Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Snippet: This is Your Life

Wow, halfway through 2017. It's crazy how fast time zooms by sometimes. My middle kid made it safely home from Alaska and had an epic adventure with his grandpa. Since it's summer, he had to adjust to it not getting completely dark in Anchorage, which makes for some terrific stories. Getting into San Francisco at around eleven PM, his first words to my dad were, "So, Grandpa, this is what night looks like. I'd forgotten." LOL I love that kid.

My Friday night shows had great episodes. I feel like I need to rewatch the first two seasons of Dark Matter, just for reference points. I love Three, which I honestly didn't think I'd say. There's something very appealing about interactions with the crew and the snark is perfect.

Wynonna Earp is having a great second season. It's not quite as flawless as the first, but I really like the dynamic between the characters. I'm really interested in how they're going to deal with Waverly.

Still need to catch up on Orphan Black. I think because it's the last season and I know it's the final one, I’m reluctant to watch and lose everyone at the end. But I can't not watch. I need to know where everyone ends up.

I'm almost through the first season of Young Justice and I'd forgotten how much I love animated DC shows. Looking forward to seeing how everything ends up playing out.

Next up is trying to find time to read for pleasure instead of work. I miss diving into a good story for the sheer enjoyment of doing so.

And that's it for entertainment this week. Tonight's post is from This is Your Life, a novella that got a start with the prompt of having one character bring the other out of a funk.

Here's the mini-blurb:

After a harrowing month of captivity in a rival faction's territory, Welch Harrinson can't seem to find his will to keep living. Rina Lewes devises a perfect way to remind Welch why life can be good.

And a preview snippet…

Rina Lewes nodded to her men. "Stay out here. Take out whoever tries to interfere." They took up posts, flanking the door.
Owen and Jack would guard this room with their lives. Both good men, she trusted each to have her back and take care of business while she crossed into personal territory. After almost a full month, she'd finally found her significant other, Welch Harrinson.
Kneeling in front of him, she took stock. Bruised and battered face, nothing she didn't expect to find. Welch could brawl with the best of them.
She touched her fingertips to his temple. "You're okay, Welch. We're going to get you out." Or die trying.
No way would she leave him to the machinations of the Shringla clan. The group of warlocks wanted more territory and decided taking a top knight in the Ravenswood coven could garner an advantage.
They only succeeded in pissing Rina off.
Welch didn't respond. His eyes gazed straight ahead, vacant and empty. Rina worked his bindings loose, nudging around with her mind, testing to see what else held him. She could work with and undo spells, but the Shringlas took precautions and used hex magick. Rina snarled, frustrated and worried. She needed him back with her.
Giving him a gentle shake, she snapped her fingers. "Welch, are you with me here?" She moved directly into his line of sight. "Do you understand?"
He blinked and finally looked in his direction. "Yes, I understand. We're leaving." He glanced away again, losing focus.
Relieved, she got an arm under him—he weighed a little less—and helped him to his feet.
Welch shook his head, resisting. "Where are you taking me?" He dug his heels in for a moment then shuffled along.
Rina thought quickly and decided against taking him to a healing center. "Home, Welch. I'm taking you home." She'd bring in whatever help he needed.
Welch nodded. "Where do I live?"
A pinch of worry edged along her ribs. "You live with me." She led him to the doorway.
Welch stopped and looked down. "I do?" His head tilted to one side, confusion marring his features.
The concern kicked against her heart. "Yes, for five years now." Five incredible years of happiness and crazy times.
He frowned. "Oh." His tone had gone flat.
Alarm stabbed harder. "Welch, what's wrong?" Her need to get him clear of the Shringlas battled with impatience at his inane questions.
He struggled again, pulling back and away. "I can't live with you." Fear replaced the vacancy in his stare.
The knife twisted and Rina started to freak out. "Really? Why not?" She grasped his hands, keeping him from jerking away.
Welch cocked his head, studying her. "Because I have no idea who you are." He tried to yank away from her.
Gutted, Rina spoke three words and caught Welch when he dropped. Biting back disappointment and, god dammit, frustration, she gave rein to anger and rage. The damned warlocks had taken away the one person who always stood by her side, her rock, hell, her salvation.
 Shifting her position, she got to her feet. "Guys! A little help here." Owen and Jack came bursting through the doorway. "We need to get him home."
The men each got a shoulder under Welch's arms and lifted him from the floor.
Jack met her gaze. "Why'd you put him under?" He moved forward with Owen's help.
Rina blew out a harsh breath. "He doesn’t know me." She motioned them ahead.
Owen grunted. "Ouch." What the hell else could he say?
Rina made a low growl. "Yeah, ouch." She charged out of the abandoned building, scanning for hex traps.
Finding none, she helped Jack and Owen get Welch inside the car. She didn't have to tell her men to stick around and gather any intel they could. Pulling away from Welch's prison, she eased into traffic and let the tears flow. The hollow ache in her soul grew and spread but she held it together otherwise.
Glancing in the rearview mirror, she made a promise. "I'm getting you back, Welch. No matter what it takes."

