Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Reflection of a Kiss

February in Ohio can be an angsty monster. Two days ago we hit almost eighty degrees. Yesterday, we had a fifty-degree drop in temperature and snow. Seriously… Mother Nature has a warped sense of humor. Just saying.

I'll be skipping this week's The Walking Dead but thoroughly enjoyed last Sunday's episode. I'm always up for Daryl and Carol being in the same space.

The Flash ended up being pretty good, but I need to rewatch. Too many distractions going on while it aired. I did get to see most of Legends of Tomorrow and I'm torn between really hating Rip as a bad guy and kind of enjoying it. I'm very fickle sometimes.

Arrow ended up being awesome! Thea moving behind the scenes to protect her brother is terrific, even when she goes too far. The Merlyn blood is strong in her. I loved Oliver comparing her to Moira, too. A nice, subtle reminder of her other role model in life.

Riverdale got real with the Blossom family secrets. I loved getting some dark background on them. Also enjoyed some of the other undertones pinging in the background. I'm a little confused about Fred's marital status… didn't he say he and Mary split up but they're civil to each other? Oh well, whatever adds more drama, right?

I'm halfway through season two of Daredevil and still enjoying it. It's not as tightly written as the first season, but I love where things are going.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Reflection of a Kiss, a sexy short that got its start from a writing community prompt. Write a short story where one main character reflects on the differences when kissing her partner, her lover, her direct superior and her husband… and they're all the same man. I really fell hard for this prompt.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Pryce Baker and Fisk Darrison, two hunters in the middle of a supernatural war, have many different types of kisses. It's not easy maintaining a relationship in the middle of enemy territory, but they take the time to reflect on what they have and make it work.

And a preview snippet…

Pryce handled making the lair secure. A simple hex spell would keep intruders out but let their other recruits in. She changed the entry incantation every day.
A quick note to the next group who came in explained what the next target would be and where each member should be posted. McBain could kiss her ass if he thought she'd stick around to personally brief everyone. She had plans. A hot shower to wash away a full week of infiltrating enemy territory and a long, rejuvenating session in bed with Fisk.
In exactly that order.
Stripping her shirt off, she entered the room she shared with Fisk and warded the door. After tossing her top in the laundry pile, she moved into the bathroom, grinning at the sauna-like atmosphere. The tiny space had a tub, shower, sink, and toilet and not much else. Okay, the mirrored wall added some depth… and other possibilities.
She'd give McBain credit for finding the abandoned hotel with one decent wing their group could use as a base of operations.
She popped the button on her pants, momentarily distracted by the sight of Fisk's ass behind the frosted glass of the shower door. No man's butt should look that good. Then again, the rest of the package matched the sculpted behind.
"Stop looking at my ass and get yours in here." Fisk nudged the door open. "My five-minute head start is long over."
Pryce wriggled out of her fatigues and entered the stall with Fisk. He tucked her in front of him, the spray of hot water providing instant relaxation. She moaned, letting her head fall forward, liquid sluicing over her scalp and shoulders.
Fisk started at her nape, brushing the hair aside. His hands smoothed over her skin, the cleansing gel washing away the day's grit and grunge. Long fingers massaged knots from tight muscles, ghosted over bruises and bumps, and teased with a promise of what would come soon.
Pryce lathered up her hair, her fingertips working the snags and snarls loose. A thorough rinse off and—viola—a new person emerged. One clean, relaxed, and ready for action.
She turned in Fisk's arms and lifted her chin. He meshed their mouths together in a lover's kiss. The slow, sexy slide of his tongue against hers, the sweeping lust holding her in its grip. She craved intimate contact. Hot… so, so hot.
Fisk shut the water off and swept his arm under her legs, lifting her, dripping wet, to carry her into their room. His mouth never left hers, the wickedly erotic lip-lock inching the temperature up another notch. He smoothly deposited her on the bed and crawled over top of her.
Breaking the kiss, he nuzzled her throat. "Bad news. I kind of made plans." His lips latched on to the sensitive spot below her ear.
Pryce threaded her fingers through his hair. "You did? And what would those be?" Her back arched when his teeth nipped her earlobe.
Propping up on one elbow, Fisk skimmed a hand along her ribcage to cup a breast. "Listening to you gasp and moan for the rest of the night." His fingers captured her nipple, tweaking it before his head dipped to nibble around the tip.
Pryce smiled and worked her hand between them, palming his long erection. "I think you'd better get started then."

This might end up going longer than a sexy short, but I love where Pryce and Fisk are as a couple.

That's it for this week.



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