Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Snippet: A Timely Distraction

Welcome to July, meaning half the year is gone and I have no idea where it went. LOL

This has been a crazy week. I'm so far behind on my fave shows. I missed the premiere of Killjoys and I'm carving, carving time out Monday to make sure I don't get too far behind.

I did get to catch most of Dark Matter and Wynonna Earp. I really do like where things are going with both shows.

I've decided I'll probably end up binge watching Orphan Black. I haven't had the time to catch up on my missed episodes. As for Doctor Who… I'm just so disgusted with this season I don't even care how it ended. This makes me sad. Considering some of my very favorite episodes were written by Moffat—oddly, all before he became showrunner—I'm truly discouraged with how much he's destroyed the joy of watching the show for me. Here's looking forward to Chris Chibnall's tenure. May he bring back my love for the show.

Finished up my rewatch of City Homicide and think I'll be moving on to Sense8 for my next binge marathon. Also caught another episode or two of Young Justice. Almost through the first season and I like the setup for what I think is coming.

And that's pretty much it for television this week. Tonight's post is from A Timely Distraction, a novella with a fairy tale flair set in a magical realm.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Donahue Stuart, prince and heir to his father's throne, longs for grand adventures, but danger lurks from raiders and marauders, out for royal blood. Enter Lady Vivian, daughter of the king's oldest friend, and a kindred spirit who shows Donahue he can have all the magnificent escapades he wants, right in his own realm.

And a preview snippet…

"Vivian Minerva Ashworth Mewes, where are you?"
Her father's bellowing voice stopped Viv from making her escape out her bedroom window. He'd used her full, full name—not just her first and middle names. She'd lost her chance to make her getaway to the stables for a quick ride—her thoroughbred or a stable hand, either would do.
"Damn. He's found out about my refusal of Wallace Winsor's suit."
Stepping away from the window, she smoothed down her skirt, shaking out the hem to hide the riding breeches she had on underneath. Not like Herschel Mewes, Earl of Hawthorne, didn't know his daughter wore jodhpurs when taking her mount out… hence the skirt for an easy transition. But he preferred to see her dressed in day clothes, the itchy formal attire she loathed. He stopped short of insisting on proper morning, followed by afternoon garb, but always appreciated when she actually dressed for dinner. A small concession to be able to wear one bleeding outfit during the day.  
She checked to make sure the riding pants were hidden, then opened her door. "Coming, Father!" Marching to the top of the stairs, she paused when she met his gaze.
Anger and indignation flashed in his eyes and the firm set of his mouth indicated she'd be in for a tongue lashing.
Heaving a sigh, she gracefully descended the steps, stopping on the last one. She waited, because she only assumed he'd discovered her resounding no on the topic of Wallace Winsor.
Herschel clamped his hands behind his back. "In the drawing room, Vivian Minerva. You have some explaining to do." He jerked his head toward the wide open space off the hallway by the stairs.
Vivian strode forward, entering and taking her usual place by the north window. The one that looked out to the stables, where she'd really rather be.
Hawthorne closed the pocket doors then moved to stand by her side. "Why, Vivian?" He didn't elaborate because simple questions always put her on the spot.
She didn't look away from the view. "Because Wally would bore me within two weeks. The man can't purchase a clue, Father. I'd either have to kill him… or myself… if I considered his courtship." Her gaze slid sideways to catch the barely perceptible twitch of her father's lips.
At least he understood, even if he'd never agree with her reasons or choices.
He made a frustrated sound. "He's the last of a dozen perfectly presentable suitors. You have to have a better reason than he's boring."
"I don't want a man, Father."
His eyes widened. "You mean—"
She growled. "No. I don't mean I want a woman." She rolled her eyes. "To be specific, I don't want a husband. Men are absolutely fine when it comes to being a diversion, but I shouldn't have to tie myself to one just because 'it's what's done'." Why didn't anyone understand?
Herschel cleared his throat. "For the record, Viv, if you had been sabotaging all your suitors because you wanted a female partner, I would have understood." He raised a hand when she tried to jump on the subject. "However… since you've made it clear that's not the case, consider the topic moot." He sent her a sly half-smile.
Argh! He'd manipulated her into one less escape route.
She curved her lips in a smirk. "Well done, Father. Are we finished here? I'll formally apologize to Wally for calling him a weasel-faced gibbon and beg his forgiveness." Hoping to end the conversation, she sweetened the pot. "And thank him for his interest and nicely refuse his suit." There, that should do the trick.
Herschel gave a terse nod. "Yes, you will." He swung his gaze to clash with hers. "And then you're going to the castle for an extended stay."
She opened her mouth to protest but her dad's eyes took on a dark gleam and she snapped her lips shut.
He shook his head. "That's right, Viv. No arguments. And you can forget about heading to the stables." He glanced pointedly at her skirt.
Busted. Herschel Mewes rarely missed any of her tricks.
His voice lowered. "Your randy buck, Thomas, is otherwise engaged for the next two days, until you're safely en route to Kendara." The veiled meaning came through, no doubt as he intended.
Vivian's eyes widened. Damn. Did that mean he also knew about—
Herschel lifted his chin. "I know everything, Vivian. Who you lost your virginity to, the other lovers aside from Thomas, everything."

Uh oh… Vivian is well and truly busted by her dad. But all isn't lost. She's actually tripped right into his well-laid trap. LOL

That's it for this week.



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