Getting Welch back won't be as easy as she hopes, especially because she has to ask for help from his dad.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Think Twice

June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. My Dad is off on a grand adventure with my middle kid. They're in Alaska, which, oddly enough, is where my dad spent last Father's Day. From the pictures I've seen, they're having a great time.

It's been a crazy week. I need to rewatch Dark Matter. I had too many distractions going on and I feel like I missed important stuff. Wynonna Earp delivered another great episode. I like some of the twists and turns. I don't like losing Dawls and I'm a little iffy on the new evil overlord chick but I'll give this series a lot of leeway to provide a terrific viewing experience. I'm going to have a hard time wrapping my brain around Kevin Hanchard playing a possible bad guy when he's one of my favorite good guys on Orphan Black.

Speaking of Orphan Black, I have to catch up. We had busy Saturday and I missed the second episode. Thank whatever rules the universe for On Demand. LOL

I have the new ITV drama Fearless ready to go, but haven't had an opportunity to watch yet. I'm looking forward to seeing Jamie Bamber on television again.

I'm almost finished with my binge watch of City Homicide. I'll be seeking my next Australian drama in the very near future. Possibly a binge watch of Sea Patrol, another of my favorites.

Started a premiere viewing of Young Justice on Netflix. Four episodes in and I'm excited about the possibilities.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Think Twice, a novella that got its start and took its title from the two-word prompt "think twice".

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Judd Millian asks Pru Watson to work with him to take out the evil invading their city, she doesn't hesitate to say yes. But when he wants something more, she hesitates, unable to commit to an answer. The indecision drives a wedge between them, but Pru won't let Judd get sucked into the worst part of her past.

And a preview snippet…

Pru Watson didn't think twice when she stepped into the hail of bullets flying from the automatic rifles. The people behind her scrambled to a semblance of safety, taking cover behind the counter of the bus station. The spray of spent ammo bounced off Pru's form, landing with loud, metallic pings on the marble floor. The sound of casings played a weird, harmonic symphony when they flew from the weapons.
One lone woman stood off to the side, too terrified to move. Pru drew the fire from three masked, armed people and made her way to the lady.
Grabbing her arm, Pru spoke quietly. "Get behind me." She provided a bulletproof shield until the female finally crouched with her coworkers.
Once everyone appeared to be out of harm's way, Pru walked toward the masked figures. The group closed ranks and circled around her, slowing down the rain of fire to avoid shooting each other. She'd rattled the trio, holes appearing in her clothing from the gunfire but no blood or wounds. Ever since she'd come awake in a clandestine lab three years ago, she had the ability to make her body impervious to harm. Bullets, knives, fire, heat, subzero temperatures? Nothing. No damage. She wore a brand on her right shoulder—probably received before whatever happened to her happened. The number eight inside an "X".
"What the hell is up with this bitch? Why isn't she dead yet?" The tallest of the three-man attack team reloaded his rifle.
Pru's lips curved and she veered in his direction, making the other two cease firing or risk hitting their cohort. "Maybe that should tell you something, big man." She got within three feet of him and he tossed the gun aside and reached out, locking his arm around hers.
Her fighting skill needed work, but she held her position. His buddies moved closer, pinning her in. Exactly what she wanted.
The big guy smirked, the mouth opening of his mask making the action look bizarre. "What're you gonna do now, sweetheart?" His voice had a rough rumble to it.
Pru jerked her arm from his grasp.
The short, squat goon to her left snorted. "Not much she can do. We've got her trapped."
The final henchman grunted. "I wouldn't underestimate her. There's some freaky juju happening here."
Pru bit back a grin. They had no idea. Hell, she didn't either but not knowing wouldn't stop her from diverting their attention from the hostages.
She started a slow three hundred and sixty-degree turn. "Come on, fellas. You've got me." She came to a stop. "What's the plan?"
The tall one lunged for her and she sidestepped, driving her shoulder into the short guy while the third man went tumbling to the ground, taking the weight of the tall one.
She made a move to face the little dude but didn't have the opportunity to square off. The doors burst open and an army of black-clad operators came pouring into the stations from all entrances. Pandemonium ensued and Pru ducked for cover… the sea of militarized people kicking her heart rate into overdrive.
"I gotta get out of here." Grabbing hold of a railing, she swung upward, climbing into an overhang on the second floor.
She wouldn't stick around long, but needed to make sure the hostages got out without harm. Then she'd do what she always did.

