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Santa Baby, Have You Been Naughty or Nice? #MistletoeHop

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Grab your mistletoe and pucker up!

Welcome to the Mistletoe Hop, a fabulous sampling of authors sharing short excerpts from their work and answering the question of whether they've been…


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Have I been naughty or nice?

Honestly? I'm all about the balance.

So, the answer to the question is… Both!

Being naughty—not mean, of course—can be so much fun. Sharing an innuendo-filled joke to make someone smile—or snort soda out their nose—is a hoot. Picking the perfect gag gift for siblings before they get yours… totally cool. Letting loose and straying from the tried and true gives life a little oomph and boosts my horizons.

Which pays off in huge ways.

Then again, it costs nothing to be nice and, hey, showing kindness feels good. Whether giving one of my daughter's fellow golfers a lift to practice so their parents don't have to leave work early or providing supplies to a local animal shelter or food pantry, being generous with my time or giving to a cause near to my heart refills my emotional piggy bank.

Even small gestures have big impact.


Being naughty and nice might confuse the jolly, fat man, but it makes for some great romance. When writing as Skye Ritchey, I like to weave paranormal elements into my books. Using magic, special abilities, or diving into mystical scenarios means my characters often have choices to make. Should they be naughty or nice?

Having the hero and heroine at cross purposes with another group or each other and mixing in a healthy dose of sexual tension is what I love to write. I have two holiday releases with this terrific combination.

An Enchanted Yule, A Holiday Spirit Tale, features Mercy and Andre, a sorcerer and a wizard who are brought together by Hollis Goldstar, a holiday spirit. They're not excited about being together but end up making the most of their yuletide gift.

A Little Yule Magick has Sygin and Boyd looking forward to their yuletide break. Their hot tryst is derailed by outside influences and neither is sure they'll be able to find their holiday cheer.

Excerpts for both books are below. Please enjoy!


An Enchanted Yule: A Holiday Spirit Short

Series Tagline: Holiday spirits are tasked with bringing opposites together.

Book Tagline: A holiday spirit brings Yuletide romance to Mercy and Andre.


Hollis Goldstar settled in by the fireplace and opened his new book. He loved the Yule season—cold weather, warm fires, and a new world to explore between the pages. He got through the prologue before the zing of energy pulsed under his skin, followed by the tinkling of a bell.
He slapped the tome shut. "Dammit. I thought for sure I'd have this holiday off." He'd worked the last three Yule seasons and deserved a break.
But apparently some misguided couple needed to find their way to each other and their joining had to happen over the season. Sometimes being a holiday spirit sucked huge dragons. Heaving a sigh, he retrieved his deck of holiday destinations and shuffled through the locations. He found a quaint bed and breakfast, which should function adequately for his needs. Personally, he thought manor house looked like a bucket of charm puked all over the place, but that kind of thing usually appealed to the human side of his charges. They always seemed spellbound by the d├ęcor and found the sentiment appealing.
He had his work cut out for him. Bringing a sorcerer and a wizard together could prove to be a challenge. He rifled through the information file the spirit master left. Mercy Mayweather, the sorcerer. Twenty-seven, beautiful, smart as a whip, but she'd chosen the worst possible man to spend her time with. Nathanial Ashford hated wizards and did all he could to keep them down. And now, after breaking up with him, Mercy paid a price with being ostracized. A difficult situation, especially during Yule, when the gifted communities tended to gather together.
The wizard, Andre Addison, acted as a leader for the community of wand-bearers. He regularly butted heads with Ashford over being kept in the dark and not being allowed to have a seat on the council governing the supernatural community. At twenty-nine, his good looks drew plenty women in, but his surly attitude often kept them at bay. Maybe a little one-on-one time with a newly single female could do the trick.
Then again, Hollis might not be able to let nature take its course this time around.
Heaving a sigh, he inscribed two enchanted invitations and sent them into the mist.
Time would tell if his charges were open to the possibility of outer forces being at work.

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Series Blurb: Holiday spirits make the merry season bright. They also bring couples together, especially to right old wrongs.

Book Blurb: Mercy, a sorcerer, wants to keep her own counsel and walks away from a relationship to do it. Andre, a wizard, is tired being treated as a lower life form by Mercy's ex. The holiday spirit tasked with bringing the duo together over Yule faces a huge challenge.



A Little Yule Magick

Book Tagline: Boyd and Sygin use a Little Yule Magick to get their holiday off on the right start.

Boyd Lagassi shifted his position and dragged Sygin Ball up to straddle his thighs. "I want your famous fried honeycakes." His mouth closed over her nipple and he flicked his tongue back and forth.
Sygin moaned low in her throat. "Famous only because it's one of the few things I can make and not screw up." She rocked forward, lifting her hips and pushing backwards onto his hard shaft.
Boyd closed his eyes, relishing her warm heat. "And it's tradition. Five years and counting." He flexed his thighs then relaxed and let Sygin control the pace.
She kicked up the speed, her hands planted firmly on his chest. He opened his eyes, loving to watch Sygin. Her passion for him took his breath away, her expressive face showing every nuance, her gaze going darker, the green irises going from a soft leafy color to a deep pine shade.
Her hips rolled back and forth, her breaths coming in short little bursts. Not long now, for either of them. Boyd slid his hands down to cup her ass, urging her forward. Her fingers curled into her palms, the knuckles grazing his skin, digging in to his flesh. He welcomed the mild discomfort, needing the edge to hold off, wanting his release to follow hers.

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Book Blurb: Sygin and Boyd are adept mages, looking forward to their winter break. Being alone in the big manor for Yule is their most cherished tradition. But a series of mishaps may keep them from their celebratory festivities.


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  1. I would say nice but according to my husband, I belong on the naughty list ;) Both of these books sound great! If I had to pick one, probably An Enchanted Yule. Thanks for the giveaway! :)