Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Snippet: That Explains Everything

June 4, 2017

Well, graduation turned out to be an inside affair, with bad weather predicted for the evening. That means a hot, crowded event in the gym. Bleh. But I loved watching my son get his diploma and even got him to stand still long enough to take a couple of pictures. LOL

Gotham is really going for broke. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Lee's walk on the dark side, but I'll hold out and see what happens.

I continue to be saddened by the "meh" of Doctor Who. I miss the days when I couldn't wait for new episodes. Now I'm lucky if I remember to turn it on because there's no anticipation for new stuff. Eh… hopefully that will change soon. I really enjoy the quasi-spinoff, Class. I'd love to see more of that one.

Orphan Black starts the final trip next weekend and I'm excited and sad and impatiently awaiting the premiere. Can't wait to see what Sarah and her sestras bring to the screen.

Watched a Torchwood marathon, well, only the first two seasons because I loved them so much. The third wasn't bad but the fourth… ugh. Ended up pretty much hating that one. If rumors are true and there's going to be a Torchwood revival, I'm hoping like hell it's more like the first two seasons. Fingers crossed.

That's it for television. Tonight's post is from That Explains Everything, a novella that started with a writing community prompt of have one of the characters revealed to be an enemy agent or spy. I always love twists that make writing fun.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Tasha Yale wants Brax Vermillion, but can't seem to break her connection to Staz Yarrow—until she's taken by Lanai Conns. Finally aware of the nefarious machinations, Tasha fights to get back to her clan and Brax… before it's too late.

And a preview snippet…

Tasha Yale crawled out of bed and stretched in the morning sunlight.
Movement from the living room drew her forward and she poked her head into the area. "Are you leaving already?"
Staz Yarrow zipped up his duffel bag. "Soon. Waiting on the coffee to finish, then I'll be taking off." He nodded toward the counter where the pot brewed.
She pushed away from the door. "Give me five. Don't leave until I'm back." Dashing into the bathroom, she brushed her teeth and washed her face, getting rid of the gritty sand caked around her eyes.
She returned to the living room and took the mug of coffee Staz handed her. "Mmm. Smells terrific." Placing the cup on the counter, she grasped his hips and tugged him forward. "Do you have to go?" Surely someone else could lead the forage.
Staz's lips quirked with a brief smile and something odd flashed in his eyes. "I do this time. But I won't be gone longer than a week." He dropped a kiss on her nose when a horn beeped outside.
Her shoulders slumped but she followed him to the door. "Okay, then. I hope you find the elusive plants you need." Reaching down, she grabbed his duffel and handed it over. "Safe journey. Come back to me in one piece." She planted a kiss on his lips while he hoisted the bag over his shoulder.
Staz made a quick exit, promising to call if he'd be longer than expected. Tasha went about her usual morning routine. Washed up the few dishes he'd used for breakfast and finished her coffee. She got the woodstove going and brought out her candle making supplies. The task of pouring the wax into the molds always soothed her, especially when she battled disquiet over Staz leaving.
She made the first batch of pillars, leaving them by the window to cool slowly. Her head finally cleared of the hazy anger she'd put aside to wish him well. Something she'd been doing a lot of lately.
"Why am I so malleable all of a sudden?"
They'd had a terrible fight the night before. He'd been leaving more and more frequently, which usually didn't bother Tasha. She had lots of orders to fill and wanted to expand her business. Staz kept throwing up roadblocks. Her work sold well but Staz didn't believe she'd make enough income to cover the rent on a full-time shop.
Okay, his doubt stung, but she could use her garden shed to get started, right? Then move into the village. Nope. Staz refused to budge on the topic. He didn't want a bunch of people parking in the yard and creating chaos in their personal life.
"Like doubling my sales wouldn't make up for that." Apparently, it wouldn't.
She blinked and shook her head. From this point forward, she'd drop the subject with Staz. If she found a way to make opening her business happen, she'd do it on her own.
Or ask Brax Vermillion to back her up.
She started the process for a new batch of taper candles. Brax suggested the idea of offering the long, slender lights as a complement to the pillars. She hand carved ancient blessings into the wax and they sold well. Better than well, actually. She could barely keep up with orders and had to slow down on the varied jar versions she also made.
Another thing Brax helped her launch. He loved brainstorming ideas to help her grow and expand her talent. His encouragement pushed her to challenge herself and try new products. Why the hell couldn't Staz do the same thing?
Maybe because Staz thought Brax had ulterior motives. Staz admitted jealousy over her friendship with Brax. But Tasha wouldn't cut him from her life. She'd known Brax as long as she could remember.
A tug of loneliness had her cleaning up her morning's work and heading out into the warm sunshine. A visit with Brax sounded wonderful. And with Staz gone for at least a week, Tasha could indulge in getting a much needed ego boost.

I had a great time brainstorming ideas for this one and hope it all comes together the way I hope it will.

That's it for this week.



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