Pru will give it a good shot, but she won't get far.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Snippet: The Souvenir

Had a terrific weekend with great weather for my middle kid's graduation party. My boys were super easy. They're pretty much no muss, no fuss guys. My daughter, on the other hand, will be a sophomore and I think I'm going to start planning her party next week. LOL She's very much a social whirl and gets involved in tons of activities. I might need to rent a venue for hers. LOL

Gotham's finale rocked. I'm so glad the show seemed to find its footing in the third season. I'm pretty much thrilled with all the storylines and where they're leading into for the next season.

Friday brought some much-needed excitement back to my television screen. The double premiere of Dark Matter kept me glued to the screen. Then the follow-up with the Wynonna Earp premiere had me staying put. I'm so happy to have the shows back and can't wait to see where everything goes. Killjoys is up this week and I'm impatiently awaiting its return.

As mentioned last week, I'm just not into this season of Doctor Who. I wish I could sink into the storylines like I've been able to in the past, but I'm struggling. A lot. Very disappointing.

Orphan Black, by comparison, had a kickass return. The clones kicked Saturday night into high gear and I don't anticipate anything less than a wild and reckless ride. My one and only hope is I don't lose any of my favorites. But I'm not holding my breath on that one.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from The Souvenir, a novella that sets up and opens the events for Six Degrees of Separation.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Melick Traynor and Ramona Peartry, childhood friends and top students in the Academy of Light, compete for prominence in their respective classes. But when Melick throws out a challenge, Ramona takes an insane risk to prove him wrong and winds up tangling with the dragon plaguing campus grounds.

