Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Red Cap

The Walking Dead returns tonight and I'm torn between wanting to watch and not. I'm feeling very bleh today and might hold off and watch later.

The Flash is getting good. Not that it wasn't already, but I like how much they've upped the stakes and how the Flashpoint 'verse continues to bleed into the current reality.

Legends of Tomorrow also keeps getting better. And it's renewed for season three, which makes me very happy. I'm gutted over Rip becoming a marginalized version of his former self. Here's hoping that changes soon.

Arrow finally had some payoff for the bitchtastic reporter. Oliver just can't pick 'em. I do love the addition of Dinah and look forward to her interactions with the team. Rene and Quinton made me so happy. I love the dynamic there.

Riverdale again had a terrific show. The Betty and Veronica, B & V, team-up kicked major ass and seeing Alice get punched in the face made me happy. I'm kind of hoping we'll get to see what makes her such a harpified menace. Can't wait for this week's episode.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Red Cap, a sexy short that updates the Red Riding Hood tale.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Magan Drone, a red-capped tree nymph, is tasked with protecting Cass Warrison, an earth sprite, from the wolf-shifter clan. Magan isn't thrilled with the duty—she and Cass share a complicated past—but her handy skill with a crossbow can stop an evil prophecy from coming to light. She'll do her job and save the day, but no way will she let Cass back into her life.

And a preview snippet…

Milton Drone ambled down the stone walkway and knocked on Cecil Warrison's door. The older man cracked the solid oak slab open an inch then threw it wide and welcomed Milt into his abode.
"Glad you could make it." Cecil nodded toward the fire. "Does burning wood offend you?"
Milton's lips quirked. "Only when it's green and not ready." He came from a long line of tree nymphs that respected the circle of life.
Dead fall and careful harvesting needed to be cleared so new growth could sprout. Saplings and greenwood had uses but burning didn't count as one. If only some of the radical "save the trees" and "all trees matter" folk would remember how things actually worked in nature. But he didn't have time for that circular argument today.
Cecil pointed to a wingback chair. "Then, if you don't mind, we'll sit and talk." He moved slowly and took a seat on the matched opposite. "The cold lingers in my old bones and I'm most comfortable by the hearth." He waited until Milt settled in. "You know we've got our work cut out for us. The signs and omens are coming fast now."
Milt nodded, the prophecy heavy on his mind. "I'm aware. I'll assume you've got a plan, because my Magan won't do anything for a Warrison out of the goodness of her heart." His niece's grudge matches rarely ended before she deemed her readiness to forgive.
Which didn't happen all that often.
Cecil heaved a sad sigh. "I wish that weren't the case. I miss her quick wit and that red cap she used to wear all the time." His gnarled fingers picked up a mug from the side table.
Milt snorted. "Still wears one. I can't get her to retire the damned thing." He shifted forward, resting his forearms on his knees. "She says it reminds her of why she'll never settle down."
Cecil grimaced. "My bone-headed grandson and his strong-willed notions sure messed everything up." He sipped the hot liquid in the mug. "He won't cooperate either, but their history aside, he'll have to fall in or risk the future of everyone in the enchanted woods." Placing the mug on the table, he angled to the side. "We'll just have to outsmart both of them."

I'm having a great time rewriting and putting a new spin on the classic story.

That's it for this week.



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