Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Zeitgeist Hall

The weather in Ohio is truly crazy. We had flooding from rain yesterday and snow today.

Television this week ended up being pretty terrific. The Flash pulled in a bunch of Harrys to help save the day. Legends of Tomorrow had a fun episode with old Hollywood.

Riverdale had an interesting episode with some changing dynamics. I'm still on the fence with Hiram and whether or not I like him. I'm coming down on the not liking side but he gets some interesting snark lines so that pitches him into the fun column.

Arrow remains probably my favorite show. If the team can't be together, I like having two storylines that run along a similar theme. Also very glad John's secret is out in the open. Having Curtis work on a solution is excellent.

Catching up on Gotham today. I'll be glad to see the last of Professor Pyg. It's good to see Bruce again, too. There's never enough Alfred on the screen. LOL

I'm behind on Murdoch Mysteries. Having issues with my laptop and I usually watch via the website on that device. Here's hoping I get it fixed this week.

That's it for television. Tonight's post is from Zeitgeist Hall, a novella that started with a writing community prompt of murder mystery in a haunted castle. I couldn't wait to brainstorm ideas for this one.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Morley Graham and Watson Kinkead are off on a weekend adventure when they have serious car trouble and end up stranded at Zeitgeist Hall, a castle looming on the edge of a cliff. The creepy caretaker offers refuge, but Morley and Graham begin to suspect he's behind their stay when they discover a body in the tower.

And a preview snippet…

Abner Wilhelm jerked awake from a decades-old sleep. His nose twitched, the sweet enticing scent of blood magic filled his nostrils.
He shot out of the bed. "Finally!" He'd waited so long for another descendant of regal lineage.
After conducting a replenishing ritual, Abner wandered the halls of the monstrosity he called home. "Ha. More like my lifetime prison."
The huge castle slowly came back to life. Being the unwilling caretaker tied Abner to the life-force of the building. While he slept, the structure slumbered with him. The awakening unfolded slowly for the stone-walled fortress but for Abner, the possibility of an heir—that could release him from his cursed exile—acted as shot of adrenaline.
He entered the armor room, the only place he didn't feel lonely. Something about a dozen or so suits of armor gave the illusion of company. They weren't even creepy anymore.
He waved to the one he called Baldwin. "Yo! I'm back. Anything fun or interesting happen while I was gone?" The replenishing ceremony updated his language skills.
Words like groovy and out of sight apparently weren't in vogue at this time.
Baldwin, of course, had no reply. Abner didn't care. He had much to prepare if he wanted to be ready to break the curse binding him to this ancient dwelling. The entire castle would need some updates, but not too many. And Abner needed to catch up on world events. Almost sixty years had passed since he'd gone into his forced slumber.
After he'd failed to secure the previous blood heir and reverse fate's decree that left Abner stuck in limbo for more than two centuries. He'd be patient, carefully plan his exodus, and ensnare the next unsuspecting caretaker before he launched the plot that would secure his freedom. He wouldn't do anything stupid this time.
Because Abner couldn't wait to see the last of Zeitgeist Hall.

I have the main story plotted out and can't wait to find time to sit and write away.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Your Call

Ugh… what a week. I've been down with a combination of cold / flu symptoms. I'm pretty sure I've pulled at least three different muscles from coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose incessantly. Bleh.

Not a bad week for television viewing. The Flash had a girls night out that brought Felicity Smoak over from Arrow and entertained in a big way. Legends of Tomorrow kind of disappointed me by bringing Damien Darhk back, even if the fight sequence proved to be very entertaining.

Arrow also had a great episode. Loved getting to know Dinah's former partner and have some background there. I'm fond of the actor who's in the role and look forward to seeing more of that storyline play out. Also liked having Oliver work with Slade. I'm excited to see where that goes, too.

Riverdale turned things up to triple digits. I'm still liking my theory about who the black hood is. Alice's past coming out and her reaction made the whole show for me. I want to see that story explored a little more. My one true hope? The snake charmer ends up being Alice's long, lost sister. How much fun would that be?

Once again, I have to catch up on Gotham. The whole cold / flu thing had me napping when it was on. LOL

The holiday movie overload is ongoing. I thoroughly enjoy the cheesy, sappy, happy fare. I've even watched a couple of them more than once.