And a preview snippet…

Ramona sat soaking in the carved stone tub that had been filled for the third time. She finally felt clean, but she could still smell the stench of the dragon. She thought the scent might be permanently imbedded in her nose.
She shuddered and winced at the movement. Criminy, she ached in places she didn’t think it was possible to ache in. But she was blessedly alone, at least for a while.
She'd had to threaten to do bodily harm to the medical staff, once she was back on her feet, to get them to just go away already. She gingerly sank down in the tub, watching to make sure her knee didn’t get bumped. A huge sigh escaped her lips and she closed her eyes only to have them snap back open.
Someone was in the room with her.
“I thought I told you to leave me in peace for the next thirty minutes.” She sat back up again, moving slower than she would have liked. “Don’t make me get out of this tub and hurt you.”
She almost laughed at that. Odds weren't in her favor to be injuring anybody for a while.
“Is that any way to speak to a higher level mage, Threes?” Melick stepped out of the shadows dressed in casual workout clothes. He had a towel draped around his neck, a bottle of soap in one hand and the biggest, fluffiest sponge Ramona had seen since her last holiday home in the other hand.
She sat there stupefied. “What the flaming hell are you doing here?”
A floating sensation engulfed her when he walked closer. Maybe the painkillers the medic had given her right before she left had finally kicked in. Oh hell, could Ramona be hallucinating? It should have taken at least half an hour for the meds to take effect. The only reason the med staff allowed her that amount of time alone.
Melick ambled his way over to her. “Wow. Nice greeting from someone who asked me if I wanted to give them a bath.” He stooped down alongside the tub and ran his finger through the water. “Change your mind?” He was almost giddy with the excitement of finally getting his hands on her.
Ramona was sitting in a tub, naked, and her nightly fantasy was right next to her. It couldn’t possibly be real.
“Is this really happening?” She cocked her head to the side to see if Melick was still there. “You’re really here, aren’t you?”
She shook her head. If he wasn’t, she was going to find a way to keep a supply of whatever the hell it was they gave her on hand.
Melick chuckled. “I’m really here, Ramona.” He slid his hand over her shoulder, relishing the feel of her flesh against his fingers. “See. Real skin against skin.” He sat back to look at her. “What did they give you for the pain, anyway?” He was hoping to keep her off-guard, but he didn’t want her incoherent.
Overcome with modesty she hadn't known she possessed, Ramona sank down in the tub a little further, being careful with her knee. “Um… I’m not sure, but since you are actually here, it doesn’t matter.” Her brow wrinkled. “Do you really think you’re going to give me a bath?”
Was he insane?
Was she, for wanting said bath?
Melick dropped the sponge in the water with her. “That’s my plan.” He found an examination stool, wheeled it over to the edge of the tub and sat down on it. “Any objections?”

I need to work on some revisions to avoid head-hopping in this scene but I'm pleased with the interactions.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Snippet: That Explains Everything

June 4, 2017

Well, graduation turned out to be an inside affair, with bad weather predicted for the evening. That means a hot, crowded event in the gym. Bleh. But I loved watching my son get his diploma and even got him to stand still long enough to take a couple of pictures. LOL

Gotham is really going for broke. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Lee's walk on the dark side, but I'll hold out and see what happens.

I continue to be saddened by the "meh" of Doctor Who. I miss the days when I couldn't wait for new episodes. Now I'm lucky if I remember to turn it on because there's no anticipation for new stuff. Eh… hopefully that will change soon. I really enjoy the quasi-spinoff, Class. I'd love to see more of that one.

Orphan Black starts the final trip next weekend and I'm excited and sad and impatiently awaiting the premiere. Can't wait to see what Sarah and her sestras bring to the screen.

Watched a Torchwood marathon, well, only the first two seasons because I loved them so much. The third wasn't bad but the fourth… ugh. Ended up pretty much hating that one. If rumors are true and there's going to be a Torchwood revival, I'm hoping like hell it's more like the first two seasons. Fingers crossed.

That's it for television. Tonight's post is from That Explains Everything, a novella that started with a writing community prompt of have one of the characters revealed to be an enemy agent or spy. I always love twists that make writing fun.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Tasha Yale wants Brax Vermillion, but can't seem to break her connection to Staz Yarrow—until she's taken by Lanai Conns. Finally aware of the nefarious machinations, Tasha fights to get back to her clan and Brax… before it's too late.

