Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Nothing Special

July 31, 2016

The Last Ship might be the death of me. Last week's episode had my heart pounding. I forgot to breathe during the escape from the minefield, which happened toward the end of the episode. Then, I live tweeted that I'd be drinking like five shots of alcohol for fortitude because there was still time for something else crazy to happen—with only three minutes left in the show! And, of course, something else CRAZY did happen. LOL What a way to end.

Killjoys is seriously becoming one of my very favorite shows. I'm completely sucked into what's going on and in love with the subtle nuances and shifts in relationships. I have a sneaky suspicion there's going to be a big payoff for some of the dynamics being set into motion. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Dark Matter has a terrific cadre of women characters. I'm interested in the newest addition to the crew and hope she sticks around for a while. Not to take away anything from the men. They hold their own, too. Nice to see a familiar face acting alongside the android in this episode. Okay, maybe not alongside, but in the same vicinity. LOL

Still no Strike Back this week due to a crazy schedule again. But… with the sad news of Jerry Doyle's passing, I'm very happy to be in the middle of a Babylon 5 rewatch. Almost finished with season two and looking forward to starting the third.

Tonight's post is from Nothing Special, a sexy short that got a start with a prompt asking to write a story around the solstice having come and gone but one character has something for the other.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Masha Tuck and Ryce Reynoldson work tirelessly around the winter solstice to help provide a meaningful celebration to their fae and non-fae neighbors. Masha uncovers the perfect gift for Ryce—just a book, nothing special—but if she gives it to him, it'll add depth to their weird relationship and she's not sure she's ready for them to be a 'thing'.

And a preview snippet…

Ryce stepped back, inviting Masha into his cottage. "Hey. I didn't expect you until tomorrow." When she entered, he closed the door then turned and grasped her shoulders. "But I'm glad you're here." His hands slid up to cup her face.
Leaning in, his mouth closed over hers. She responded with a low moan, which always turned him on. Ryce didn't know why she'd stopped by, but he welcomed having her. The crazy schedule they'd kept from samhain to solstice didn't allow for much more than insanely hot sex and dodging the weather fronts when they moved through.
Never enough time to really sit down, relax, have a discussion. Not that Masha did the whole conversation thing to a great extent. She'd squirm in her seat then get up and pace the room when talk turned to anything personal or deeper than fae council business.
He deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue past her lips. Masha's hands grabbed moved up to his chest and one fisted in his t-shirt. He angled his head to one side and moved her further into the living room. She grasped his bicep to keep her balance and a muffled thunk followed.
Ryce eased away from her and glance down. Masha stooped and scooped up a large book, tucking it under her arm again. The bulk of her coat hid it from his view.
He blinked and shook his head. "Sorry, Masha. Didn't realize you were carrying around heavy book." He nodded toward the sofa, fighting back a sheepish grin. "Then again, didn't give you time to say anything when you walked in either."
Masha's lips curved but a pink flush stained her cheeks. "Er, well… I rather liked the warm welcome." She eased away and placed the book on his ottoman before shrugging out of her outerwear. "The book's for you." Turning away, she draped her jacket over the arm of a chair, not meeting his gaze.
Ryce tilted his head to one side, eyeing her. Interesting. Hedging her bets? Not her style at all. What kind of book did she bring him?
The answer could wait for a moment. Ryce strolled over to his antique hutch and opened the top doors. He had a little something for her, too.
Masha finally settled on the sofa and lifted a shoulder when he turned around. "The book is nothing special. Just something I thought you'd like." She folded her hands in her lap.
Ryce paused mid-step. "How about I judge the significance?" He crossed the small distance and dropped down beside her on the couch. "I have a something small for you, too." He set an ornate box on the ottoman next to the book.

This one is fun. I love to write an internal conflict being overcome by love.

That's it for this week.



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