Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Old Wounds

August 21, 2016

Well… Blonde Ambition finally showed her true colors on The Last Ship. About damned time. LOL I'm going to be really super pissed if anything happens to Kara because of Allison's machinations. I almost dread watching tonight's episode. Almost. J

Killjoys. Wow. Took a very dark turn and I love it. The way the cast works together amazes me. There's tension, usually understated, and buttloads of chemistry with everyone. I hope this show lasts for a good long time.

Dark Matter had a very trippy episode with an alternate 'verse. The showrunners have crap tons of experience with the concept, coming from the Stargate stable. The possibilities of the blink drive makes for lots of interesting scenarios. Looking forward to seeing what they do with that.

My Strike Back and Babylon 5 rewatches took a nosedive. My schedule exploded last week and I had zero time to watch either. Hopefully I'll get to reconnect this week.

Looking forward to several new shows this fall and, obviously, my returning favorites.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Old Wounds, a novella that started with the prompt of writing a scene around the anniversary of someone's death.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Abbot Isley's father lies near death, Nixie Grimm is willing to open old wounds to help him cope. Taking a trip down memory lane is not her favorite thing, but Abbot's steadfast support triggers a healing process she didn't know she needed and lets her move forward—with Abbot.

And a preview snippet…

Abbot slid into the vehicle and took a five count, resting his forehead on the steering wheel. Fishing around for the keys, he started the car and turned the heater on. The chilly interior helped clear his head, but they needed to get moving and Nixie wouldn't wait long to ask questions.
He backed out of the parking space and pulled up by the main doors. Nixie finished up and exited, dashing over to the passenger side.
She leaned in. "I can drive, if you want."
He shook his head and she settled in, buckling her seatbelt. Pulling out onto the road, he merged with the light traffic. Not many people needed to be out and about at four in the morning.
Hell, he didn't want to be driving down the street at the buttcrack of dawn.
Pounding his fist on the steering wheel, he cursed. "Damn them! Every last one of them." He gunned the engine and sped along the road, catching all the lights until he hit the outskirts of the town.
He braked to a halt, fingers drumming on the dash. When the signal changed, he floored the accelerator and shot across the intersection. The list of everything wrong with his dad played through his mind. Actually, his father had one thing wrong, but no one had been able to get to it yet. Dammit.
Nixie angled in the seat, turning to face him. "Who are we damning and what did they do to the old man? Something pretty fucked up if you have to break the land speed record to get back." She folded her arms across her chest and waited.
Abbot sighed and finally slowed down. "You know the who. My dad is in flux. Some kind of virus, but the healers can't get to it because it's wrapped in about ninety layers of spells and bindings." He made a turn onto the state route that would take them home.
Nixie's shoulders slumped. "Shit." She didn't have to say anything else.
They'd missed their mark and let the bastards get away. And his father might pay the price.

We'll eventually get to the anniversary part, but not for a while.

That's it for this week.



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