Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Snippet: It's Not What They Think

January 12, 2014


Well, off to a wacky weather start to the new year. Minus single digit degrees to fifty within forty-eight hours. Welcome to Ohio. LOL

TV shows are back this week, or at least most of them are. Have to wait until February for The Walking Dead, and April for Orphan Black.

But… Banshee returned Friday and, as usual, didn't disappoint. I honestly have no idea why the show is one of my must sees, but it totally is. And, holy crap, they jam a lot into a single hour, less than, actually. Caught Helix on Syfy, and it sufficiently creeped me out enough to keep watching. Lost Girl comes back on Monday, and I'm definitely up for some Bitten, which looks kind of awesome. Almost Human was pretty great, too.

Sleepy Hollow and Arrow return this week. I can't wait!! Looking for to The Tomorrow People, too.

Tonight's post is from the tentatively titled, It's Not What They Think, a novella with magic and the mayhem it causes when it can't be released. J

Here's the tagline:

Meaghan Wrath goes on the warpath, setting up fellow clan members for ridiculous pranks. She's setting a crappy example, but her husband, Vinnie Grayson, walks a fine line by not reprimanding her. Her need let off steam and be rebellious never lasts long, and a demand to stop will only land her on the hot seat—almost literally.

And a preview snippet…

Vinnie dropped down onto sectional. "It's not what they think. That I'll have to face Meaghan's wrath, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, and that she'll kick my ass if I try to stop the pranks." He shot Mathias a glance. "I know my wife. The stupid shit she's pulling is her way of letting off steam and being rebellious without having to disobey orders."
Mathias snorted. "Right, and making her stop, or worse, ordering her to, would put you in a really sticky position."
Vinnie sighed. "Well, yeah." He glanced up and met Mathi's gaze. "Look, I walk a fine line. Meaghan wields incredible power, if she doesn't let go and release it, she overloads. And right now, I'd rather suffer through bitching and complaining about stupid stunts than watch her go completely out of control."
Mathias shuddered. "Okay, that's a good point." He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "But Vinnie, man, the solution is right in front of you."
Vinnie cocked his head. "Then share it, my friend, because I'm tired of getting called into the elder chambers to explain why my wife is acting like a twelve-year-old on their first magic weekend."
Mathias chuckled. "My answer involves a much more grown up resolution." He shot a quick glance toward Vinnie's sleeping area. "If she's got power to burn, why shouldn't you benefit from it?"
The simplistic brilliance hit Vinnie like one of Meaghan's lightning bolts. Why the hell hadn't he thought of it? Maybe because he spent all of his recent time putting out the fires, sometimes literally, Meaghan started.
He dropped his head, thumping it on the back of the couch.
Mathias slapped Vinnie's shoulder. "Yeah, now he gets it. Think of the possibilities, Vin. Conjuring items for role playing, spells and incantations for some kinky bondage, and my own personal favorite—levitation sex." Mathias stood and started for the door.
Vinnie jumped up. "Wait. You had sex while levitating?"
Mathias turned. "Vinnie, I once knew a girl with half Meaghan's skill and she rode me to three midair orgasms." He lifted a brow. "Imagine what your wife could do."
Heated, vivid images filled Vinnie's head and he slowly sank back down onto the sectional.
Mathias laughed and opened the door. "Exactly, my man, exactly. I better not see you for at least three days." He waggled his eyebrows and exited, passing Meghan on her way in.
She burst through the door and stopped short. "Uh, Vin, you've gotta do something. I just singed Elderman Vice's robes." She pushed the heavy oak closed and paced the floor. "Seriously, I'm losing it. The guy walked by, radiating irritation—at me—and poof! His hem caught fire. I just know they're going to call you in again, and I'm sorry, but—"
Vinnie waved off her apology.
He got up and crossed their living space, wrapping her in his arms. "Meaghan, my love, I think I have just the thing to keep you from causing any more trouble." He leaned back and met her gaze. "What're your plans for the next three days?"

Vinnie's got his hands full, but what's a guy supposed to do, right? Meaghan is going to have a new found respect for her handsome husband very soon. J

That's it for this week.



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