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Embrace the Magic—Cupid's Curse

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My current release Cupid's Curse, a Meddlesome Gods novella, features Cupids of the First Order Archer Stewart and Bree Daniels. They're about to face a complicated work situation when Bree has to take a turn at finding a perfect match, something she's avoided for a very good reason. She can't put the task off any longer or she'll lose her immortal status, a designation she covets above all other things. Almost.

Cursed by the god of love, Archer can't leave the matching grotto until Eros exhausts his anger. His many gaffs after a spectacular break up with Bree backfired in such a way he may never be released. Arch can live with being stuck in one place, but if he and he fellow cupids don't make a perfect match quickly, the nastier side effects of his curse kick in. Thinking Bree will ever settle down and share her long life with him proves to have been his biggest mistake of all.

Bree has no doubt Arch blames her and their ill-timed split for his current predicament. Having no choice but to complete her duties—meaning she'll have to see him again—she seeks assistance from Aphrodite to help get Arch's curse lifted. Even if he hates Bree, she can make one thing right—because she hasn't found anyone else in the realm of cupid who holds her interest the way Arch does. And she's tried. A lot.

Arch is beyond shocked when Bree shows up, ready to make a perfect match. But when the days roll by, and the terrible effects kick in, he begins to suspect she's only toying with him. In a way, she is, but she's bound by the goddess of love to follow a strict plan if Bree wants to get Arch released from his Cupid's Curse.

Series Tagline: When gods and mortals play together… the result is often unexpected.

Book Tagline: Cursed by the god of love, Archer Stewart, a Cupid of the First Order, knows exactly who to blame—his fellow cupid, Bree Daniels.


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Series Blurb: Welcome to a world where gods and goddesses of various pantheons mix and mingle with mere earthly mortals—often with unexpected results. Deities can't seem to help themselves and have to meddle with their human counterparts. Sometimes the godly being offers much needed assistance, but occasionally they lash out and cause harm.

But mostly, the amalgamation of deified power and human nature combines to be highly entertaining.

Book Blurb: Archer Stewart, a Cupid of the First Order, suffers the wrath of Eros when he nips the wrong woman with an arrow. Cursed by the god of love, Arch spends his days making perfect matches or he had to deal with some unpleasant consequences.

Bree Daniels is indirectly responsible for Arch's predicament and seeks advice from Aphrodite, hoping to find a way to make amends. After almost two years apart, Bree finally realizes Arch is the man she wants and she's willing to risk her immortality to set him free.


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