And a preview snippet…

Tasha Yale crawled out of bed and stretched in the morning sunlight.
Movement from the living room drew her forward and she poked her head into the area. "Are you leaving already?"
Staz Yarrow zipped up his duffel bag. "Soon. Waiting on the coffee to finish, then I'll be taking off." He nodded toward the counter where the pot brewed.
She pushed away from the door. "Give me five. Don't leave until I'm back." Dashing into the bathroom, she brushed her teeth and washed her face, getting rid of the gritty sand caked around her eyes.
She returned to the living room and took the mug of coffee Staz handed her. "Mmm. Smells terrific." Placing the cup on the counter, she grasped his hips and tugged him forward. "Do you have to go?" Surely someone else could lead the forage.
Staz's lips quirked with a brief smile and something odd flashed in his eyes. "I do this time. But I won't be gone longer than a week." He dropped a kiss on her nose when a horn beeped outside.
Her shoulders slumped but she followed him to the door. "Okay, then. I hope you find the elusive plants you need." Reaching down, she grabbed his duffel and handed it over. "Safe journey. Come back to me in one piece." She planted a kiss on his lips while he hoisted the bag over his shoulder.
Staz made a quick exit, promising to call if he'd be longer than expected. Tasha went about her usual morning routine. Washed up the few dishes he'd used for breakfast and finished her coffee. She got the woodstove going and brought out her candle making supplies. The task of pouring the wax into the molds always soothed her, especially when she battled disquiet over Staz leaving.
She made the first batch of pillars, leaving them by the window to cool slowly. Her head finally cleared of the hazy anger she'd put aside to wish him well. Something she'd been doing a lot of lately.
"Why am I so malleable all of a sudden?"
They'd had a terrible fight the night before. He'd been leaving more and more frequently, which usually didn't bother Tasha. She had lots of orders to fill and wanted to expand her business. Staz kept throwing up roadblocks. Her work sold well but Staz didn't believe she'd make enough income to cover the rent on a full-time shop.
Okay, his doubt stung, but she could use her garden shed to get started, right? Then move into the village. Nope. Staz refused to budge on the topic. He didn't want a bunch of people parking in the yard and creating chaos in their personal life.
"Like doubling my sales wouldn't make up for that." Apparently, it wouldn't.
She blinked and shook her head. From this point forward, she'd drop the subject with Staz. If she found a way to make opening her business happen, she'd do it on her own.
Or ask Brax Vermillion to back her up.
She started the process for a new batch of taper candles. Brax suggested the idea of offering the long, slender lights as a complement to the pillars. She hand carved ancient blessings into the wax and they sold well. Better than well, actually. She could barely keep up with orders and had to slow down on the varied jar versions she also made.
Another thing Brax helped her launch. He loved brainstorming ideas to help her grow and expand her talent. His encouragement pushed her to challenge herself and try new products. Why the hell couldn't Staz do the same thing?
Maybe because Staz thought Brax had ulterior motives. Staz admitted jealousy over her friendship with Brax. But Tasha wouldn't cut him from her life. She'd known Brax as long as she could remember.
A tug of loneliness had her cleaning up her morning's work and heading out into the warm sunshine. A visit with Brax sounded wonderful. And with Staz gone for at least a week, Tasha could indulge in getting a much needed ego boost.

I had a great time brainstorming ideas for this one and hope it all comes together the way I hope it will.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Shaken Alliances (Technorati Book One)

Whew. What a busy week leading up to my son's graduation tonight. Looking forward to watching him accept his diploma and start on the next phase of his journey.

I missed Gotham and hope to catch up after the craziness calms down.

The Flash's finale ended up being pretty good but I'm actually kind of hoping there won't be as much time travel shenanigans in the next season. Honestly, I like the ripple effect from Flashpoint but I'm hoping it's pretty much wrapped up.

Arrow. What a season-ender. I pretty much sat and blinked at the screen for a few seconds in stunned silence. Even seeing how the end would play out, I still ended up being shocked. LOL I really want the hiatus to fly by so I can find out who made it and who didn't.

I got through the first season of Iron Fist. I'm something of a completest and wanted to watch before The Defenders started. I don't know… I kind of like the setup for the next season with Joy and Davos possibly teaming up but I wouldn't mind seeing Madame Gao go down in flames.

I'm really struggling with Doctor Who. I'm looking forward to a new doctor and a new showrunner. I kind of long for the format Davies started and hope the new person goes back to something similar. I'm disappointed in the way everything is either overly convoluted or completely discombobulated. I shouldn't need a set of show notes to get all the nuances, right? Eh… here's hoping the next season is awesome.

And that's it for television. Orphan Black starts in two weeks and I'm excited!

Tonight's post is from Shaken Alliances (Technorati Book One), a novella that started to unfold with random snatches of imagery and conversation.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Janna Allgood, a corporal in the Alliance, is the best at what she does, bringing Technorati deceivers to justice. But when she's assigned the task of tracking down the notorious leader of the rogue technomancers, she discovers a new calling, one that puts her life in danger because it may bring down the Alliance she works for.

