Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Bright, Burning Yule (A Holiday Spirit Short)

Holy crap. Where did January go? It's crazy how fast months fly by now.

So, The Flash is testing my patience. Not in a necessarily bad way, but having Barry zoom around and put all the inmates back in their cells had me eye-rolling. We'll see how long they keep him trapped in a cell. I need to rewatch the second episode of Black Lightning because I had too many distractions the first time around.

Riverdale… Oh, show. The Ram? Really? I don't know. It's either the best nickname ever or possibly the lamest one on the planet. Time will tell. Everything else about the episode hit high notes for me. It's going to be a wild ride and I'm totally strapped in to see where everything goes. One interesting development… now that I have a better understanding of Mama Alice I now need to know what the hell flavor of fresh hell Hal's been drinking.

Arrow keeps throwing twisty-turns into the mix and I love it. I'm actually hoping Vigilante is an actual double agent. And here's my fondest desire… he's working for ARGUS in exchange for immunity against all the bad guys he killed. Just saying, having him around for a while wouldn't be a bad thing. Now, after saying that, he did tell James he knows how to push every one of Dinah's buttons and having him on her side would be a great big red one. I won't be too shocked if his help is nothing but a ruse. But I will be disappointed, dammit.

Still loving my period dramas. Murdoch Mysteries and Frankie Drake Mysteries. Frankie Drake is terrific with keeping interesting cases rolling across the screen. Murdoch Mysteries never fails to be consistent with quality. Love both of these shows.

I'm burning through season three of Chicago Fire and still loving the show. I'm also enjoying the crossover episodes they have with other productions. Nice to have those on the DVDs.

I think that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Bright, Burning Yule, a Holiday Spirit sexy short.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Stella Silverbell, a holiday spirit, is tasked with bringing Nyssa Nameth, the ultra female werewolf, together with the Braddox Bennington, the prime hunter of all wolf shifters, during the Yule season. Their joining can end centuries of misconception but they have to get over their preconceived notions first.

And a preview snippet…

Stella Silverbell, holiday spirit extraordinaire, smoothed her hand down the skirt of her little red dress and flashed a smile at her reflection in the ornate mirror she'd inherited from her grandmother.
Turning to the side, she found nothing out of place. "Stella, you're gonna blow his mind." Tom Tinsel wouldn't know what hit him.
She'd looked forward to the upcoming date with a fellow spirit for ages. Nothing like the Yule season to make a wish come true.
She crossed to her vanity, selected her favorite scent—Ethereal Mist—and spritzed each of her pulse points. She placed the bottle in its spot when a zing of energy buzzed along her skin and a bell tinkled.
Stella groaned. "Noooooo. Not tonight." Maybe she'd get an easy match and she could be fashionably late for dinner…
The mission details appeared on her vanity.
Stella sank down onto the stool. "No such luck. Who did I piss off to land this ultimate challenge?" She dashed off a quick note and sent it via the shadow realm to Tom. "Here's hoping he'll take a rain check and be happy to ring in the new year with me instead.
Stella slipped off her killer red heels and grabbed the file the spirit master provided. Taking the folder, she retrieved a cup of tea from the shadows and settled on her bed to plan her course of action. "Bringing a female wolf shifter and a hunter together? Only the Yule season could maybe make that feasible." She shuffled through the several possible locations to attempt this crazy match. "A-ha! Goodacre Bed and Breakfast." Hollis Goldstar had excellent luck with ending a long-standing feud between sorcerers and wizards at the charming B and B.
The three-story manor house, nestled in an enchanted forest and only reachable by shadow manipulation or portal, had everything Stella could want for a romantic setup. And she'd need every last trick in her repertoire of magick to pull this mission off. Taking a sip of her tea, she read through her female charge's file. Nyssa Nameth, twenty-five, the first female ultra wolf in over a century.
Stella clicked her tongue against her teeth. "Girl, you've got special snowflake syndrome written all over you." No doubt a lot of pressure to live with.
And Braddox Bennington didn't have thing much easier. His family controlled the hunter population, which had thinned out the werewolves almost to the point of extinction. Stella shook her head. "It's not supposed to be like this. Hunters used to protect the werewolves from other predators." A tragic incident with a rabid wolf ended the long tradition.
Braddox turned twenty-nine recently and stood in line to take over leadership of the family. But he had some competition in the form of about a dozen siblings and cousins who wanted the job more than Braddox.
Stella blew out a breath. "Damn, Braddox. They don't make them small where you come from, do they?" He had the physique of an outdoorsman who used nature as his crossfit playground.
Of course, having some preternatural ability would only heighten the total experience of being one with the earth.
Huffing out a breath, Stella got to work crafting two invitations for her wayward charges. She sent them off via the shadow realm with instructions on when to deliver the missives. She then got up and changed into some traveling clothes. She'd need to do some preliminary groundwork to ready the manor house for her guests.
Her lips curved upward. "Definitely got my work cut out with this one. The spirit master better appreciate the scope of this request."

I have so much fun with the holiday spirit stories. Here's hoping I can finish this one up for release in late November.

That's it for this week.



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