Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Only When They Blink

Whoa. Awesome week of television. Defiance is back on Syfy and what a great opening episode for season two. I won't get into spoilers, but I'm excited about where things are going. Dominion also premiered and I enjoyed watching. I'm hoping we get less exposition as the season progresses, but I'm always down for a good set-up in the first episode. J

Orphan Black. Finale didn't disappoint and once again, twists and turns I totally didn't expect. One of the biggest reasons I love this show so much is it never quite goes where I think it will. I was thrilled to have some additional information and background for Paul—even if it makes him even more mysterious. Putting my Cosima hat on for a moment, this show is like a fractal pattern, every layer that's revealed turns around on itself and spawns into something else. I'm sure I butchered the science angle, but… just watch the show to see what I mean. :D

Tonight's post is from, Only When They Blink, an erotic fantasy novella and a loose retelling of The Princess and the Pea. J

Here's the tagline:

Hale Easterson has fae blood running in his veins, but he won't follow the family old school traditions and mate by the designated age. He escapes to his private lake house to find an unconscious Winter Sorn, a beautiful woman, sprawled on his doorstep and realizes he may not be able to avoid what destiny has in store.

And a preview snippet…

Hale trudged along the shore, taking the back way to his lake house. The argument with his dad still fresh in his mind, he almost missed the sprawled lump laying halfway up the steps to the rear entrance. He paused, instincts on full alert. Darting a quick glance in either direction, he found nothing out of the ordinary and no one around. His extra sensory ability did pick up the fae blood in the person prone on the ground.
He approached cautiously, keeping an ear tuned for a surprise attack. Bending down, he felt for and found a pulse thrumming under soft, feminine skin, and her back rose and fell with shallow breaths. He carefully rolled the female over and gasped when he got a look at her face.
Impossibly beautiful, the woman's eyelashes fluttered against her cheeks, but she remained unconscious. High cheekbones, a delicately pointed chin, and straight patrician nose indicated a pure bloodline. The fullness of her bottom lip kept her from appearing too austere and haughty.
The word popped into his mind and he fought an urge to see if her eyes matched the strong suggestion. Dark hair, almost black, framed her face and her brushed several strands away to check for injuries along her hairline. Finding a large goose egg near the nape of her neck, he followed with a cursory exam of her arms, legs, and torso. His fingers found a wound on her lower back and came away sticky with blood.
Sweeping an arm under her legs, her lifted her and curled her against his chest. "Okay, mystery lady, let's get the bleeding under control and find out why you landed on my doorstep." His father's final words—you can't outrun fate, Hale—echoed in his head and his steps faltered, but only for a moment.
Hale shook off the crazy notion his father had a hand in the woman's mysterious arrival at his secluded sanctuary.
So far, I really love the way this one is coming together. Hopefully the sages will continue cooperating. J

That's it for this week.



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