Looking forward to more terrific TV this week. Tonight's post is from Your Call, a novella that started with a writing community project of creating a scene featuring the three prompts; sleeping, grass, ring.

Here's the mini-blurb:

After an epic battle with a spell weaver, Norje Blayheart and Barrick Nembly—adept mages—aren't sure they can stay together as a couple. Their love can be used against them and neither can risk being pawns in the looming war between the weavers and the mages.

And a preview snippet…

Norje Blayheart moaned low in her throat. "Barrick, I need you now." She twisted away from her lover and projected an image in his mind.
Barrick Nembly groaned. "Ah, Norje. You're killing me." But he gave her room to maneuver up onto her hands and knees.
Norje shuddered when he implanted the vision of her from him point of view. Her hair tumbled wildly over her shoulders, her back bowed pushing her ass up and out, and her juices glistened in the filtered light.
Sometimes being a mage had unforeseen perks. The ability to share thoughts and link on a physical and mental plane topped the list. Barrick continued the projection when he spooned in behind her, leading with his hard cock jutting out from between his legs. The moment he thrust forward, the juxtaposition of experiencing the penetration while seeing it, intensified the pleasure. Barrick couldn't hold the visualization for long—not if he wanted to have the stamina needed to complete their lovemaking. Norje took over, tuning him in to every exquisite nuance of his entry.
He tightened his grip on her waist. "Mmm. Do you feel that every time?" He withdrew and flexed his hips again.
Norje nodded. "Uh-huh. That's why it never takes very long for me to come." She edged back, taking him in deeper.
Barrick's palms smoothed over her skin, traveling the planes of her back before ghosting forward to cup her breasts. Norje basked in the sensation, heightened by the blending of their minds. The mix of internal and external awareness increased with each touch, gasp, and heavy breath. The pace ramped up, driving Norje to the edge of bliss.
Barrick grabbed her hips and held them flush with his groin. "Come with me, Norje. Come with me now." He withdrew and entered her once again, letting out a garbled moan.
Norje groaned. "I'm there. Let go." His fingers dug into her skin and she toppled over the precipice, her orgasm tearing through her at the moment Barrick's release hit him.
Riding the tempest while linked together, each collapsed when the waves receded. Barrick gathered her close and brushed his lips over her temple. She burrowed close pressing a kiss to his sternum.
Barrick's hand drifted down to curve at her waist. "Never gets old, Norje. Love you."
She smiled. "Love you too."

This story is all mapped out and I'm excited about it! There's a chance this might turn into more than one book. :D

That's it for this week.



Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Xtreme Justice

November 5, 2017

Welcome to November! We're almost finished with 2017 and I'm honestly looking forward to a new year. It's been a rough ten months so far.

Excellent television viewing this week. The Flash had a great episode. It's always fun to see Cisco on the hot seat. Really enjoyed his storyline. Also interested in seeing where things go with Joe and becoming a father again.

Legends of Tomorrow didn't have a terrible episode. The homage to ET maybe went a little overboard but still fun.

Riverdale was sort of on the fence for me… until I got a wild hair theory about who the black hood is and now I have to stay tuned to see if I'm right. I'm honestly fairly disappointed with the addition of Hiram to the fold. He made a better villain working from the shadows.

Arrow continues to amaze me. I love the way roles continue to be mixed up and everything is fluid. That keeps me glued to the screen.

Got caught up on Gotham and watched this week's episode. I won't be disappointed to see the end of Professor Pyg but at least the plot is moving forward and I'm down with that.

Having fun watching holiday movies on the Hallmark channels. There's usually something on one of them that catches my interest.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Xtreme Justice, a novella that started with a writing community prompt to create characters with metahuman abilities.

Here's the mini-blurb:

The double X gene found in junk DNA makes life very interesting for a group of humans. Nyx Boit reshapes matter with her force of will. Cythe Baldetto literally has blades of steel at his fingertips. When Cythe is sent to recruit Nyx, she wants no part of his offer. To make her point, she converts his arrows, darts, and knives into liquid pools at his feet. Finally meeting his match, Cythe figures recruiting Nyx is out, but wooing her is most definitely in.

