Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Snippet: One of These Things

Well… it's kind of fitting the finale for The Last Ship is on the anniversary of 9/11. I have no doubt the end of season three will blow my mind. The previous episode has so much packed into it. Chandler knows what's happening on US soil. And it's not what he expected. The Greens were FINALLY reunited. If Blonde Ambition tries to do anything to their kid, I'm going to reach through the television and bitch slap her. Just saying. Pretty sure she'll focus on Chandler's family instead. Which means I'll still want to bitch slap her. LOL

I missed the double header of Dark Matter so I'll be playing catch up this week. I hope. I've got a crazy schedule through the end of the month so who knows.

No time to work on recaps of Killjoys season one. Maybe next week. I did get to watch a few episodes of Strike Back and should finish out season two soon. Might have to add recaps for this one to my list also. There's so much to love.

That's it for now. Should have few new shows to chat about soon.

Tonight's post is from One of These Things, a bit of a riff on The Ugly Duckling with a paranormal flair.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Tanis Watts comes of age in the human world, but discovers she has fae abilities. When she's caught between warring factions, she falls in with the wrong side and barely escapes with her life. Seeking sanctuary, she lands on Falco Corsair's doorstep and runs headfirst into her destiny.

And a preview snippet…

Falco went for his usual run, leaving at dawn to make the rounds of the estate's perimeter. Once he completed the circuit, he left the grounds through the wooden gate and ambled along the winding path to the High Cleric's abode. When he knocked, she greeted him in the nude per their custom, and drew him into her warm arms and home.
After her embrace, she stepped back. "Welcome, Falco. I have the bathing chamber ready and waiting for you." Her fingers worked the zipper of his hooded sweatshirt down and her palms slid the garment from his shoulders.
Her touch soothed and aroused him, by design. "I look forward to the mineral waters, Calia." And more, since she'd worked her wiles.
Calia's lips curved and her hands pushed his workout pants past his hips, letting his erection spring free. "Mmm. That's not all you're looking forward to." She grasped his cock and let him through her small cottage to the outside atrium where a mineral spring fed the bathing pool.
She eased into the water, letting go of his shaft, and gathered a large pitcher to fill with the enriched liquid. Falco entered the pool, pausing to allow Calia to douse him with the steaming shower of mineral spirits. She repeated the process until Falco lifted a hand for her to halt.
Setting the pitcher aside, Calia made an appreciative hum. "Falco, I want my reward." She glided around him, her body cutting sensual swirls into the glistening water.
He caught her under the arms, hauling her close. "Then come and take, Calia. You know I won't deny you the life force you seek." His mouth slanted over hers and he freely gave her a burst of chi.
She moaned against his lips, drawing the energy deep within her. A sexual being by nature, when Calia accepted the role of High Cleric, she made a vow to deny her carnal urges, including seduction and siren calling—unless the male willingly participated. Falco couldn't absolve her from the promise she'd made to move up through the ranks, but he could ease her path by letting her feed on his base desires.
Calia wrapped her legs around his waist and he cupped her ass, bringing her hot center flush with his hard cock.
Falco slid one hand up to tangle in her hair. "Use me, Calia. Take what you need." His mouth ghosted over her jawline. "The next two hours belong to you."
She'd use every one of the one hundred and twenty minutes. Falco only had time to visit the cleric twice a month. As far as he knew, she didn't have anyone else who trusted her enough to give of themselves freely. Too many worried Calia would roam around in their deeper thoughts and discover their greatest fears and weaknesses.
Falco welcomed the intrusion. He sought guidance and control of his destiny. When Calia slaked her hunger, she'd reveal what she found in his psyche.
His instincts warned a wave of change would soon throw the White into disarray.
And Falco planned to get out ahead of the barrage.

I'm excited to see where this one goes. It's got some twists and turns.

That's it for this week.



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