Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Unforeseen Consequences

February 1, 2015

One more week until Bitten returns with season two. I can't wait!! Banshee is amping up the tension and I'm looking forward to the next episode. Makes me miss Strike Back and look forward to whenever it comes back to my television screen.

My usual fare, The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, and Sleepy Hollow had good showings. I'm enjoying the story arc on Arrow even if my twitter feed seems to hold a different opinion. I love the flashbacks and how they reveal information about Oliver's time off the island.

Also need to take a moment to mention Lost Girl. It's the final season and I'm so going to miss the show when it's gone. Thankfully, I'll have Orphan Black to look forward to soon and will get to see Ksenia Solo in a new role. J

Tonight's post is from Unforeseen Consequences, a novella where a past wager comes back to haunt our main characters.

Here's the tagline:

In the School for the Extraordinarily Gifted, Stella Stubbs and Dak Satterfield hold the record for the most bets won. As instructors, they no longer join in on the fun, but both enjoy watching their students try to break their top scores—until a dangerous element is introduced and they discover their last wager won had unforeseen consequences.

And a preview snippet…

Stella entered the training room and propped a shoulder against the wall directly behind her fellow instructor. "Dak, I think this might the group that finally outdoes us." She looped an arm around his waist and rested her chin on his bicep.
Dak angled his head, glancing down. "Really? You think bunch of misfits has what it takes?" Several students stopped their warm-ups and glared.
Stella chuckled. "You want them all riled up, don't you?" The less they focused on their tasks, the greater their chance for making mistakes.
Dak grinned. "It's a good strategy. Helps cull the best from the bunch." He dropped a kiss on her head and stepped away, snapping his fingers for attention. "Listen up, everyone. Today marks your final phase of testing. This series determines who moves up the ranks and who stays behind for more instruction." He shot Stella a quick look then continued. "To eliminate some of the stress involved with the last stage and to have a little fun, Mistress Stubbs will be taking your bets."
The group started rushing toward Stella and Dak clapped his hands, amplifying the sound with magic. The resounding echo stopped the pupils in their tracks. Stella bit back a grin. He used the same method with every single class that came through. No doubt Dak would be disappointed if he didn't have the opportunity.
Truth be told, Stella enjoyed the tradition also. The reactions varied from sheer terror to eye-blinking shock, but the comical expressions never failed to entertain. She sobered and directed her attention to Dak.
He waited until all eyes were on him before turning toward Stella. "Mistress Stubbs, what's the call for who goes first? Alphabetical? Best score so far?" He walked around the group and stood behind them.
Stella cocked her head to one side, pretending to consider the options. "Hmm. Good question, Master Satterfield. I think we'll go with reverse alphabetical this session." She made her way to the small table, sitting in the far corner of the training room. "Erin Zephyr, come forward and place your wager."
The female apprentice smiled and crossed the space, weaving in and out of her fellow students.
Stella took a seat and grabbed a pen. Her favorite part of being an instructor underway, she didn't look up when Erin approached.
Instead, she asked a simple question. "Miss Zephyr, what's your bet?"
Let the games begin.
I have a feeling this story is going to take some dark turns. I can't wait to write them.

That's it for this week.



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