And a preview snippet…

Cythe Baldetto waited for the lights to lower in the viewing room. "Bring on the crazy." According to his former flame and current boss, he'd be impressed with Nyx Biot's ability.
Stanja Davidich wanted Cythe to become a recruiter. Not something he had much of an interest in. But knowing who else had double "x" abilities helped keep him alive.
The screen went from dark to bursting with action. Apparently Nyx had the ability to alter matter and she wielded her power with passion. Bending metal into cage traps, bringing down light fixtures to act as nets. She'd taken out three people in the first five minutes.
Cythe narrowed his eyes. "Where is this? How did you get the footage?" The building looked too familiar.
Stanja sent him a sideways glance. "Okay, I'll admit we set up a scenario to see what Nyx can do."
Cythe growled. "Which you know pisses me off." He hated the stupid games UNIT played.
A big part of the reason he and Stanja no longer had a relationship.
He let the topic go for the moment. Nyx had raw but amazing moves. She shifted a huge expanse of floor into a liquid pool. Then she changed the shimmering mass into a boiling vat of seething danger. With some training, she could probably do even more impressive stunts.
Stanja read his mood. "She's good. Look at how she almost predicts what her best move will be." Her voice held admiration.
Cythe grunted a noncommittal response. Stanja didn't have things wrong, but she didn't see the way Nyx ducked and ran for cover, moving behind a metal partition for several minutes while the team tried to get around the huge obstacle she'd laid out. Cythe's gut said Nyx had limitations and he'd bet anything the more showy or intense the matter shift, the greater toll it took on her. For now, he'd keep that piece of information to himself.
The final five UNIT members skirted the bubbling mass on the floor and engaged Nyx again. She waited until they got close to a stack of metal beams then altered the bars into flexible restraints and wrapped them around the group. The drone camera zeroed in on Nyx when she shimmied out of the building and headed toward the docks.
The lights came up and the screen went blank.
Stanja shifted her position to face Cythe. "We lost her once she got to the shipping yard, but we're pretty sure she's holed in one of the empty containers." She shuddered.
 Cythe barely bit back a smirk. Stanja liked living the cushy life the UNIT afforded her. So what if she sold half her soul to do it. Cythe signed on with them because they were the lesser of two evils. UNIT didn't try to exploit his ability for profit or personal gain, but he didn't consider himself stupid—they had a measure of control over him. No doubt they wanted to same with Nyx. Someone with her power could be an extreme threat—
Cythe straightened. "What do you want with her?" He cut right to the meat of the matter.
Stanja snorted. "Nothing sinister, Cythe. She's a powerful metahuman. Wouldn’t it be better to have her on our side?" She gave him the standard bullshit curve of her lips.
Cythe lifted a shoulder. "It might. What do you want me to do?"
Stanja flashed a genuine smile. "We want you to recruit her. Bring her into the fold."
Pretty much what he thought. "Why me?" The one piece of the puzzle he didn't have figured.
Stanja held his gaze a moment before answering. "Because you came from the outside. You know what's at stake and why she'd be an asset." She shrugged. "And you know I've been wanting you to bring in new members."
Reluctant, Cythe needed some assurances. "Why, exactly, do you want her?" Even with their past, or maybe because of it, he wanted specifics.
Stanja's eyes went wide. "Did you not just watch the same footage I did?"
Well, yeah, he did. Didn't mean he automatically thought they'd welcome Nyx with sunshine and rainbows. Which prompted his next question.
"What happens if I can't talk her into joining UNIT?"
Stanja glanced away. "We'd rather not consider that option." Her voice dropped to low tones.
Cythe nodded. Pretty much what he'd expected. Nothing sinister or nefarious… unless Nyx didn't want to play ball.
Then all bets were off.
Cythe got up and waited until Stanja met his gaze. "If you want this to happen, I do it my way, meaning UNIT doesn't get involved." At least not until he gave the go ahead.
Stanja opened her mouth to argue but thought better of it. "Fine. We'll give you latitude to work…" She didn't have to add it would only be up to a certain point.
So be it. He didn't plan on failing. If Stanja wanted him to step up and start recruiting for UNIT, she could stay the hell out of his way.

So far, this one is giving me all kinds of ideas. I'm excited to see where Cythe and Nyx go.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Snippet: X Plus Y

Whew. What a week in TV. Lots of good stuff going on.

