Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Whipped Cream and Chocolate Dreams

I'm loving the fall weather! Mild temperatures are so lovely and the pretty colors popping on the leaves are incredible.

Another great week in television. I completely forgot to mention Riverdale's premiere. Man… I love the show. I had so many questions after the premiere my head spun for a while.

But first… let's get to this week's shows. The Flash had a great episode. I like the new Cisco. I'm definitely looking forward to more of how Barry and Iris work out their issues. Legends of Tomorrow also had a great showing. I do truly enjoy the character's interactions.

Okay, Riverdale. Loved, loved, loved the premiere. I like where things are going and while I could do without Hiram, I'll be interested to see what kind of havoc he'll create. Having Archie take a darker path is also going to be fun. And whenever Dark Betty makes an appearance I notice. I loved her giving the lowdown to Cheryl. Speaking of… wow, Cheryl's got some issues, yeah? All in all, I'm excited to see what else happens. The dark hood killer will hopefully not take out any of my faves. I'm already a little miffed one of the characters I like might not be with us anymore.

Gotham keeps getting better. It always seems to throw in a twist I'm not expecting and I love it. Nice to see Lee back, whatever her drama might be.

Arrow is also throwing some nice twists into their plotlines. I'm down with Oliver being a dad, but I was very much hoping he would make Raisa William's guardian so he can still do his second job.

Continuing on with Midsomer Murders and also got my holiday movie and show list started. I plan to completely overdose on holiday fare this year.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Whipped Cream and Chocolate Dreams, a novella that started with a weird prompt about having the characters find an ice cream planet. I couldn't quite go that far afield but I like where the prompt took me.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Nita, Deacon, and Callen fall victim to Morpho, the Dream Tender, who plants vivid imagery in their minds while they slumber. When the trio wakes up primed and ready for action, they try to fight the erotic pull, but fail.

And a preview snippet…

Nita Bouls blew a damp tendril of her bangs out of her face and finished scrubbing the base of the display case. "Hey, Cal, can you plug the freezer in? I finally got the scuff marks off the bottom."
Callen Le Beau popped his head around the corner. "Are you sure you didn't miss a spot? You've been working on that thing all afternoon."
Nita smirked. "I'm sure, you asshat." She threw the wet, soapy sponge in his direction.
Deacon Huffman picked that moment to walk through the space behind the counter, carrying a pile of used drop cloths. Nita's aimed missile smacked him in the side of the face, bounced off, and landed with a gloppy plop on the floor. Nita gasped and bit back an inappropriate laugh. Deke picked the wrong time to get between her and Callen.
Deacon shot her a scathing look. "What the hell, Nita? I'm not the asshat." He used his shoulder to wipe away the suds on his ear. "Your aim sucks."
Nita grabbed a towel from the back of a café chair and hurried over to Deacon. He presented such a comical picture, she didn't trust herself to say anything.
Deke let her dab at his cheek and neck. "Dammit, Cal. You never know when to dial it back about ten clicks, do you?" His lips twitched and he choked down a chuckle.
Callen did his best innocent impression. "Me? I only asked if she got everything. Not my fault it took her from lunch until two seconds ago to finish her job." He cracked a grin.
Deke waved Nita away and crossed the newly tiled floor to the huge carton they'd turned into a makeshift trash bin. "That freezer plugged in yet?" He shot a backward glance toward Cal when he stuffed the wadded up drop cloths inside.
A sheepish look crossed Callen's face. "Er, no. Getting it now." He disappeared around the corner.
A moment later the freezer hummed to life and Nita quickly checked to make sure the sliding doors were all closed.
Deke snagged the towel and finished getting the soapy residue off his face and neck. "Okay, Mr Mouth, I finished painting the trim. What, exactly, have you been working on all afternoon?"
Callen darted back out into the main parlor and motioned for Nita and Deacon to stay put. "Glad you asked, Deke." He held up a finger. "Be right back."
He ducked into the work area and came back out, carrying a large canvas covered object. He placed it on the floor in front of the display case.
He jerked his head. "Deke, come give me a hand here." Whipped off the canvas and Nita's eyes widened then her gaze flew to Cal's.
"Oh… I don't know what to say… except thank you."
Cal shrugged. "No need for thanks. I wanted you to have something of your gram's so I cleared most of the dry rot from the original door, cut it down, and made the sign." He nodded to Deke.
Deacon helped Cal turn the slab of wood.
"I did both sides… thought we could hang it in the big window so it's visible from the outside but you can still see the message from in here, too."
Touched by the gesture, tears sprang to Nita's eyes.
Cal reached out. "Shit, I've made you cry. I'm sorry."
She wrapped an arm around his waist. "No, don't be sorry. They're happy tears, not sad." She hugged him. "I love it." She grabbed Deke's hand. "You guys have been awesome helping me out here and getting the place ready to reopen." She shook her head. "Too many memories and too easy to get lost in them without having you two as a distraction. I couldn't have done any of it without you."
Deke pressed a kiss to her temple. "I'm glad you called."
She almost hadn't… and she would have regretted it for the rest of her life.

This one is a joy. I love having the camaraderie between the trio of friends.

That's it for this week.



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