front of her before she could take the next shot. "Wanna tell me what's going on?" He braced his palm on the side of the table and downed one of his drinks.
Bentley planted the cue on the floor. "Not really. But I won't be making the meeting with Teague." She moved in close to him. "And if you even think about sending out your pack of hounds, you'll be calling up a buttload of new recruits." She let the threat hang in the air, mainly to see how he'd react.
Vasek frowned. "I doubt that. They're well-trained." He drank his final shot and turned the glass upside down.
Bentley smirked. "Ah… but you forget, I know every single one of your patented moves." Setting the pool stick aside, she held his gaze. "Don't test me on this, Vas." Drawing in a deep breath, she patted him on the chest and started for the exit.
No need to stick around and get into drama with him. She wanted to keep her rage and anger directed at Teague, but Vasek would make himself an easy target if she stayed within his vicinity.
The man never left well enough alone.
Pushing the door open, she welcomed the blast of humidity hitting her in the face, even at this time of night. She made a left and paused at the end of the block. Maybe a nice midnight swim in Havers Lake would clear her head. If she didn't get a handle on the situation with Teague, one of them would end up in a world of hurt.
And it probably wouldn't be her.
Teague might bluster and blow, but he'd never do her harm. He had too much control. She, on the other hand, did not. She didn't trust herself and hated that she couldn't. And she truly loathed the reason why.
Familial connections sucked balls.

I'm having a great time figuring out how this world operates and working on the connection between Bentley and Teague and having Vasek slowly piece everything together.

That's it for this week.



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