And a preview snippet…

Paxton Teller relaxed in front of the fire in his makeshift quarters. On the move for the past six months, he finally made it to a place he could rest and regroup for longer than forty-eight hours. He needed some down time to plan ahead.
Staring into the flames, the nuances of another presence touched Pax's inner being. One that nudged along his consciousness. He'd been expecting the visit and opened his mind, inviting entrance.
The old one gracefully melded his thoughts with Pax's and settled in for a long conversation.
Pax used his skill to slip the bolt on the lock, making sure they'd have complete privacy. No one would overhear the discussion going on in his mind, but interruptions sometimes leaked information into the conscious recesses of those around when it happened.
Pax would take no chances. The old one meant too much to him.
He reclined back, lifting a lager of wine to his lips. "You have news?" He drank deeply, letting the mellow flavor play along his taste buds.
The old one heaved a sigh. "They're sending the best." He stopped, throwing up a block.
Pax understood immediately. "This troubles you." The old one wouldn't try to keep him out if it didn't.
His mentor stayed silent, the blank visage of his mind telling Pax more than his thoughts would. Patience didn’t come easily for Pax, but he respected the old man too much to prod him along. Pax had a very good idea who'd be gunning for him.
Janna Allgood.
He welcomed the challenge she'd present. Out of all the files he'd acquired on the technomancers, hers fascinated him the most. She had a perfect record. Each and every person she'd been assigned to bring in either ended up in custody or self-terminated. Pax couldn't wait to meet her face to face, mind to mind, and see what happened.
His suspicion would be sparks flying in all directions. Janna's beauty, evident from the Alliance ID, spoke to him. But more than that, her high level of intelligence intrigued him, made him want to test how far she could go.
After several more contemplative moments, the sage finally opened his block. "She's a particular favorite of mine. I don't want to see her hurt."
Pax frowned. The possibility of pain and heartache abounded with this task. But he'd do his best not to have it occur on his end.
He reassured his counterpart. "She won't be." He paused and added a disclaimer. "Not by me." The Alliance, on the other hand, could and would do as they saw fit.
The old one kicked back a retort. "It's a dangerous game you play. And she's a pawn."
Pax couldn't deny his master's words. "For both sides." He clarified the facts, something he'd never done before with the old one.
Rennick warned. "Choose wisely, my son. The path you travel is not an easy one. Be very certain before bringing her into the plan."
Pax loved the old man for worrying. "I vow to exercise caution. You've prepared the way? Planted the seeds?"
Rennick nodded. "You know I have. As much as I could."
He walked a very fine line, one Pax didn't envy. Rennick worked in the deepest shadows. His position as the preceptor for all technomancers gave him access to any and all Alliance activities.
Pax took major amounts of heat, but he got to do so in the open. He didn't have the concern and burden of being found out. Instead, he got to drop trou and moon the Alliance nits whenever the mood struck. He liked it that way. Drawing fire upon himself left his Technorati brethren free to advance their cause.
Smoke and mirrors. Illusion and subterfuge. Progress. One world at a time.
A failed deal here, an unexpected outcome there, and the Alliance left twisting in the wind. His people did a good job of countering the technomancers… without them knowing it. He'd trained them very, very well.
He wanted to bring Janna over to their side. The technorati would be unstoppable with her talent working for them.
"Tread carefully, Pax. Push too hard and Janna will dig in hard and cling to what she knows. All your work will be for naught." The wise one cautioned. "Our freedom lost."
Pax reassured him. "Don't worry, old one. I'll keep my emotional distance. No matter how attractive I find her."

If all goes as I hope, there should be at least three books in this series. Fingers crossed!

That's it for this week.



Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Tangled Web

May 21, 2017

Wow. Next week my second kidlet graduates from high school. I'm excited for him, yet I'm also wistful for the toddler with an overly large head—it's a family thing and he completely grew into the large noggin—that used to lob blocks and legos across the kiddie gate to get my attention. Next week's post might be an emotional one.

Anyway… on to the week's TV fare. Gotham kept things nice and interesting. I love the twisty-twist with Selena and Bruce. I'm also enjoying Ivy with Oswald. She's a nice foil to his manic craziness, maybe even better than Ngyma. I do have to wonder if Jim or someone else will ever find the knife Mario tried to kill Leigh with. Honestly, her anger with him is the only thing that kind of pulls me out of the show, even though it's justified and makes complete sense.

