Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Veering Off Course

Hello, October. We're getting into the fall season and that means the rest of the year is going to fly by! The beginning of October always marks the start of the holiday season for me. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas / Yule. I'm excited!

The Last Ship had a decent episode. I was so hoping Giorgio got blown up but, alas, not the case. Here's hoping he meets with a satisfying ending sometime in the near future. His whole family can go up in flames and I wouldn't shed a tear.

I haven't watched Teen Wolf's finale yet. I'm not quite ready for its end. But it's going to be terrific. I have no doubt.

Got a few more episodes of The Defenders in. I really didn't see Alexandria's end… if it's an actual ending. You just never know with the Hand.

Hawaii Five-0 said goodbye to Max in a great episode. I'm about halfway through the season and still enjoying.

Gotham's second episode ended up being excellent. I love how everything is coming together. Interesting to see Barbara back on the screen.

That's it for television this week. Looking forward to more of my favorite shows being back soon. Tonight's post is from Veering Off Course, a novella where one of the main characters struggles to control her elemental powers.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Raine Shippley tends to go her own way, always veering off course. When her true path is revealed, Dalton Tucker thinks they'll finally have a chance, but Raine disappears and he's left to follow the trail alone… or so he thinks.

And a preview snippet…

Raine hated taking her drama out on Dalton all the time. Being in his arms soothed her raging internal battle, but the balm wouldn't last for long. If she didn't get her shit straightened out, nothing Dalton did would save her.
Not even loving her.
She eased away from him. "I'm so tired, Dalton. I can't remember the last time I slept." Two hours here and there didn't do much for rejuvenating her wounded spirit.
He cupped her face. "Stay with me tonight. I'll keep watch and when you start tossing and turning, I'll help you stay under." His lips brushed over hers. "You need rest, even if it's not one hundred percent natural."
He never failed to hit the right answer. She couldn't make decisions, couldn't think, because exhaustion and turmoil warred for prominence in her mind. She craved the sheer bliss of nothingness, of going deep into the ether, sliding into oblivion even if only for one night.
She rested her forehead against his. "I'll stay." Her head dropped to his shoulder. "Thank you." She let out a chuckle. "I so wish we were using your bed for something else."
Dalton's laugh rumbled up from his chest. "Maybe later… after you've had time to recharge a little. Right now you wouldn't be any fun." He flinched when she slugged him on the bicep.
But his words were true. Lethargy had her limbs trembling and she wouldn't be much of an active participant if they attempted a romp between the sheets. And she definitely liked participating, fully and completely.
Raising her head, she smiled. "Take me to bed, Dalton." Her lips twisted into a smirk.
He rolled his eyes then shifted to stand behind her. "Let's go, sweets." He led her into his room and pulled back the covers. "Into bed with you."
She crawled between the cool, crisp sheets and leaned back against the pillows. "Will you sit beside me?" Holding out a hand, she hoped he would.
He clasped her fingers. "Sure. I'll be right here." He settled next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.
The lights dimmed and the room grew quiet. Raine rested her head on his chest, his steady heartbeat against her ear. Dalton remained silent, the sound of his breathing slow and measured.
Raine's eyelids drifted shut, Dalton's presence lulling her into a light slumber. Soon… peace and tranquility… and blessed sleep.

I'm hoping Raine's journey ends up taking her where I want her to go. Characters sometimes discover other paths they want to explore.

That's it for this week.



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