The Flash had a fun episode. I'm rather interested in the behind the scenes manipulation going on and discovering more about that. Also interested to see what happens with Caitlyn when Katee Sackhoff's character enters the narrative.

Legends of Tomorrow is still terrific. I'm hoping they dive into the big threat looming over them sometime soon.

Arrow ended up being better than expected. I want to know what Diggle has himself into and how bad it's going to bite the team on their asses. Also loved Oliver and Felicity helping William out and discovering they work well as a team. The FBI agent is already annoying me. We'll see if that ends up being a good thing or not.

I missed Gotham and need to catch up. Not sure when I'll get a chance, but it should be soon.

Riverdale, you're killing me. There's so much I'm loving but the one thing I'm not on board with—yet—is Hermione and whatever the hell pod person has taken over her character. I kind of loved the relationship she had with Veronica last season and right now… not so much. We'll see if it smooths out, similar to Alice last year. I trust the show to make it happen.

Finally watched the finale for Teen Wolf and I'm kind of thrilled with how it ended. I'm very happy with everyone's place and how their stories were resolved—with one exception. I so wanted Monroe to die a slow, painful death. The fact she escaped annoys me to no end. Grr.

Got caught up on Murdoch Mysteries. So far, I'm excited for the new season. I have so much love for this show, which considering it's in its eleventh season, is saying something.

I have my holiday television and movie list all put together and ready to watch. The Hallmark Channels launched their festive season this weekend and I plan to catch a bunch of fare on both channels. Seriously, I won't mind overdosing on the merry happenings right now. The world is a crazy place… why not have some happy, happy, joy, joy in life?

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from X Plus Y, a novella that started with a two-word prompt of "miss you".

Here's the mini-blurb:

Vail Gault and Wolf Vermassey have a wicked, powerful attraction for each other. Too bad their clans are brutal rivals in the underground world of meta-human politics. Pitted against each other, they can never be more than opponents in a cage match who happen to have sex that makes their sparring matches look like cake walks.

And a preview snippet…

The official came over and held Vail's arm up. "And the winner is Vaaaaiiillll Gaaauuullllttt!" The roar of approval drowned out the grumbles and boos.
Vail smirked when she did her victory walk around the perimeter of the cage.
The referee met her at the door, his voice low. "You two are the biggest draw since the inception of the cage matches." He followed her down the steps. "The families are making serious bank on you two."
No shit. The rivalry between the House of Gault and the Vermassey Clan couldn't be more epic. She gave him a nod and turned down the corridor that led to the changing area. No doubt Wolf would forego medical and head straight home. Vail stripped off her fighting gear and gave them a quick zap. The fabric incinerated and burned down to ash. Stepping into a shower stall, Vail got cleaned up, taking care to cleanse the damage Wolf inflicted during their bout.
Her fingers brushed over a nasty contusion on her thigh. "Damn… Vermassey got his licks in tonight." Both had; but she'd edged him in the cage for victory.
Which meant the after activities would be held at Wolf's. Vail smiled. She'd best him once again… or maybe let him win the battle. Either way, they'd have fun.
She left the changing area after getting dressed in regular clothes.
On her way out of the arena, she bumped into one of the lower rung fighters.
Mort Camen had an ability to alter the air around him. He also had the attitude and ego of someone much higher on the food chain. For a member of the Vermassey Clan, not that surprising, but annoying to a huge degree.
He grabbed Vail's arm. "Hey, congratulations on the win tonight." His lips twisted in a weird cross between a sneer and a smile.
Vail shrugged out of his hold. "Yeah, thanks." She started toward her car.
He caught up, reaching out to grasp her shoulder. "Seriously, you looked terrific in the cage. On form and in the zone." His hand trailed down her arm.
Vail stepped away. "Whatever. Glad you were entertained." She opened her door, tagging him on hip. "Gotta run now, if you'll get out of my way." A pointed look in his direction had him moving back.
She revved the engine and pulled away from the arena, leaving Camen with a scowl on his face. No skin off her hide. She didn't have the patience to play games with a member from the rival group.
She had an appointment to keep and didn't plan on being late.

I'm very excited about the potential for this story. I love what the sages are conjuring in their minds. LOL

That's it for this week.



Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Whipped Cream and Chocolate Dreams

I'm loving the fall weather! Mild temperatures are so lovely and the pretty colors popping on the leaves are incredible.

Another great week in television. I completely forgot to mention Riverdale's premiere. Man… I love the show. I had so many questions after the premiere my head spun for a while.

But first… let's get to this week's shows. The Flash had a great episode. I like the new Cisco. I'm definitely looking forward to more of how Barry and Iris work out their issues. Legends of Tomorrow also had a great showing. I do truly enjoy the character's interactions.

Okay, Riverdale. Loved, loved, loved the premiere. I like where things are going and while I could do without Hiram, I'll be interested to see what kind of havoc he'll create. Having Archie take a darker path is also going to be fun. And whenever Dark Betty makes an appearance I notice. I loved her giving the lowdown to Cheryl. Speaking of… wow, Cheryl's got some issues, yeah? All in all, I'm excited to see what else happens. The dark hood killer will hopefully not take out any of my faves. I'm already a little miffed one of the characters I like might not be with us anymore.

Gotham keeps getting better. It always seems to throw in a twist I'm not expecting and I love it. Nice to see Lee back, whatever her drama might be.

Arrow is also throwing some nice twists into their plotlines. I'm down with Oliver being a dad, but I was very much hoping he would make Raisa William's guardian so he can still do his second job.

Continuing on with Midsomer Murders and also got my holiday movie and show list started. I plan to completely overdose on holiday fare this year.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Whipped Cream and Chocolate Dreams, a novella that started with a weird prompt about having the characters find an ice cream planet. I couldn't quite go that far afield but I like where the prompt took me.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Nita, Deacon, and Callen fall victim to Morpho, the Dream Tender, who plants vivid imagery in their minds while they slumber. When the trio wakes up primed and ready for action, they try to fight the erotic pull, but fail.

And a preview snippet…

Nita Bouls blew a damp tendril of her bangs out of her face and finished scrubbing the base of the display case. "Hey, Cal, can you plug the freezer in? I finally got the scuff marks off the bottom."
Callen Le Beau popped his head around the corner. "Are you sure you didn't miss a spot? You've been working on that thing all afternoon."
Nita smirked. "I'm sure, you asshat." She threw the wet, soapy sponge in his direction.
Deacon Huffman picked that moment to walk through the space behind the counter, carrying a pile of used drop cloths. Nita's aimed missile smacked him in the side of the face, bounced off, and landed with a gloppy plop on the floor. Nita gasped and bit back an inappropriate laugh. Deke picked the wrong time to get between her and Callen.
Deacon shot her a scathing look. "What the hell, Nita? I'm not the asshat." He used his shoulder to wipe away the suds on his ear. "Your aim sucks."
Nita grabbed a towel from the back of a café chair and hurried over to Deacon. He presented such a comical picture, she didn't trust herself to say anything.
Deke let her dab at his cheek and neck. "Dammit, Cal. You never know when to dial it back about ten clicks, do you?" His lips twitched and he choked down a chuckle.
Callen did his best innocent impression. "Me? I only asked if she got everything. Not my fault it took her from lunch until two seconds ago to finish her job." He cracked a grin.
Deke waved Nita away and crossed the newly tiled floor to the huge carton they'd turned into a makeshift trash bin. "That freezer plugged in yet?" He shot a backward glance toward Cal when he stuffed the wadded up drop cloths inside.
A sheepish look crossed Callen's face. "Er, no. Getting it now." He disappeared around the corner.
A moment later the freezer hummed to life and Nita quickly checked to make sure the sliding doors were all closed.
Deke snagged the towel and finished getting the soapy residue off his face and neck. "Okay, Mr Mouth, I finished painting the trim. What, exactly, have you been working on all afternoon?"
Callen darted back out into the main parlor and motioned for Nita and Deacon to stay put. "Glad you asked, Deke." He held up a finger. "Be right back."
He ducked into the work area and came back out, carrying a large canvas covered object. He placed it on the floor in front of the display case.
He jerked his head. "Deke, come give me a hand here." Whipped off the canvas and Nita's eyes widened then her gaze flew to Cal's.
"Oh… I don't know what to say… except thank you."
Cal shrugged. "No need for thanks. I wanted you to have something of your gram's so I cleared most of the dry rot from the original door, cut it down, and made the sign." He nodded to Deke.
Deacon helped Cal turn the slab of wood.
"I did both sides… thought we could hang it in the big window so it's visible from the outside but you can still see the message from in here, too."
Touched by the gesture, tears sprang to Nita's eyes.
Cal reached out. "Shit, I've made you cry. I'm sorry."
She wrapped an arm around his waist. "No, don't be sorry. They're happy tears, not sad." She hugged him. "I love it." She grabbed Deke's hand. "You guys have been awesome helping me out here and getting the place ready to reopen." She shook her head. "Too many memories and too easy to get lost in them without having you two as a distraction. I couldn't have done any of it without you."
Deke pressed a kiss to her temple. "I'm glad you called."
She almost hadn't… and she would have regretted it for the rest of her life.