The Flash needs a rewatch. I didn't catch all of the episode and came in late. I'm looking forward to the resolution and hope things pay off in a big way.

Arrow delivered, as usual. Even with the over the top and almost unbelievable things Chase seems to manipulate, I have no doubt the showdown on Lian Yu will be worth it. Have to admit seeing Merlyn kind of surprised me, only a little because his name was mentioned. LOL I'm really not sure how I feel about Arrow's move to Thursdays next season. I'll hold off judgment for now. But it's one more day I have to wait for new episodes and that doesn't make me happy.

Not excited about waiting until fall for new episodes of The Last Ship. It's my summer must watch show and now it's not going to be on in the summer. Bleh.

Still looking forward to the Friday night block on Syfy at the end of June. If this gets changed, be prepared for an epic rant. With Orphan Black airing its final season in June also, the month looks to be terrific.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Tangled Web, a novella that got a start with a writing community prompt of "believe me". I got a great image for that quote and the rest is coming together nicely.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Ruby Ire is bad for men—every time she falls for one he ends up dead, so she doesn't get tangled up with them anymore. But a series of near miss accidents makes her think she's become a target and she hires Jordan Riceman to track down her attacker. She won't let Jordan get too close, no matter how damned attractive he is.

And a preview snippet…

Ruby Ire let out a harsh gasp. "Thelma! Did you see today's paper?"
The owner of Curl-a-Whirl, Thelma Trusdale poked her head in the back room. "Only the personals, Rube. You know I always check for responses first thing every Tuesday." She waved to her newly permed customer when they left the shop before coming to stand by the small café table. "What's going on?"
Ruby tapped the headline. "Hal Marks died in a hit and run accident." She met Thelma's gaze. "Late last night." Not more than thirty minutes after he'd dropped Ruby off at her place.
Thelma dragged an empty chair around and dropped down beside Ruby. "Oh, sweetie. That's terrible." She stopped a moment. "Wait, did you two—"
Ruby shook her head. "No, we didn't get back together." She and Hal had ended their affair a week prior. "He gave me a ride home from the Brennan's cocktail hour. Didn't even try to kiss me at the door." A sick feeling settled in the pit of Ruby's stomach. "Which doesn't really matter because Hal's the third man I've gone out with who's met an untimely end." The terrible dread blossomed and spread outward. "Please tell me I'm being paranoid, Thelma."
Thelma's lips compressed into a thin line. "Rube, normally I would. I thought maybe Dan and Boyd were a bad coincidence, you know. But I really don't think the rule of three applies here." She lifted a shoulder. "I'm not gonna tell you you're being paranoid because maybe you're not."
Ruby slumped forward. "That's it then. I'm swearing off relationships. I can't have men dropping like flies around me." Just last night, Agnes Brennan commented about how two of Ruby's former beaus were no longer among the living.
With Hal's demise, the gossip mill would be working overtime.
Thelma tsked. "No, you can't. But people like Agnes and her biddies will talk no matter what happens. It's not your fault Dan didn't make sure he had the main power cut when he was switching out that light fixture. And there's no way Boyd's accident could've been your fault."
Boyd had fallen to his death when he got stuck in a faulty elevator. Ruby hadn't been anywhere near the building when it happened. Didn't make her feel less responsible. Especially now.
Ruby folded the paper and turned the headline away. "Three guys, Thelma. Dead." The queasy roil invaded again and took up residence. "I can't help but think it's because of me."
Thelma met Ruby's gaze head-on. "What are you gonna do?"
Ruby lifted a shoulder. "Not go out on dates with anyone ever again, for starters."

Thoroughly enjoying how this one is coming together. Ruby is a great character.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Storm Down the Drain

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. It's a beautiful day in Ohio and I hope to enjoy the weather for a while.

Another terrific week in television. Gotham keeps working the crazy and I'm loving it. The blending of three or more plot threads is terrific and I hope we continue seeing a nice mix of all.

I missed most of The Flash. See crazy month starting for me last post. But, I'll catch up before Tuesday's new episode.

