Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Broken Arrow

Hello, February! We've got snow and slushy ick outside today. Perfect weather for the big game I won't be watching. LOL

So… The Flash definitely got Barry out his regular cell, which is terrific. Sadly, he ended up in a much worse predicament. Nice that he got to do a good deed before landing there.

Black Lightning continues to make me happy. I need a few hours to binge watch all the eps together so I can truly immerse into the universe. Looking forward to that.

I'm behind an episode of Riverdale. Need to catch up this week before the new episode.

Arrow… wow. I have so much love for this show. The dueling teams sadden me but I like where everyone is for the moment. I have a truly bad vibe that I won't share just yet but it's going to make me really angry if I'm right. Not mad in a bad way so maybe disappointed is a better word. Stay tuned. LOL

Got through another four episodes of Chicago Fire and I'm so glad the almost lethally lame fill-in chief is gone. Nice to see Welsh do something terrific for once.

I'm almost through season one of The Punisher. Gotta say this show pisses me off to no end but for all the right reasons. I'm kind of interested and waiting to see where they take the Lewis storyline. Right now it's not meshing well with the other parts. We'll see how it goes.

Also need to catch up on my period dramas. Hopefully, I'll have something for next week.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Broken Arrow, a novella that examines how fitting in isn't always the right path and what happens when it's not.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Cailin Berg is a broken arrow, a mage suffering from a crippling experience who can no longer use their skills, and she wants to find a way back to her practice. Phelps Morlach can't give her any answers, but he will offer whatever assistance he can provide… especially since he holds some of the responsibility for Cailin's predicament.

And a preview snippet…

Phelps Morlach entered the quiet alcove and settled across from Cailin Berg, his student, lover, and best friend. His news grave, he considered how to break the information without sending her into a magical tailspin.
Reaching out, he grasped her hands. "Cailin, I've come from the proctor." His thumbs traced wide circles on her skin.
Cailin smiled. "And I'm going to my final examination? When? This week?" She nearly bounced with anticipation.
Phelps shook his head. "No, not this week, or even this month." His gaze met hers. "You need more time, Cailin." He braced for her reaction.
She jerked her hands from his. "You told him, didn't you? About the nightmare I had." Rising from the chaise, she stalked back and forth. "I can't believe you, Phelps. It was one damned dream; nothing says it has to be a prophetic one." She whirled and faced him. "You don't believe in me or my powers. You're so blessed obsessed with having and keeping me, you'll do anything to hold me back." She sneered. "No more, Phelps. I won't wait any longer. I'm leaving tonight." She crossed the floor, her boots scraping along the stone surface. "We're through."
The door, which the society never closed, slammed shut behind her.
Phelps closed his eyes. He sucked. Truly, completely, utterly. How could he possibly explain he didn't lack faith in her? He believed Cailin would do spectacular things one day.
But… the darkness she carried inside her gave him pause. He didn't have the skills to help her get past the nightmare—a prophetic one whether she believed or not—or the ability to show her how to control the dark streak of power. The proctor's edict gave Phelps time to study, learn, and put forth his best effort to keep Cailin from unleashing the raw, tainted magic before she got a handle on the havoc she could create.
The time didn't matter now. His fear for her drove her away.
He'd failed Cailin and lost her in the process.

I'm happy with how this story is unfolding. Cailin has some deep soul-searching to do and it's fun to write how she finally gets the job done.

That's it for this week.



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