Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Question Everything

Happy holidays to all who celebrate. My post is a little later than usual but the lead-up to Christmas morning exhausted me and I took a nice, long winter's nap today. LOL

I overloaded on holiday-themed shows this week and loved every moment. I'll be continuing through probably New Year's Eve. So much great television.

This week included all the Arrow and The Flash holiday episodes. Eureka, Haven, and Warehouse 13. I worked Roswell and The District in along with animated episodes from Rugrats, Batman, and Justice League. Dropped into single episode fare with Buffy, Supernatural, The Librarians, Leverage and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I'm sure I'll have a few more before I finally go to bed. I can't wait!

Tonight's post is from Question Everything, a novella that got its title from the two-word prompt "question everything". I decided to make it theme throughout the manuscript.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Temple Sparrow discovers her family is part of an underground society of beings and creatures who secretly control the city, she eschews their traditions and finds her true vocation, seeking answers. Hunt Gambit doesn't trust anyone least of all Temple, but playing by the rules isn't an option and he'll use her knowledge to get what he needs and teach her to question everything.

And a preview snippet…

Temple let the Dinali agent go, but added a warning. "If you event think about trying to give a heads up, I'll find you." She jabbed a finger in his shoulder. "And dangling you over the edge won't be a possibility, it'll be an actuality." Turning, she followed Hunt's path back down to the lobby.
He stood, waiting by the door with an eyebrow quirked. "Couldn't resist a parting shot, could you?" Pushing the door open, he stepped outside.
Temple paused a moment, hating how quickly he'd pegged her actions. The blast of chilly air raised goose bumps on her skin and she crossed her arms to rub up and down to create some heated friction.
Better that kind than another clash of words with Hunt.
He angled his head around, giving her a questioning look. "Come on, Temple. Tell me what you said so I know whether or not to expect repercussions." Stopping at the edge of the curb, he didn't break eye contact.
How the hell did he do that?
She lifted a shoulder. "I only let him know if he tried to warn his buddies, the threat of dangling him over the edge of the building would become a cold, hard fact." She waited for the inevitable explosion.
Hunt shook his head. "There's a good chance you'll never catch him alone again. The first thing he'll do is tell his cohorts to pair up and work in teams." The light changed and Hunt started across the intersection.
Temple darted after him. "Or, he could keep his mouth shut. I took a calculated risk, which might pay off and buy us more time. I'm aware it might blow up in my face." She moved ahead and waited for him to catch up.
Hunt paused when he reached her side. "The blowing up part is what concerns me." He held her gaze a moment then turned in the direction of the sanctuary.
Temple fell into step next to him. "Isn't that what I have you for? To have my back." The nervous tingle between her shoulders irritated her.
Hunt shot her a sideways glance. "Don't rely on me, Temple. I can offer a helping hand if I'm around but when your back's against the wall, you're the only one you can truly count on." He strode forward, putting several paces between them.
Temple bit back a curse. Always two steps forward followed by three back with this guy.
And she didn't like it one damned bit.

Loving the potential with this one. Temple is fun to write and Hunt makes me happy.

That's it for this week.



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