Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Snippet: The Souvenir

Had a terrific weekend with great weather for my middle kid's graduation party. My boys were super easy. They're pretty much no muss, no fuss guys. My daughter, on the other hand, will be a sophomore and I think I'm going to start planning her party next week. LOL She's very much a social whirl and gets involved in tons of activities. I might need to rent a venue for hers. LOL

Gotham's finale rocked. I'm so glad the show seemed to find its footing in the third season. I'm pretty much thrilled with all the storylines and where they're leading into for the next season.

Friday brought some much-needed excitement back to my television screen. The double premiere of Dark Matter kept me glued to the screen. Then the follow-up with the Wynonna Earp premiere had me staying put. I'm so happy to have the shows back and can't wait to see where everything goes. Killjoys is up this week and I'm impatiently awaiting its return.

As mentioned last week, I'm just not into this season of Doctor Who. I wish I could sink into the storylines like I've been able to in the past, but I'm struggling. A lot. Very disappointing.

Orphan Black, by comparison, had a kickass return. The clones kicked Saturday night into high gear and I don't anticipate anything less than a wild and reckless ride. My one and only hope is I don't lose any of my favorites. But I'm not holding my breath on that one.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from The Souvenir, a novella that sets up and opens the events for Six Degrees of Separation.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Melick Traynor and Ramona Peartry, childhood friends and top students in the Academy of Light, compete for prominence in their respective classes. But when Melick throws out a challenge, Ramona takes an insane risk to prove him wrong and winds up tangling with the dragon plaguing campus grounds.

And a preview snippet…

Ramona sat soaking in the carved stone tub that had been filled for the third time. She finally felt clean, but she could still smell the stench of the dragon. She thought the scent might be permanently imbedded in her nose.
She shuddered and winced at the movement. Criminy, she ached in places she didn’t think it was possible to ache in. But she was blessedly alone, at least for a while.
She'd had to threaten to do bodily harm to the medical staff, once she was back on her feet, to get them to just go away already. She gingerly sank down in the tub, watching to make sure her knee didn’t get bumped. A huge sigh escaped her lips and she closed her eyes only to have them snap back open.
Someone was in the room with her.
“I thought I told you to leave me in peace for the next thirty minutes.” She sat back up again, moving slower than she would have liked. “Don’t make me get out of this tub and hurt you.”
She almost laughed at that. Odds weren't in her favor to be injuring anybody for a while.
“Is that any way to speak to a higher level mage, Threes?” Melick stepped out of the shadows dressed in casual workout clothes. He had a towel draped around his neck, a bottle of soap in one hand and the biggest, fluffiest sponge Ramona had seen since her last holiday home in the other hand.
She sat there stupefied. “What the flaming hell are you doing here?”
A floating sensation engulfed her when he walked closer. Maybe the painkillers the medic had given her right before she left had finally kicked in. Oh hell, could Ramona be hallucinating? It should have taken at least half an hour for the meds to take effect. The only reason the med staff allowed her that amount of time alone.
Melick ambled his way over to her. “Wow. Nice greeting from someone who asked me if I wanted to give them a bath.” He stooped down alongside the tub and ran his finger through the water. “Change your mind?” He was almost giddy with the excitement of finally getting his hands on her.
Ramona was sitting in a tub, naked, and her nightly fantasy was right next to her. It couldn’t possibly be real.
“Is this really happening?” She cocked her head to the side to see if Melick was still there. “You’re really here, aren’t you?”
She shook her head. If he wasn’t, she was going to find a way to keep a supply of whatever the hell it was they gave her on hand.
Melick chuckled. “I’m really here, Ramona.” He slid his hand over her shoulder, relishing the feel of her flesh against his fingers. “See. Real skin against skin.” He sat back to look at her. “What did they give you for the pain, anyway?” He was hoping to keep her off-guard, but he didn’t want her incoherent.
Overcome with modesty she hadn't known she possessed, Ramona sank down in the tub a little further, being careful with her knee. “Um… I’m not sure, but since you are actually here, it doesn’t matter.” Her brow wrinkled. “Do you really think you’re going to give me a bath?”
Was he insane?
Was she, for wanting said bath?
Melick dropped the sponge in the water with her. “That’s my plan.” He found an examination stool, wheeled it over to the edge of the tub and sat down on it. “Any objections?”

I need to work on some revisions to avoid head-hopping in this scene but I'm pleased with the interactions.

That's it for this week.



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