This one is a joy. I love having the camaraderie between the trio of friends.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Whatever it Takes

Well… another homecoming is in the books and life can return to semi-normal, which is still crazy but less so. LOL

Terrific week for television with shows returning for their fall premieres (and one season ender)!

The Last Ship's finale was everything I'd hoped for. The people I wanted to see not make it died in appropriate ways and they didn't touch anyone on my "better not kill" list, so, yeah, I'm thrilled to bits with how the season ended. And it looks like season five will be terrific! Can't wait for next summer.

I honestly didn't know if I'd like The Flash, but it ended up being a great episode. Cisco keeps things interesting and I like where Caitlyn is right now. Same goes for Legends of Tomorrow. Their reboot after messing up all of time is excellent. Can't wait to see what they end up doing for the rest of the season.

Arrow's premiere rocked. I really didn't know how they'd end up resolving the island explosion and it looks like there will be plenty of repercussions. I'm interested in what happened to the few we didn't see in the opening episode, namely the former league crew. I can honestly say it was awesome to see Raisa back with Oliver, too.

Gotham had another terrific episode. This show just keeps getting better and better. I like how they're beginning to weave Bruce's story into Gordon's… finally. I'm pretty "meh" about the Sophia Falcone stuff but we'll see where it goes.

My Netflix queue random pick ended up being Midsomer Murders. I'm enjoying a nice revisit to this show.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Whatever it Takes, a novella that got a two-word prompt start of "baby steps".

Here's the mini-blurb:

Lysanor Bela runs the gauntlet and while she survives the experience, it messes with her mind. She has a vision of killing Baron Saltman—and gauntlet revelations are never wrong. Lys will do whatever it takes to keep Baron alive as long as possible—even if it means walking away from their relationship.

And a preview snippet…

Baron Saltman entered the challenge room, assailed by memories of his journey almost a year ago. He approached the next participant, the only one allowed to do so.
He placed an arm around her. "Good luck, Lys. You've got this." When she turned and flashed a smile, he hauled her closer, hugging her for encouragement.
No one had an easy time when they ran the gauntlet. The fiery maze structure pushed its participants through a series of increasingly difficult scenarios, often throwing past hardships in the path to serve as distractions. The gauntlet acted as a shield for the upper levels of the magical hierarchy, weeding out the weak-minded and less skilled, advancing only those who managed to get through. The ones who left intact normally had a precognitive event that helped show them their future path. Occasionally the vision could be clouded and unclear, which could be scary for the young mages.
But Lysanor Bela feared nothing.
When she tilted her chin up and met his gaze, he gave in to instinct and slanted his mouth over hers, his lips moving with assurance and promise. He'd be here when she finished her run, waiting to start their life together. When she eased away, she gave him one last, lingering took followed by a solid nod.
With a final curve of her lips, she turned to face the flaming wall of the gauntlet. "I'm ready."
Baron backed away, keeping her in his sight until he had to turn to climb the stairs to the viewing alcove. He jogged the short distance upward then took his spot for the ceremony. Only three other people were there and he ignored their presence, focusing on the woman he loved.
He leaned forward and made the announcement. "You may begin."
She squared her shoulders and placed her right foot on the burning entrance line. Taking a deep breath, she started her journey through the gauntlet to test her will and fortitude and prepare her for the master level of magedom. Baron stood riveted, the memories of his experience floating through his mind. The challenge he faced almost did him in, but his trial by fire ended with the accompanying vision of a powerful future for Lysanor and him.
They would eventually be the ruling couple of the realm. But… not without some serious obstacles. He hated how the hurdles they would face were hidden in shadow when he'd run the gauntlet but the outcome—ruling with Lys—outweighed his concern.
She only had to make it through and the future belonged to them. Baron couldn't wait to spend his remaining days with his one and only love.