Arrow delivered another great episode. I love having Thea back even if it might only be for a little while. I'm not sure what's going on with Rene, but it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. Something tells me Chase might have something to do with why he didn't show up. I'm truly hoping the final showdown ends up being between Oliver and Talia with a little Nyssa thrown in.

Riverdale's season finale rocked! The first arc is finished and the second one opened with a serious bang. I'm honestly excited to see what the hell happens next. It'll be a major wrench in the Arch / Ronnie duo if her dad had anything to do with Fred's shooting. And something tells me that's a big possibility. Then again, I won't be surprised if that's a red herring and Mayor McCoy is actually the one behind the violence. Or maybe even Hermione. I'll have to wait not-so-patiently to find out. LOL

Last Sunday's Talking with Chris Hardwick turned out to be an excellent show. I'm a Charlie Hunnam fan and having him on for the entire hour was terrific. I love Chris's laid back style a lot.

Finally got caught up on Murdoch Mysteries and, wow, what a season finale. Definitely hope the show is renewed for an eleventh season.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Storm Down the Drain, a novella built around a prompt of writing a scene in a specific genre with a distinctive tone, like noir. I chose to run with the noir feel but with an added paranormal twist.

Here's the mini-blurb:

On a dark and stormy night, Brooks Algonquin knocks on Velvet Strong's door and asks her to help him find the Burmesian Raven, an antiquity with magical qualities. Velvet takes his case, but quickly learns Brooks has ulterior motives for acquiring the artifact stolen from his family.

And a preview snippet…

Velvet eyed the prime specimen of manhood lounging on her sofa. On the tall side with broad shoulders, he had wavy hair that looked like he'd tumbled directly from his bed. She'd bet he never thought twice about how much the rakish quality would appeal to the opposite sex. His long legs met a narrow torso and the stretch of fabric across his chest hinted at a sculpted and cut physique. Even dressed casually, his body language screamed money and wealth. Of course, the Algonquin name confirmed he could more than afford her fee.
Not that she needed paying clients. A tidy inheritance from her grandfather and a widow's pension, which she more than earned, from her deceased spouse meant she could pick and choose the type of cases she wanted. And she definitely wanted Brooks's.
Velvet read people well—men in particular—and Mr. Algonquin intrigued her. A man comfortable in his skin but not the world he inhabited. She couldn't wait to peel back the layers to find out why he needed her services.
She poured a cup of coffee from her decanter. "You mentioned bringing danger to my doorstep." Sliding the cup in front of him, she settled back on the cushion. "Care to explain?" She tucked her legs up under her filmy robe.
Brooks picked up the coffee and blew across the top. "Well, my family recently had something of great value stolen from them." He took a sip then set the drink back on a coaster. "I need to find it." His voice held conviction and determination and a hint of something not quite above board.
Velvet made a logical leap. "And you can't involve the police because the object isn't really yours." The family name alone gave credence to her suspicions.
Brooks flashed a wry smile. "You're very astute and no doubt keyed into the darker aspects of the Algonquin name." He lifted a shoulder. "And that is part of the reason. We can't go to the precinct and fill out a report for a missing gemstone carved into the shape of an obelisk." He picked up his cup again. "The artifact won't show up on a registry list. And there are people who would claim it as theirs and tie up the court system trying to prove the improvable." He took another sip of the fragrant brew.
Velvet tilted her head to one side. "Does this gem thing do tricks or something?" Why else would a connected family need to hire an investigator to find a bauble?
Her question had him choking on the coffee.
He blinked and recovered, but wouldn't meet her gaze. "Uh, no. No. It's more of a superstition thing. Been in the family for almost a century." He set the cup back on the table, his movements stiff and precise.
Velvet caught the lie and disappointment nudged its way into her brain. Even so, she couldn't resist the intrigue and desire to discover more about this theft and the man who needed to find the jewel.
Leaning forward, she held out a hand. "Well, Mr. Algonquin, looks like I've got myself a new client. I'll take the case." A smile lit his face and his warm hand enveloped hers, his firm grip sending tingles up her arm.

Velvet and Brooks are a fun duo to write and I'm excited about how things play out from here.

That's it for this week.