Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Snippet: This is Your Life

Wow, halfway through 2017. It's crazy how fast time zooms by sometimes. My middle kid made it safely home from Alaska and had an epic adventure with his grandpa. Since it's summer, he had to adjust to it not getting completely dark in Anchorage, which makes for some terrific stories. Getting into San Francisco at around eleven PM, his first words to my dad were, "So, Grandpa, this is what night looks like. I'd forgotten." LOL I love that kid.

My Friday night shows had great episodes. I feel like I need to rewatch the first two seasons of Dark Matter, just for reference points. I love Three, which I honestly didn't think I'd say. There's something very appealing about interactions with the crew and the snark is perfect.

Wynonna Earp is having a great second season. It's not quite as flawless as the first, but I really like the dynamic between the characters. I'm really interested in how they're going to deal with Waverly.

Still need to catch up on Orphan Black. I think because it's the last season and I know it's the final one, I’m reluctant to watch and lose everyone at the end. But I can't not watch. I need to know where everyone ends up.

I'm almost through the first season of Young Justice and I'd forgotten how much I love animated DC shows. Looking forward to seeing how everything ends up playing out.

Next up is trying to find time to read for pleasure instead of work. I miss diving into a good story for the sheer enjoyment of doing so.

And that's it for entertainment this week. Tonight's post is from This is Your Life, a novella that got a start with the prompt of having one character bring the other out of a funk.

Here's the mini-blurb:

After a harrowing month of captivity in a rival faction's territory, Welch Harrinson can't seem to find his will to keep living. Rina Lewes devises a perfect way to remind Welch why life can be good.

And a preview snippet…

Rina Lewes nodded to her men. "Stay out here. Take out whoever tries to interfere." They took up posts, flanking the door.
Owen and Jack would guard this room with their lives. Both good men, she trusted each to have her back and take care of business while she crossed into personal territory. After almost a full month, she'd finally found her significant other, Welch Harrinson.
Kneeling in front of him, she took stock. Bruised and battered face, nothing she didn't expect to find. Welch could brawl with the best of them.
She touched her fingertips to his temple. "You're okay, Welch. We're going to get you out." Or die trying.
No way would she leave him to the machinations of the Shringla clan. The group of warlocks wanted more territory and decided taking a top knight in the Ravenswood coven could garner an advantage.
They only succeeded in pissing Rina off.
Welch didn't respond. His eyes gazed straight ahead, vacant and empty. Rina worked his bindings loose, nudging around with her mind, testing to see what else held him. She could work with and undo spells, but the Shringlas took precautions and used hex magick. Rina snarled, frustrated and worried. She needed him back with her.
Giving him a gentle shake, she snapped her fingers. "Welch, are you with me here?" She moved directly into his line of sight. "Do you understand?"
He blinked and finally looked in his direction. "Yes, I understand. We're leaving." He glanced away again, losing focus.
Relieved, she got an arm under him—he weighed a little less—and helped him to his feet.
Welch shook his head, resisting. "Where are you taking me?" He dug his heels in for a moment then shuffled along.
Rina thought quickly and decided against taking him to a healing center. "Home, Welch. I'm taking you home." She'd bring in whatever help he needed.
Welch nodded. "Where do I live?"
A pinch of worry edged along her ribs. "You live with me." She led him to the doorway.
Welch stopped and looked down. "I do?" His head tilted to one side, confusion marring his features.
The concern kicked against her heart. "Yes, for five years now." Five incredible years of happiness and crazy times.
He frowned. "Oh." His tone had gone flat.
Alarm stabbed harder. "Welch, what's wrong?" Her need to get him clear of the Shringlas battled with impatience at his inane questions.
He struggled again, pulling back and away. "I can't live with you." Fear replaced the vacancy in his stare.
The knife twisted and Rina started to freak out. "Really? Why not?" She grasped his hands, keeping him from jerking away.
Welch cocked his head, studying her. "Because I have no idea who you are." He tried to yank away from her.
Gutted, Rina spoke three words and caught Welch when he dropped. Biting back disappointment and, god dammit, frustration, she gave rein to anger and rage. The damned warlocks had taken away the one person who always stood by her side, her rock, hell, her salvation.
 Shifting her position, she got to her feet. "Guys! A little help here." Owen and Jack came bursting through the doorway. "We need to get him home."
The men each got a shoulder under Welch's arms and lifted him from the floor.
Jack met her gaze. "Why'd you put him under?" He moved forward with Owen's help.
Rina blew out a harsh breath. "He doesn’t know me." She motioned them ahead.
Owen grunted. "Ouch." What the hell else could he say?
Rina made a low growl. "Yeah, ouch." She charged out of the abandoned building, scanning for hex traps.
Finding none, she helped Jack and Owen get Welch inside the car. She didn't have to tell her men to stick around and gather any intel they could. Pulling away from Welch's prison, she eased into traffic and let the tears flow. The hollow ache in her soul grew and spread but she held it together otherwise.
Glancing in the rearview mirror, she made a promise. "I'm getting you back, Welch. No matter what it takes."

Getting Welch back won't be as easy as she hopes, especially because she has to ask for help from his dad.

That's it for this week.



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