Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Your Call

Ugh… what a week. I've been down with a combination of cold / flu symptoms. I'm pretty sure I've pulled at least three different muscles from coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose incessantly. Bleh.

Not a bad week for television viewing. The Flash had a girls night out that brought Felicity Smoak over from Arrow and entertained in a big way. Legends of Tomorrow kind of disappointed me by bringing Damien Darhk back, even if the fight sequence proved to be very entertaining.

Arrow also had a great episode. Loved getting to know Dinah's former partner and have some background there. I'm fond of the actor who's in the role and look forward to seeing more of that storyline play out. Also liked having Oliver work with Slade. I'm excited to see where that goes, too.

Riverdale turned things up to triple digits. I'm still liking my theory about who the black hood is. Alice's past coming out and her reaction made the whole show for me. I want to see that story explored a little more. My one true hope? The snake charmer ends up being Alice's long, lost sister. How much fun would that be?

Once again, I have to catch up on Gotham. The whole cold / flu thing had me napping when it was on. LOL

The holiday movie overload is ongoing. I thoroughly enjoy the cheesy, sappy, happy fare. I've even watched a couple of them more than once.

Looking forward to more terrific TV this week. Tonight's post is from Your Call, a novella that started with a writing community project of creating a scene featuring the three prompts; sleeping, grass, ring.

Here's the mini-blurb:

After an epic battle with a spell weaver, Norje Blayheart and Barrick Nembly—adept mages—aren't sure they can stay together as a couple. Their love can be used against them and neither can risk being pawns in the looming war between the weavers and the mages.

And a preview snippet…

Norje Blayheart moaned low in her throat. "Barrick, I need you now." She twisted away from her lover and projected an image in his mind.
Barrick Nembly groaned. "Ah, Norje. You're killing me." But he gave her room to maneuver up onto her hands and knees.
Norje shuddered when he implanted the vision of her from him point of view. Her hair tumbled wildly over her shoulders, her back bowed pushing her ass up and out, and her juices glistened in the filtered light.
Sometimes being a mage had unforeseen perks. The ability to share thoughts and link on a physical and mental plane topped the list. Barrick continued the projection when he spooned in behind her, leading with his hard cock jutting out from between his legs. The moment he thrust forward, the juxtaposition of experiencing the penetration while seeing it, intensified the pleasure. Barrick couldn't hold the visualization for long—not if he wanted to have the stamina needed to complete their lovemaking. Norje took over, tuning him in to every exquisite nuance of his entry.
He tightened his grip on her waist. "Mmm. Do you feel that every time?" He withdrew and flexed his hips again.
Norje nodded. "Uh-huh. That's why it never takes very long for me to come." She edged back, taking him in deeper.
Barrick's palms smoothed over her skin, traveling the planes of her back before ghosting forward to cup her breasts. Norje basked in the sensation, heightened by the blending of their minds. The mix of internal and external awareness increased with each touch, gasp, and heavy breath. The pace ramped up, driving Norje to the edge of bliss.
Barrick grabbed her hips and held them flush with his groin. "Come with me, Norje. Come with me now." He withdrew and entered her once again, letting out a garbled moan.
Norje groaned. "I'm there. Let go." His fingers dug into her skin and she toppled over the precipice, her orgasm tearing through her at the moment Barrick's release hit him.
Riding the tempest while linked together, each collapsed when the waves receded. Barrick gathered her close and brushed his lips over her temple. She burrowed close pressing a kiss to his sternum.
Barrick's hand drifted down to curve at her waist. "Never gets old, Norje. Love you."
She smiled. "Love you too."

This story is all mapped out and I'm excited about it! There's a chance this might turn into more than one book. :D

That's it for this week.



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