Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Six Degrees of Separation

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. I'm always down for baked ham, mashed potatoes, and noodles. Also, the weather couldn't be more beautiful today.

Thoroughly enjoyed Talking with Chris Hardwick last week. I truly enjoy his casual approach to interviewing. He's such a fan of everything and it shows.

Not much on television this week. I'm looking forward to the return of my lineup.

Riverdale had a great episode. Secrets and sins run deep in the small town and it's so cool to see the interesting ways both get exposed. It'll be fun to see how Archie's mom mixes it up with everyone.

Had a busy work week but had some time to look forward to some returning shows. It looks like Syfy on Fridays will be awesome this summer. Killjoys, Dark Matter, and Wynonna Earp all in one block? Doesn't get much better.

And that's it for television. Tonight's post is from Six Degrees of Separation, a novella that continues the story from The Souvenir.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Melick Traynor and Ramona Peartry, two Academy of Light magicians, have a single passionate encounter after Ramona nearly loses her life to a dragon. But when they navigate their new relationship status, Melick has to step down as Ramona's precept, but neglects to tell her why.

And a preview snippet…

Melick ducked into the alcove and Ramona raised an eyebrow. He'd cut it close to the end of visitation and she'd almost given up the idea of seeing him today. He sat on the edge of the bed and she looked closely at him, noticing fatigue and something else in his eyes.
Something off, definitely.
"Thought maybe you decided not to stop by today." She'd open with neutrality and keep any recrimination from her tone.
Melick flashed a grin, but it faded quickly. "I almost didn't make it. But I've got a couple things I wanted to talk to you about."
Ramona waited patiently, but once the words were out, he sort of hemmed and hawed and talked about nothing important.
He acted weird. Okay, weirder. It gave her a complex.
She finally took the initiative. "Look, spit it out. There's something off with you and it's making me nutters."
His shoulders bunched up and for a moment Ramona thought he'd take his leave. Instead, he straightened his back and blew out a heavy breath.
"I started the process to find a new precept for you."
The shock of it hit her. Deflated her. He wanted to get rid of her?
"This is about that first night, isn't it? The healing pool." She dropped her eyes so he couldn't see the hurt in them. "You realize you made a mistake and you don't want me."
Melick made a garbled sound. "What? No. I mean, yes. But no." He popped up and started pacing. "Dammit, Ramona, I can't say anything else about it right now."
She could push him, but the set look on his face convinced her it wouldn't be worth it.
Fine. At least maybe she'd stop reliving that stupid night over and over in her head.
She folded her hands in her lap. "Right, whatever." Her fingers smoothed the coverlet. "What else?"
Confusion crossed his features. "What else, what?"
She sighed. "You said a couple of things. What. Else?"
For a moment he looked dumbstruck, then comprehension set in. "Oh! Yeah. You've been here too long, Ramona." He sat back down again. "You have to work harder to get back on your feet."
"Is that it?" She reached over and picked up her deck of cards, idly shuffling them between her fingers.
Her bored tone must have stymied him. Melick opened his mouth, but closed it again. Took a moment to study her.
"Are you really okay?"
His tone made her heart hurt. "I'm fine." Did he actually give a damn?
Melick grasped her chin. "Then try, please try, to do what they tell you and get back to learning."
Ramona stopped moving the cards. "I will." She held his gaze. "When I'm damn good and ready." Started shuffling again and pulled her chin from his fingers. "Who knows, maybe I'll have a new precept by them."
She lowered her eyes and attempted to ignore him.

Thoroughly loving the interaction between Melick and Ramona. I'm hoping the sages might have another story idea for these two.

That's it for this week.



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