I'm excited to see where this one goes. Looking forward to getting more on the page.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Voltage

October 8, 2017

And so the crazypants onslaught begins. October starts the official launch of "let's go Mach II with our hair on fire" season. Homecoming is this weekend and my daughter is hosting nine other couples for pictures and dinner. Then we slide into Halloween, followed by the fall sports banquet, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and starting January 11, birthdays for all but one of my immediate family. LOL See… crazypants.

So, moving on to what calms me… television. The Last Ship proved, once again, it's never a good idea to mess with a wolf. Seriously, a few nice reveals were dropped and the episode let Fletch redeem himself… kind of. I'm probably in the minority but I'm not quite ready to forgive his transgressions yet.

Still need to watch Teen Wolf's finale. The past week got crazy busy so I didn't have time.

Finished up The Defenders and, yeah, I pretty much loved it. Looking forward to more from the individual series and also to The Punisher whenever it arrives. Heh, if it hasn't already because I'm that far behind right now.

Almost finished with Hawaii Five-0. Truly can't see how season eight is going to be decent without Chin or Kono. I guess I'll play it by ear.

I'm all caught up on Gotham and I love this show. The soft intro of Bruce's alter ego ended up being exactly perfect. Penguin raining havoc is a joy to watch. And poor Jim is getting ready for another round of the absolute wrong woman for him bingo. Falcone's daughter is probably not what the doctor ordered for the guy. Just saying.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Voltage, a novella that got a start with a writing community prompt but it veered so far from the original idea I can't really include here. So… metahumans deal with very human failings.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Tess Truvient, Gentry Malloway, and Hunter Keepman use their meta-human abilities for the cause of justice by working with a covert organization with a global reach. Tess and Hunter have a volatile relationship, on one day and off the next. Enter new recruit, Gentry, and Tess finds a much needed distraction—if only for a few months—except something about Gentry draws her in and she's caught off guard when it's time for him to ship out to his permanent post.

And a preview snippet…

Pulling into HQ, Hunter stopped the van and exited the vehicle. The tech goons would deal with the cargo. He'd finished his job. Right now, he needed to hit the war room and work out some frustration. Tess giving him shit about the lasers stuck in his craw and pissed him off. Not like she ever had to manipulate heavy objects with her mind, or worry about potential fallout if said object didn't make it to a designation, on top of keeping someone else's ass safe.

His head hurt from the combination of the effort it took to get out safely and Tess's bitchy attitude. A round in the war room, hopefully blowing lots of shit up, should help the pounding drum concert throbbing along his temples.

He made a quick turn and entered the changing area, stripping off his protective wrist guards and flinging them across the room.

"Hunter! Hold up." Tess skidded to a halt at the doorway.

His head angled around. "Not now, Tess."

She didn't listen, coming up to stand beside him. "Look, I owe you an apology." Her fingers wrapped around his forearm. "I'm sorry, Hunter. You didn't deserve my bitchy snark back there." She met his gaze. "We gotta stop dragging our personal drama into the work."

Well, didn't she nail their dilemma on the head?

Hunter lifted a shoulder. "Yeah, well, easier said than done." He turned away, not quite ready for a full make-up yet.

Tess let him go. "I'm headed home." She started for the exit but glanced over her shoulder. "See you there later?" A glimmer of concern crept into her gaze.

Hunter grunted. "Yeah. Later." After he got rid of the residual anger and frustration.

She lifted a hand and left. The room seemed to dim without her in it… which had nothing to do with her ability. Tess lit places up with her personality.

He craved her bright and bold nature and the need never sat well with him.

He stalked into the war room and set up a series of exercises, ones that would put him through several dangerous scenarios. If he completed every level, he should expel enough of his pent-up energy to be rational and even-keeled again. Normal.

He snorted. "When am I ever normal?"

Only with Tess.
I love writing humans with extraordinary abilities, especially when those skills don't protect them from their worst tendencies.

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