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Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Cupid's Curse #MFRWAuthors #MFRWHooks

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While Cupid's Curse isn't set around Valentine's Day, it is about cupids and making perfect matches.

This week, we meet Archer Stewart.

Series Tagline: When gods and mortals play together… the result is often unexpected.

Book Tagline: Cursed by the god of love, Archer Stewart, a Cupid of the First Order, knows exactly who to blame—his fellow cupid, Bree Daniels.


Flora got up and walked around to the back of the couch. Her cool hands massaged his temples and he groaned at the additional relief they provided.
Stupid damn curse.
"Hey, at least the more unpleasant aspect of your predicament didn't kick in." Her hands stilled on his head. "But I would've been happy to help you out if it had taken any longer." She reached down and gave his shoulders a squeeze.
Flora's reference to the worst part of the curse almost made the headache come back.
Arch glanced up. "I appreciate the sentiment, Flo." He grasped her hand in thanks. "But something tells me Martin might come after my head if you ever provided assistance in that area."
She came back around and dropped down beside him.
"Being on the god of love's bad side is quite enough, thanks." He sighed.
Flora nodded. "Eros certainly holds a grudge. And Martin would be more understanding than you think, especially when you pretty much have no choice—once things progress that far."
Arch grimaced. He hated that aspect more than anything.
"Has it ever…? Got to that point for you?"
Twice. In the eighteen months since Eros had cursed him, Archer had been near out of his mind two times. If two days passed without a match being made, the headaches started. At five days, the pounding in his brain took on epic proportions. Seven days without a perfect hook-up and the nastier side-effects kicked in. Arch got a raging hard-on that wouldn't go away, unless he masturbated for relief. By day ten, hand-jobs no longer worked—only sex with penetration would provide a solution. The two times he'd reached that point, he'd been lucky enough to have willing participants within an easy call. The couplings lacked finesse—he'd been near out of his mind in pain—and word spread quickly, rallying the other cupids and encouraging them to make their matches in a timely manner.
Arch shuddered. "Flo, I'd rather not talk about it."

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Series Blurb: Welcome to a world where gods and goddesses of various pantheons mix and mingle with mere earthly mortals—often with unexpected results. Deities can't seem to help themselves and have to meddle with their human counterparts. Sometimes the godly being offers much needed assistance, but occasionally they lash out and cause harm.

But mostly, the amalgamation of deified power and human nature combines to be highly entertaining.

Book Blurb: Archer Stewart, a Cupid of the First Order, suffers the wrath of Eros when he nips the wrong woman with an arrow. Cursed by the god of love, Arch spends his days making perfect matches or he had to deal with some unpleasant consequences.

Bree Daniels is indirectly responsible for Arch's predicament and seeks advice from Aphrodite, hoping to find a way to make amends. After almost two years apart, Bree finally realizes Arch is the man she wants and she's willing to risk her immortality to set him free.


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  1. Poor Archer. I can't wait to see how this progresses

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  3. Punishment by priapism!! LOL. How perfect! (If Priapus is part of this story, so much the better...)

    1. LOL. Sadly, Priapus does not make an appearance in this one, but I'm glad you enjoyed. Thanks for dropping in.