Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Blondie and the Three Wizards

I hope 2018 is off to a great start for everyone. For myself, it's like an arctic tundra in Ohio but that gives me time to write, edit, and catch up on lots of television. Unless it's three a.m. and the dog has to pee… then it takes fifteen minutes to bundle up to go outside so we don't end up coming back in as popsicles. LOL

As mentioned, I watched Passionflix's The Trouble with Mistletoe last week and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Honestly, the adaption hit all the right emotional notes. There were moments that felt a little rushed, but I have to give props for being able to convey small story beats so masterfully.

Also got caught up on Riverdale. The winter finale tied up the black hood storyline… I think. That new janitor dude is very sketchy-looking so, yeah, not sure. I am looking forward to new episodes to see what new fresh hell Hiram has planned for Riverdale.

I'm almost halfway through season two of Chicago Fire. I'm still not wholly down with the entire McLeod arc. The resolution, while satisfying—watching Isabella shut Gail down was a thing of beauty—didn't exactly make up for not know why she had it in for station fifty-one. Her bonus notwithstanding, I didn't quite buy the whole vindictive nature.

I'm looking forward to the return of my regular network fare in the next two weeks, especially Arrow.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Blondie and the Three Wizards, a paranormal romance spin on Goldilocks.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Xandra Blue, a mage adept, has to pick a new mentor from three extremely sexy wizards. All three have the skills and could make great partners, but the guys don't make it easy for her to choose.

And a preview snippet…

Dare Atherton concentrated on the billiard ball and pictured how he wanted to maneuver it on the table. He sent the image forward and the white orb moved across the felt, striking the grouping of solid balls. Two sank into the corner pocket and the third traveled to the center left.
Heath Meyer rolled his eyes. "You never go for the all in one shot, do you?" He stood with his shoulders braced against the wall of the rec room, his arms folded across his chest.
Dare shot him a quick glance. "You know it's against regulation play to do that. We're supposed to hone our skill but stay within the parameters of the game." He shouldn't have to explain this every time they shot a magickal game of pool.
Sam Guilliams snorted. "Heath always looks for the shortcut. And the rules don't apply to him." Guilliams sat at one of the tables, books cracked open and a bag of implements resting beside them.
Heath shrugged. "Why should they? More fun to break them anyway." He cocked his head to one side. "No, I just know what ones to break." He pinned Sam with a hard stare. "At least I'm doing something other than shoving my nose in a book."
Guilliams growled. "I'm reviewing the mentor guidelines. One of us will be chosen by Chris's former apprentice, this… Xandra Blue." He tapped a page in his notebook.
Heath snorted. "Phfft. You two should get out of the way. One look at me and she'll be all over this." He made a sweeping motion from his shoulders to his hips.
Dare rolled his eyes but didn't join in the fray. Instead, he set up the next shot in his mind and pushed the image out again. After sinking three more balls and clearing the table, he weighed the pros and cons of mentoring an apprentice. Heath and Sam traded barbs all the time but either would get the job done and the other would back off and get out of the way.
Dare could use the bump in status being an advisor would provide. But the reason the apprentice got to choose couldn't be ignored. They had to be comfortable with the counselor. Learning the upper levels of wizardry took a lot of work, concentration, and guidance. If the pupil's personality clashed with the tutor's, the instruction proved difficult and often impossible.
A scenario that guaranteed failure for the apprentice and a tarnished reputation for the mentor, which didn't accomplish anything. Chris Makepeace left a golden legacy, one tough to live up to. And one lost woman with a huge decision to make would determine the fate of three wizards.
Sam would over prepare—his usual modis operandi. He'd provide detailed lists of why he'd be the best choice. Heath's ego would make him confident—not that he needed the boost. He'd be suave and charming and act nonchalant about Xandra's choice. Dare… well, he'd hang back and study her in the moment. He wanted the opportunity but only if the fit proved good.
He glanced in the direction of his friends. "Whatever or whoever she decides on, things will be interesting for the next few weeks."

This will hopefully end up being lots of fun. I like putting a twist on a classic.

That's it for this week.



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