Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Not Enough Hope

Ahhh, The Last Ship makes me so very happy. And none of my favorites ended up dead in the last episode so there's that, too. I won't hold out too much hope for a death free episode tonight. Best to be prepared, right?

Killjoys came back with a bang. Gotta say I'm super happy to see it back on my screen. Here's hoping the whole season is as terrific as the premiere.

Dark Matter… eh, I was a little disappointed in the opener. That said, there are some interesting developments, especially given the ending. I'll reserve judgment before deciding if season two is a bust.

The finale for Wynonna Earp rocked. Fingers are still crossed for a second season. Some great seed were planted for future threads and I hope Syfy gives this show a chance.

Babylon 5 rewatch continues. I'm almost through the first season and so many little things I missed on the other viewings are popping up. I love when that happens.

Strike Back is also entertaining me with the same things happening. I catch small things I missed when I watched the first time.

That's it for TV this week. Hope everyone enjoys the fireworks shows if they like that kind of thing. Me? I'm happy watching them on what else… television. J

Tonight's post is from Not Enough Hope, a novella that started with the prompt of write a story that involves a lie.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Early Gibbons walks away from her position in the fae court—and Salem Powell—to forge her own path in the human realm. When she discovers a vengeance hound on her trail, she returns to the land of fae to find out who unleashed the beast, which may be tricky since Salem is the leader and she can't discount him as the culprit.

And a preview snippet…

The first fingers of dawn streaked through the sky when he lifted the latch on the gate and walked up the well-tended path to the small cottage. Knocking three times, he stepped away from the door and braced for impact.
Several moments passed and he turned, frustrated he'd even thought about stopping so early. He got three feet away when the door jerked open, revealing Early clad in a fluffy robe, her hair dripping wet rivulets on the collar.
She eased back and gave him a nod. "Salem. Had a feeling you'd be here early." Sweeping her arm toward the interior, she invited him inside. "Coffee's on, so help yourself. Give me a moment to get dressed and I'll join you." She didn't wait for a response, assuming Salem would do as directed.
Even though caffeine sounded just about right and lifesaving, he perversely refused to go further than the foyer. She'd had a feeling he'd be here early? Had she drawn him with her spellbinding magick? He had no idea what she'd been into in the human realm. He couldn't discount the possibility she'd gone over to the dark arts and become involved with the outcasts who practiced black fae magick.
Early emerged from the bedroom, dressed in a flowing shirt and wine-colored leggings. Salem cast his gaze in her direction and gave her a slow onceover.
She stopped and rolled her eyes. "Oh, sweet universe, Salem. I haven't gone all dark side on you." Throwing her hands up, she stomped into the kitchen. "You can believe the worst of me but, dammit, never, ever, think I'd throw my lot in with the black souls who practice that dangerous hoodoo shit." Her displeasure had coffee sloshing out the mugs she poured the liquid into.
She grabbed a towel to mop up the mess, muttering obscenities.
Some things never changed.
Picking up the cups, she carried them into the small living area, handing one to him. "You're easy to read, Salem. At least to me. Not that hard to figure what your next move would be." Stepping back, she met his gaze. "This may not mean jack, but I'll never use magick on you. I give you my word." Her tone dared him to not believe her.
Salem studied her for several long moments before taking a bracing gulp of the strong brew. "I'll accept your word for now. But trust doesn't come easily." He nodded toward the seating arrangement by the fireplace. "We'll have to rebuild some of the bridges you burned." Following her, he took the chair after she settled onto the couch.
Early sighed. "A massive undertaking, I know." She gave him a sideways glance. "I had no other choice but to come back, Salem. I couldn't let the hound roam around in the human realm."
And didn't she nail the problem on the head with one, brief statement.

I'm really enjoying the discovery in this story. This one is pretty much total pantster. J

That's it for this week.



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