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Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Cupid's Curse #MFRWAuthors #MFRWHooks

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While Cupid's Curse isn't set around Valentine's Day, it is about cupids and making perfect matches.

This week, we see a little of how the curse affects Arch.

Series Tagline: When gods and mortals play together… the result is often unexpected.

Book Tagline: Cursed by the god of love, Archer Stewart, a Cupid of the First Order, knows exactly who to blame—his fellow cupid, Bree Daniels.


Arch laid on the bed in agony. He'd passed the skull-splitting migraine stage and had entered into the hellish zone of the next phase—a non-stop hard-on. The headache receded into a continuous dull throb, but remained constant reminder of his curse.
How could it possibly be a week since Bree had arrived? What in Aphrodite's name was taking the woman so long? Arch's cock felt like it would break in two at any moment.
He sat up slowly, willing the stiffness between his legs to subside long enough so he could stand. The pound of the headache settled in with a thrum along his hairline and at the base of his neck. He had to find out what the hell Bree planned to do about finding a match.
Slowly, trying not to stimulate his hard length too much, he made his way to the grotto. Bree sat on the chaise, filing her nails, looking rather fetching in a red micro mini and form fitting, white T-shirt. Her feet were bare and the racy candy apple-colored polish on her toes drew attention to her well defined legs.
Arch had a thing for those legs. Especially when she wrapped them around him, urging him to pound her harder.
Not a good place for his thoughts to go right now. He'd rather live with the pulsating, radiating throb of his dick than get tangled up with Bree again.
Clearing his throat, he got her attention. "Filing your nails? I thought you were working hard to find someone."
Bree continued scraping the edge of the emery board across the blunt tips. "Oh, I haven't found anyone yet. Just taking a break."
Arch saw more red—the bold hue of his anger. "You're what?"
Bree narrowed her eyes. "You heard me. I know you're not deaf." She switched hands, her right foot tapping up and down in rhythm with the file.
"You know what happens to me when I go too long without making a match. You don't have time for taking breaks."
She shrugged. "There's no one out there that appeals to me."
Arch made a garbled, choking sound. "They're not supposed to appeal to you, Bree. You just have to find someone who needs a mate." He took two steps forward, ready to strangle her.
Bree held up a finger, knowing his intent. "I wouldn't. You'd just have to wait for someone to be called in to take my place." She went back to smoothing off non-existent hangnails.

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Series Blurb: Welcome to a world where gods and goddesses of various pantheons mix and mingle with mere earthly mortals—often with unexpected results. Deities can't seem to help themselves and have to meddle with their human counterparts. Sometimes the godly being offers much needed assistance, but occasionally they lash out and cause harm.

But mostly, the amalgamation of deified power and human nature combines to be highly entertaining.

Book Blurb: Archer Stewart, a Cupid of the First Order, suffers the wrath of Eros when he nips the wrong woman with an arrow. Cursed by the god of love, Arch spends his days making perfect matches or he had to deal with some unpleasant consequences.

Bree Daniels is indirectly responsible for Arch's predicament and seeks advice from Aphrodite, hoping to find a way to make amends. After almost two years apart, Bree finally realizes Arch is the man she wants and she's willing to risk her immortality to set him free.


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  1. have a heart Bree. The poor man is suffering. LOL

    1. LOL. He really is. :) She'll get him all handled at some point. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Sounds like she doesn't want to find a match for him - not unless it's her!

    1. Yep. You might be right. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Replies
    1. Poor Bree. It's not easy following Aphrodite's advice sometimes. :) Thanks for stopping by!