Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Post of the New Year--Sunday Snippet: Choice to Make

Happy 2013!!

To start off the new year, I figured what better way to open than with a Six Sentence Sunday snippet?

From Choice to Make, a work in progress.

A little tag line: Hallen and Will never get the timing right until the Fates step in and give them a chance. But each has a choice to make and cosmic irony may rear its ugly head…again.

Klotho stepped forward and tilted her head sideways. "They're going to have to pull together."
Lakhesis frowned. "They don't have to do anything. Look at the snarled mess they've made." She pointed at the tapestry, full of knots and snags. "So many chances…to set it all right…wasted, every one."
Atropos kept her eyes on the ships. "They'll get it right this time. You'll see."
Lakhesis snorted. "I wouldn't hold your breath in anticipation."
Klotho cackled. "You always say that."
Lakhesis snapped back. "They blew up their planet!"
Atropos nodded, slowly, thoughtfully. "Yes. They did." She turned back to her cohorts. "But she'll bring them together. Mark my words."

We'll see how long my plan to post at least weekly holds out. Here's hoping to a long time. *Cheers!*

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