Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Broken Down and Maxed Out

Greetings! Ohio has crazy weather patterns rolling through the state again. I'm at the point with winter where I'd be happy if it made up its mind and either stayed cold or got warmer. The back forth is hell on my sinuses.

Great week in television. The Flash had a good episode and I'm interested to see where things go now. In all honesty, the slow reveal of evil plans is getting to the point of annoyance. Get on with it already.

Black Lightning, on the other hand, is staying on form. I like the world building of this show. Keep on keeping on.

Riverdale is going down another dark road and I like it. I have to watch this week's episode but I caught up on last week and Archie continues to fail in spectacular fashion. I love all the bad decisions he makes.

Arrow did not go where I thought it might and I'm happy about that. I'm thrilled with the left turn the plot made. It's always the quiet ones people need to watch out for.

I'm moving along on Chicago Fire and I've started season four. I'm slowly but surely getting caught up to the current season. I love having the crossover episodes on the DVDs and following the storyline all the way through. Nicely done.

I'm caught up for the most part on Murdoch Mysteries. I loved the cooking competition episode. One of my favorite things about Murdoch is taking a modern trend and making it a trope in the show's setting. And it's always fun to have the spy versus spy episodes.

Need to catch up on Frankie Drake Mysteries and I might have time later today. Legends of Tomorrow returns this week and I'm excited to see what's next for the legends.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Broken Down and Maxed Out, a novella that got a writing community prompt of writing a character who is maxed out and the other tries to talk them through the issue.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Dallas Kirk and Rafe Quinoza, two top agents in the Ministry of Magic, are broken down and maxed out they turn to each other to regroup and recharge. But when they reach their saturation point at the same time, they struggle to keep their connection strong which is difficult when they blame themselves for a mission gone wrong.

And a preview snippet…

Dallas Kirk entered the sprawling warehouse. "Nothing like a little B and E to get the adrenaline flowing." She kept her tone low and relocked the door behind her, using magick to ward the building.
Nothing would get in or out without her knowledge.
She did a quick rundown of the intel she had on Marjam Calla. The ministry file listed him as a nuisance with the potential to cause disruption with terrorist activities. Marjam had a list of grievances he wanted to turn into causes, but the man's standoffish and abrasive personality didn't attract allies. Any like-minded thinkers usually couldn't stand being in the same room with him for any length of time.
Dallas crept through the cavernous space littered with carnival paraphernalia. Marjam's main source of income came during the warmer months when fairs, festivals, and fundraising events. According to Rafe Quinoza, her partner and life mate, Calla lived in a set of converted storage rooms along the north wall of the building. She trusted Rafe's information and followed the west wall along until she spied the boxlike series of three shipping containers lined up end to end. A few windows had been cut into the exterior walls and lamplight burned in the closest one.
She shouldn't have too much trouble bagging and tagging Marjam. Movement from the east side of the warehouse caught her attention. A large, burly man emerged from the shadows and raised his hands, drawing power from her wards.
Shit. Definitely not Calla. The man barely cleared average height and this guy stood at least six-four. And he had mercenary for hire written all over him.
The door to Marjam's living space opened and he stepped out into the dim light of the main floor. He flung his arms out, tapping into the magical energy surrounding the building. Her work, her protective barrier, would be turned against her in a matter of moments.
A kick of anger hit Dallas, followed by a moment of fear. Resolution kicked in.
No backup. Her wards blocking communication. Trapped and screwed.
Dallas crouched low and braced for the blast of magick. "Fuck me." When she got out, target in tow, someone had some serious explaining to do.
The Ministry of Magickal Defense had a security breach… or Rafe missed a few key details.
Son of a bitch.

I love where this one is going. Here's hoping the sages continue giving me good stuff.

That's it for this week.



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