Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Not Again

So… premiere for The Last Ship? Everything I expected and more. I have so much love for this show. I'm also going to have a huge bar tab by the time the season ends if episode one is any indication. I almost sit on the edge of my seat hoping like hell none of my favorite characters will meet their end.

And of course, some of them do. LOL

I've got a bunch of theories about this season, which I won't share to avoid possible spoilage… but I don't trust the president at all. One specific moment in the premiere episodes turned the table with how I feel about that guy. Just saying.

Currently watching the finale of Wynonna Earp and my fingers are crossed for a second season. Have no clue if Syfy will be cooperative and make that happen or not.

Still rewatching Babylon 5 and Strike Back. I'd forgotten how much Strike Back crammed into each episode, especially during the first season. Contrast the breakneck pace with Babylon 5's slower build in its first season. I sometimes miss having a nice, long arc to settle into a show and really get to know the characters.

Killjoys and Dark Matter return soon and I'm patiently waiting to get back into the gritty realm of both. Bring it on.

Tonight's post is from Not Again, a novella built on the two-word prompt of "hell, no". Honestly, I love two-word prompts. So many ideas can spur from something truly simple.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Drue Braddock and Xeno Howlett have a rocky relationship, but when Drue goes off on one of her many soul searching quests, Xeno decides he's had enough. When Drue returns, she finally knows what she wants—Xeno—but she may not get her chance because he's got someone new in his life.

And a preview snippet…

Xeno closed his eyes a moment then walked toward the bedroom. Stopping outside, he leaned his head on the jamb. Dammit. Drue returned at the worst possible time.
As usual.
The soft sound of the knob turning gave him a brief warning and when he glanced up, his gaze met Lydia's angry one. She stood, naked, and poked her head out of the room. Finding the coast clear, she edged past Xeno and flopped down onto the couch.
Curling her legs under her, she draped an arm over the back of the cushions. "Drue certainly makes her presence felt, doesn't she?" A yawn escaped before she could squelch it.
Xeno moved to sit in the chair perpendicular to the sofa. "Yeah, and I’m sorry she woke you." He dropped his head back against the top of the seat.
Lydia shifted position and leaned in close. "I'm not. After hearing what you've had to deal with on and off for five years, I have a better appreciation for your reticence to commit fully to our relationship." Bracing her hands on his knees, she waited until he met her gaze before continuing. "That said, I think we should retire to the bedroom so I can remind you who's here and has no plans to leave any time soon." She got up slowly, giving him ample view of her assets.
Xeno followed her into their room, pushing memories of Drue aside. Normally when she came back, they'd spend three or four days in bed, making up for lost time. Part of Xeno craved the intimacy he shared with Drue during the reunion phase. The other side accepted Lydia's presence and her offer to wipe Drue's visit from his mind.
Okay, she actually wanted him to remember she lived here now and wouldn't go running because his former flame came knocking. A smarter woman would never underestimate Drue. But Lydia relied heavily on magickal intuition, which usually served her well.
But she had yet to experience Drue in full-on territorial mode. Xeno didn't relish playing referee between the females, yet he didn't have the heart to warn Lydia about being out of her league.
The bitter tang of being a total shit rested briefly on his tongue until Lydia tugged him down to the mattress and got him undressed. Once she had him naked, he forgot to feel guilty about anything. Fifteen minutes later, sated, spent, and spooned up behind feminine curves, Xeno drifted into a peaceful sleep.
Too bad his dreams focused on Drue.

I'm not quite sure where this one will end up, but it's been fun setting things up so far.

That's it for this week.



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