Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Whatever it Takes

Well… another homecoming is in the books and life can return to semi-normal, which is still crazy but less so. LOL

Terrific week for television with shows returning for their fall premieres (and one season ender)!

The Last Ship's finale was everything I'd hoped for. The people I wanted to see not make it died in appropriate ways and they didn't touch anyone on my "better not kill" list, so, yeah, I'm thrilled to bits with how the season ended. And it looks like season five will be terrific! Can't wait for next summer.

I honestly didn't know if I'd like The Flash, but it ended up being a great episode. Cisco keeps things interesting and I like where Caitlyn is right now. Same goes for Legends of Tomorrow. Their reboot after messing up all of time is excellent. Can't wait to see what they end up doing for the rest of the season.

Arrow's premiere rocked. I really didn't know how they'd end up resolving the island explosion and it looks like there will be plenty of repercussions. I'm interested in what happened to the few we didn't see in the opening episode, namely the former league crew. I can honestly say it was awesome to see Raisa back with Oliver, too.

Gotham had another terrific episode. This show just keeps getting better and better. I like how they're beginning to weave Bruce's story into Gordon's… finally. I'm pretty "meh" about the Sophia Falcone stuff but we'll see where it goes.

My Netflix queue random pick ended up being Midsomer Murders. I'm enjoying a nice revisit to this show.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Whatever it Takes, a novella that got a two-word prompt start of "baby steps".

Here's the mini-blurb:

Lysanor Bela runs the gauntlet and while she survives the experience, it messes with her mind. She has a vision of killing Baron Saltman—and gauntlet revelations are never wrong. Lys will do whatever it takes to keep Baron alive as long as possible—even if it means walking away from their relationship.

And a preview snippet…

Baron Saltman entered the challenge room, assailed by memories of his journey almost a year ago. He approached the next participant, the only one allowed to do so.
He placed an arm around her. "Good luck, Lys. You've got this." When she turned and flashed a smile, he hauled her closer, hugging her for encouragement.
No one had an easy time when they ran the gauntlet. The fiery maze structure pushed its participants through a series of increasingly difficult scenarios, often throwing past hardships in the path to serve as distractions. The gauntlet acted as a shield for the upper levels of the magical hierarchy, weeding out the weak-minded and less skilled, advancing only those who managed to get through. The ones who left intact normally had a precognitive event that helped show them their future path. Occasionally the vision could be clouded and unclear, which could be scary for the young mages.
But Lysanor Bela feared nothing.
When she tilted her chin up and met his gaze, he gave in to instinct and slanted his mouth over hers, his lips moving with assurance and promise. He'd be here when she finished her run, waiting to start their life together. When she eased away, she gave him one last, lingering took followed by a solid nod.
With a final curve of her lips, she turned to face the flaming wall of the gauntlet. "I'm ready."
Baron backed away, keeping her in his sight until he had to turn to climb the stairs to the viewing alcove. He jogged the short distance upward then took his spot for the ceremony. Only three other people were there and he ignored their presence, focusing on the woman he loved.
He leaned forward and made the announcement. "You may begin."
She squared her shoulders and placed her right foot on the burning entrance line. Taking a deep breath, she started her journey through the gauntlet to test her will and fortitude and prepare her for the master level of magedom. Baron stood riveted, the memories of his experience floating through his mind. The challenge he faced almost did him in, but his trial by fire ended with the accompanying vision of a powerful future for Lysanor and him.
They would eventually be the ruling couple of the realm. But… not without some serious obstacles. He hated how the hurdles they would face were hidden in shadow when he'd run the gauntlet but the outcome—ruling with Lys—outweighed his concern.
She only had to make it through and the future belonged to them. Baron couldn't wait to spend his remaining days with his one and only love.

I'm excited to see where this one goes. Looking forward to getting more on the page.

That's it for this week.



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